Gorgen's Elemental Shaman Guide

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Guide to Elemental Shaman.

Version. I
Brought to you by: Gorgen.
Guild: The Rusty Pike Squad.
Server: Silver Hand (RP)
Hello Readers,
First off i would like to thank you for taking time out of your life and reading my thoughts. I would first like to thank Blizzard for making this game possible. Would like to thank my guild for supporting me in the game and making my experience enjoyable. Thanks to ALL Silver Hand members for making a great realm. And thanks to this site for hosting this Guide. This guide will tecach you how to become a great shaman in PvE and PvP. If you are reading this you are most likely:
1) An elemental shaman wanting to improve.
2) A shaman picking what route to take.
3) Somebody who may roll a shaman.
4) Bored.

Video Out Soon.

~Talent Specs.

*This is my talent tree here: www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/shaman/talents.html 3500501550105215005000053
I find this spec is equally good for PvE and PvP.

*Here is a PvP speced tree: www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/shaman/talents.html 4500500550103215005030115
This has your 2h wepon, so you can deal some crazy high instant casts as long with your Battleaxe

*Finally a PvE tree: www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/shaman/talents.html 5505101502105000000000000000000000502030050501
You get the magic damage boots from elemental tree, and you get natures swiftness also.

Im sure there will be plenty of arguments on my talent trees, but you may use mine or change any of the others to suit your playing style.

~PvE - Player vs. Enviroment

Most of your begging levels you will be playing solo, this part will teach you what to do in
situations and how to esape if needed.

Pulling- 1 mob: Shoot off a Lighting Bolt and back up.
Promptly when mob is in range Frost Shock and another LB
Stop, and drop Searing totem and melee until death.

Pulling- 2 mobs: Shoot your main target with LB
Earth Shock same target while backing up.
Drop Stoneclaw to attract other mob while backing up.
Melee main target keep eye on secondary target.
If the Sc Dies before your main target is dead frost shock secondary and keep fighting main target.

Soloing an Eliet: Make sure there is room around you to run in circles.
Pull the leet with LB. make sure it is only 1 mob.
Drop a EarthBind and a Searing totem.
Run in circles around your searing while using FS.
If mob happens to resist FS, the EB will slow it.
If done correctly you will have taken no damage.

Escaping: This is not too complicated but done wrong just sucks.
You have 3 main Spells to escape with.
EB, SC, and FS

Running- 1 mob: If you accidently draw in a mob you dont or cant fight run!
Your best bet is jumping, rotating, then FS to slow it.
If you are oom, drop a SC if you havnt done damage to it.
Otherwise EB and run.

Running- Multi: Start with a EB totem.
Keep checking beind you.
If one resists the EB, Frostshock the sucker.
The others that were EB will pass him and Drop a SC now
The SC will not last long but it will distract them.
Repeat if still chasing.

As you are progressing through the game you will find yourself in plenty of groups. These are some Shaman tips for groups.

Tanking- If you fin yourself in a group with a bunch of cloth wearing your the tank. As much as you want to use windfury, dont. Rockbiter will add plenty of aggro to your attacks and will hold the monster off the casters. SC is useful again, after you have pulled all but one monster to you drop it. The SC should hold out until you have killed the others. Earthshock is a aggro holder, if anyone but you gets the aggro instant cast ES and get them back over to you. Keep an eye out for
wanders, healers mana, others HP, and runners. Dont forget that you can heal so dont use all your mana
casting, save others. And please, use protection...A sheild! Geeze! Where is your mind...

Support- This is what elemental does best. Your job here is to draw as little as possable people to you and if one happens to come, then you should kill it and not run away scared. Drop totems, Stoneskin/Strength of Earth, Searing, Healing/Mana, and Windfury/Grace/Tranquil depending on your groups choices. Start shooting LB a few times, if your target comes toward you use a shock and melee with some shocks on the same target. If you know you cannot take the target, you need to back up to either tank or priest so they can heal/take off aggro. If u can take the mob follow soloing instuctions. After that mob is killed go directly to the next mob and help out. Use Chain Lighting if there is around 3 or more non-leet mobs that you can take. and kill them. This should make you a sucsessful shaman, watch your totems, and others health because,
You Can Heal!

~PvP - Player vs. Player
Yes, some people dont like PvP and some live for PvP. In this section you will find ways to kill certain classes and how to work well with others.

These are some tactics you should use when taking on a spicific class.

Druid: Personally, i find druids the easiest class to kill. When fighting druids stay within melee distance, Purge Asap. If the druid is in cat or bear form, drop a EB run away and start casting CL and instant casing FS, it should get him out soon enough. When the druid is out make sure you save mana for an ES. Us ES when the druids hands turn green, the druid is most likly casting and your ES will intrrupt the cast. And kill, druids cannot kill you in melee dont be scared.

Hunter: These guys have to be one of the most annoying classes out there. When dueling hunters you will want to not worry about their pet and just slow the hunter down. Using earthbind with FS will work very well, but you cannot use frost shock more than 3 times in a row so throw in Flame Shock also. Your main goal is to keep the hunter in melee distance so he cannot shoot at you. Obviously. Dont worry about keeping a ES ready. Go all out on him. Dont forget to use remove poison also.

Mage: Mages can be both hard and easy. If the mage does not see you charge up a CL and run in close. He will use Frost Nova. Let him get far enough away so he starts casting. Use a ES to intrrusp the cast. If he is too far for your ES, CL him. Now he will use Cone of Cold with Blink and will cast again. Keep your grounding totem up incase of a cast. This will redirect the cast away from you.
Interrupt and cast another CL. This will be how you win the duel. Save enough mana for ES always.

