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I'm slowly understanding the fundamentals, learning as I go. I have been selling a few items at the AH in Stormwind, but think I am selling too low maybe. When I drop an item, a suggested starting price shows, and what I have been doing (experimentally) is doubling the starting price for a buyout price. Everything sells. I have searched for the items I am selling and cannot find comparables si have 'no idea' what things are worth.

Does anyone have any pointers for me Thank you.


It would be a really good idea to at least "browse" other people's auctions for the item you want to auction yourself as a price check before you create your own auctions.

When you first interact with the auctioneer look for the browse tab at the bottom of the window, on the left I believe. Click it. Then open the bag which holds the item you want to "browse" for prices. Push your shift key and left click at the same time. This will put the item name in the browse field for you. Then click on search.

A list of prices will appear in the main window for all the auctions of your faction for that item. Look at the prices. Almost all of them will be higher than the game's suggested starting price. If you keep on using the method you describe above this list will be the names of all those that hate you!! I say that because you will be driving down the market price of the items they are also trying to sell.

But beyond what others think of you, when you sell at a price considerably lower than the average auction for the same item - YOU ARE LOSING THAT MUCH GAME MONEY ON EVERY AUCTION!!! Did you not also work as hard as all those other players for that stack of .........(insert item name here....) For very hard to gather materials, if you end up as the only auction down low, you really hurt yourself. Can you really afford to spend 2 hours to gather 3 stacks of medium leather, and lose 1 gold and 35 silver on each stack simply because you didn't investigate your server's market Do you want to know who will most likely buy your under-priced materials Those other people whose auctions are so much higher than yours have been.

(Just realize, this may not be what you described from looking at your post.)

If you bring something to the ah, and do browse, but nobody else is putting any auctions up, don't do yours yet. Go out and find any vendor of any kind. Open a purchase window from them. Open the bag you keep the item in and put your cursor on the item. See how much the NPC game vendor will pay you for that item. Now go back to the auction house. Try to get 5 times the vendor amount, and have the buyout price at about 10-15% higher than the auction price. You may have no purchases, then after you get over the sting of losing the money to the ah, try it at 3 times the vendor buyback price. Some stuff may never sell at the ah, and it's never easy to explain why. Use your judgment to decide if 3 tries at the ah is really worth it.


I don't use auctioneer, although I probably should, since I do a lot of AH selling. But I get by.

Anyway, a few hints on pricing that will help your buying if you do it as well:

1) When selling an item, look at how much other items of that same type at that level are selling for. It could very well be that Rings of the Muskrat are selling for 12g, 11g and 10g. But if Rings of the Bigger Muskrat are selling for 4g and 5g, obviously your less powerful item, is going to be in less demand.

1.5) The exception to the above, of course, are twink-type items. Items that are useful for levels ending in 8 or 9 (usually) and powerful. Generally this won't apply to green items.

2) Do some lookups at your favorite site and find out what all those white items are for. I've tried selling Coarse Gorilla Hair, and Gorilla Fangs on the AH. Nobody wants 'em. Same with Wicked Claws. They all go to the vendor *unless* I login and see that nobody has them priced under 1g/unit or something. That means that someone is doing a lot of work with that material, and so is willing to pay for it. If you see a lack of even close to reasonably priced items, that's probably why.

3) Find out what white items are in *high* demand, and don't be afraid to farm for them. I was amazed at what Scorpid Scales were going for on my server. If I felt my Paladin really *needed* a lot of money, and had I wanted to do it, I would have farmed Scorpids for skinning for a while, and made good money.

4) Don't be afraid to undercut, but try to avoid 1c undercutting. If I see someone doing that, I will pay for the higher priced item. 1c undercutting is rude, and less attention-getting anyway. If I *do* do that, it's pricing something at 9g99s99c, just because I like pricing things like that.

5) Always set a buyout and *never* set a minimum price that's at an ultra-low minimum. I've made a lot of money by buying something at around a 25s minimum bid but much higher buyout, when it was at "Short" status, and then reselling it for 10x that much later on. This can also be a trap to get people to buy worthless items for more than they should (20 peacebloom for 1g, buyout 50g What a bargain!), but generally a little common sense is all you need.

6) Research. Auctioneer helps with this, but looking things up, and just having a general sense of value for items is all you really need.


Also, as you get higher in level, or start running dungeons and other instances or finishing higher level quests for gear you will start to notice the name of the item in particular colors.

Grey - these are low level, mostly junk items like gloves or leggings, etc. Sell to the vendor for a few copper, there will not likely be any market for this on the ah.

White - 2nd level, or common items. Take it to the ah and browse. If no other auctions, run it past a vendor for a price check.

Green - 3rd level, rare (cmiiw all those that know how the colors are graded,) not a commonly dropped item, you should get a better price on the ah, and somebody will probably be selling this

Blue - 4th level, unique - you don't see this much at low levels, and almost exclusively in instances if you do. Now we're starting to talk some gold!

Purple - 5th level, ultimate, elite - top of the line. Can anyone tell us what level these start to drop at

Some things that you can fish, or drop from critters, or pull from herbs or mining nodes are "reagents" which is to say uncommon materials required by some professions to complete their pattern/recipe. If you're lucky, it will be something that others are just not selling. You can put up a pretty good price for yourself on this kind of item. Twice I have sold a stack of a certain fish on ah, no health benefits from it whatsover, name in white, and got more than 1 for approx 11 fish per stack, net price after the ah cut. Another profession wants this stuff.