Black Temple Boss:High Warlord Naj'entus

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High Warlord Naj'entus, a naga, is the first boss of the Black Temple.


  • Impaling Spine: Hits a random player for 4513 to 4987 physical damage along with stunning the player and dealing 2750 damage every 3 seconds. Another player can right click on the spine sticking out of the affected target to loot the spine in their inventory (see Tidal Shield for use).
  • Needle Spine: Deals 2890 to 3910 physical damage to 3 random players and an additional area of effect spell of 2280 to 2520 to anyone within 6 yards.
  • Tidal Shield: Naj'entus buffs himself to be impervious to normal attack and spells. Also regenerates health at a rate of 1% every 2 seconds. It can only be broken by an Naj'entus Spine and once broken will deal 8500 Frost damage to the raid. Lasts 45 seconds or until broken.

Enrages after 8 minutes.

General Tips

  • Make sure everyone in the raid is at 100% health before popping the Tidal Shield. The fight is intense on the healers, so it is suggested that all players in the raid help heal themselves if low.
  • 10.5 k health or more is recommended.
  • Impaling Spine needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Be aware of who is around you, call out in vent when someone receives it. Stop cast immediately and remove spine since person is helpless will take spike damage entire time spine is on them.
  • Person who removes the spine is also responsible for breaking Tidal Shield. Entire raid should be topped off quickly before Shield is broken though, since entire raid will take 8,500 damage so if anyone is below that in health they will die automatically. The spine will be in your inventory.
  • Wound Poison can help reduce the amount Naj'entus heals for while in Tidal Shield. If you assign one Rogue to keep wound poison up make sure there is a backup in case the first Rogue dies for some reason.
  • The raid should be spaced out to help avoid extra splash damage and make things easier for raid healers.
  • When spreading out make sure that you are minimizing the number of people within 6 yards of you. Its better to be standing right on top of one person, than it is to be within 6 yards of two or three people.
  • 7 healers, 2 should focus tank at all times. The rest should focus on keeping raid topped off as there is a very raid heal intensive fight.

Spine Macro

/use Naj'entus spine

When an Impaling Spine is removed from a raid member an item is placed in your inventory called Naj'entus Spine and this is the item that has to be used to break Tidal Shield. This macro allows you to click rather than search bags for the item and manually click it saving the raid valuable time, and giving Naj'entus less time to heal himself while in the shield.