Paladin: I hate fighting these guys. I am basing this Pre-1.9 because i didnt read the updates for pallys. Pallys are warriors with mana. They wear plate, so no good melee damage, the have 2 unpurge-able sheilds, and they have good heals. So. Start off with a LB because this will be a long battle. Purge. Conserve your mana. The pally will fight you until he has next to no health left. then will pop up his invicable sheild. While the sheild is up dont cast any spells at him. as soon as his hands turn yellow do a Heling Wave on yourself. And run away until his sheild drops. Fight him once again to next to no health and look. Another Sheild. Heal your self and run away. Now he has no more sheilds and you can go all out now... if u have any mana left. Use EB and FS and run around your EB totem and cast. This is how you will kill him, you cannot melee him to death.

Priest: I admit, i dont have too much experince dueling priests. They are not too hard when i fight them though. Priests are another class you must hold your ES. When you go in at the priest he will DoT and mind blast you. By that time he hasnt much HP left. He will instant fear you, sheild, and get full HP. Now is when you go at him. You must kill him before his fear is back. When he pops on a shield, at any time, Purge right away. The shield is...*poof*... gone and inturrput his cast. Keep meleeing until he is dead.

Rogue: To kill rogues you must use a very cheap tactic that is also used on warriors. You will drop a EB totem and run in circles around it Using FS, then FlS, then FS ect. You cannot allow the rogue to get near you, if he gets the first attack drop a EB and then use the cheap tactic. If you have time, and are well enough away you can throw in a CL. Dont forget to use remove poison when you are afflicted.

Shaman: At high levels most shaman are Elemental/Resto or Elemental/Ench so it is who has better tactics and items. Use the ol¡¯cheap tactic, EB in middle and FS and run around him meleeing. He will most likely use EB so if you get close enough attack the totem so you are free. Purge him of his lightning sheild and/or Elemental Mastry - not sure if this is purgeable. This battle constistantly use shocks as well as Lesser Healing Wave. When the opposing shaman casts a shock on you stop, and heal. he should not have enough time to get his shock cooldown back. Good luck

Warlock: I have a difficult time killing warlocks. And also dont have much experiance fighting them. If the warlocks imp is out shock it and melee it until dead so only 1 guy to worry about. The warlock will put curses on you that you cannot remove and he will keep fearing you. Drop a Grounding totem to help during the battle and a Tremor totem. Set up a searing totem to delay his casting and ES him whenever his hands turn dark purple. He is open to
Melee attacks so keep within wepons distance from him. Will report back when i have more experiance fighting locks.

Warrior: Cheap Tactic Stikes Again. My best friend is a warr so i have plenty of exp fighting these guys. Drop a EB and circle around using FS, dont let him/her get close to you at all. If he does you have only a few hits, from a 2h, to live before execute. you must keep a EB up and a searing will add some more dps. your main goal is to slow him, and shock him. If u happen, somehow, get the
chance to chain lighting, do it, but watch out for inctercept stun! Also, try and get a Lesser heal in also if needed. No purge is needed this duel.

*PvP in Groups

Small groups- 1-5 people
Grouping with small amount of people changes depending on who is in your group but i will tell you the general idea to group with small amounts of people. I find that the shaman¡¯s job in small groups is to go around back and beat up the priest. The order needing to kills is as follows:
Druids - not in animal form
Druids - animal form

I chose this order because Priests can heal and group fear and sheild
Druids are very powerful healer with entangling roots and Intant casts
Mages can do huge damage to any class but are easy for shaman to kill
Hunters pet will contantly do damage while the hunter is AoE or just capping one guy
Rogues will get behind your casters and kill them within a few seconds so kill them quickly
Warriors will do alot of melee damage so try to knock them off before they get too much rage
Pallys will survive a long time, buffs their entire party, and heal so be careful
Warlocks do instant casts on your party, but usually someone besides a shaman will kill it fast.
Druids in animal form can do decent damage but not too powerful attacks execpt there charge.

Large Groups - AB, AV
When i am in AV i try and stay in the middle of the raid group and lay down some benificial totems like stone skin, windfury and healing stream. I use my chain lighting to pick a target, usually when that happens our mages/hunters attack that target. If a you can stop a cloth wearer from casting you must do that. Stop Any AoE with ES asap. Plenty of times alliance rogues will come and ambush a mage or priest. If this consistanly happens, lay down a magma totem or a EB totem to remove the rogues stealth. This should keep the casters safe. You should act as a hybird, mage/warrior. Cast LB or CL until a brave warrior or pally comes for your group. As soon as that happens charge with him/her with your wepon at hand and melee him. The group will surely be helping you kill ¡¯um. If the war/pally is chasing a caster, drop an EB totem to keep them away if that does not work, use your FS spell on ¡¯um. This is the best tactic i can offer you.

Recap- Cast until a rogue/warrior/pally charges or appears in your group. Melee them until dead.
If they are chasing someone EB and/or FS them. If they run, FS and CL them they should die.

Thanks for taking time out of your day and reading this. I hope this helps you with playing an elemental shaman. Please, Take time and post any feedback you may have. This is constantly being updated with more experiance of mine and your posts.

~Gorgen of Silver Hand, Member of The Rusty Pike Squad