Black Temple Boss:Teron Gorefiend

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Teron Gorefiend, formally the leader of the death knights, is the fourth boss in the Black Temple.

It is somewhat of a damage race as more damage is done to the raid as time goes by so healers won't be able to keep up with the damage done to the raid after a while.


  • Summon Doom Blossom: Teron summons dark clouds called Doom Blossom that randomly shoot players with bolts that hit for around 1450 shadow damage.
  • Crushing Shadows: Targets 5 random players and applies a debuff that increases shadow damage taken by 60% for 15 seconds. Can be removed by invulnerability abilities.
  • Incinerate: A debuff ability dealing 2775 to 3225 fire damage and 8325 damage over 3 seconds. It can and should be dispelled.
  • Shadow of Death: Every 30 seconds Teron applies a debuff to a random player that lasts for 55 seconds. That player die after the debuff is expired and will turn into a ghost for 60 seconds. Cannot be used against the main tank.

You, the Ghost

  • Once you die from the mark of death, you are spawned at the back of the room along with Shadowy Construct. You have 60 seconds to kill the Constructs as a ghost form using the abilities from your given pet bar. They cannot attack you and you must kill them before they reach the raid group as players that are alive cannot help attack them. They use Atrophy if in range of alive players

Ghost Abilities

  • Spirit Strike: Deals 638 to 862 frost damage to the target along with decreasing the damage they do by 10% for 5 seconds. 5 yard range ability.
  • Spirit Lance: Deals 6175 to 6825 frost damage to the target and decreases movement speed by 30% for 9 seconds. Stackable up to 3 times. 30 yard range ability.
  • Spirit Volley: Deals 9900 to 12100 frost damage to targets within a 12 yard radius. 15 second cooldown.
  • Spirit Chains: Shackles the target for 5 seconds after doing 1900 to 2100 frost damage. Damage done after the target is shackled will break the effect. 12 yard range ability.
  • Spirit Shield: Protects a friendly target from 11400 to 12600 Shadow damage for 30 seconds or until used. 90 second cooldown. 40 yard range ability.

General Tips

  1. Prayer of Shadow Protection is a must. As well, a Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection is useful.
  2. Intelligently casting Spirit Chains along with Spirit Lance is sufficient enough to kill each construct. If you must use Spirit Volley, be sure to use it before Spirit Chains.

The boss can either be tanked where he is, or by the doors where the entrance is. If you get the debuff it is either wise to run back immediately or if you have excellent healers you can pump damage or heals.

  • Helpful tip for killing ghosts: Remember this is your pet bar, some mods can be used to replace your current bar for your pet bar if you are "Mind controlled" or "Turned into a ghost by Teron". Cast the AoE damage spell first (Spirit Volley), followed by the AoE shackle (Spirit Chains). After this you will need to tab target a ghost and cast (Spirit Lance) on each of the ghosts. This will slow them and injure them accordingly. Rinse and repeat the shackle / AoE until the ghosts are dead.