World of Warcraft Artisan Fishing Quest

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Fishing in World of Warcraft, like fishing in real life, is a pleasant way to waste time. The fishing trade skill in World of Warcraft is unique for being the only trade skill where provided a player has done all the prerequisite quests he can go from 1-375 at the same spot.

While it is possible to max out fishing without leaving a single spot as soon as a character completes the prerequisite quests, a character will still have to travel to raise his skill past 150. The quest that allows a player to raise his skill past 225 is simple.

Starting the Artisan Fishing Quest

World of Warcraft Horde and Alliance players must seek out Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh and complete the artisan fishing quest before they can raise the skill past 225 . If the character who wants to learn artisan has 225 fishing skill and is at least level 40, Nat Pagle will give the angler a quest that involves catching a series of fish in different zones in the game. The quest is straightforward and the danger in the quest is often in getting to the areas where Nat Pagle asks the artisan fishing candidate to travel.

Meeting the prerequisites will give you the quest, Nat Pagle, angler extreme and will set the character on the task of catching certain types of fish in different zones. The fish that must be caught are:

  • Feralas Ahi in Feralas
  • Sar¡¯theris Striker in Desolace
  • Savage Coast Blue Sailfin in Stranglethorn Vale
  • Misty Reed Mahi Mahi in Swamp of Sorrows

Completing the Artisan Quest

Once a character catches the required fish, artisan fishing candidates should return to Nat Pagle and hand in the fish. The character than learns the artisan skill level and can now take his fishing skill past 225. A bug in the quest prevents players who leave the zone from raising the skill. Characters should stay in Dustwallow Marsh long enough to raise their fishing skill to 226 before leaving the zone.

Completing the quest allows a player to raise his skill to 300. Should a World of Warcraft character reach this threshold, he must buy the book, ¡°The Art of Angling¡± in Cenarion refuge.