World of Warcraft Shaman Focus Macros

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Guide to Elemental Shaman.

When you¡¯re playing a hybrid class like shamans, it is going to be of absolute importance to maximize your macro usage. General macros and focus macros allow you to not only simplify your hot bars, but also enhance your ability to make faster decisions, consolidate spells, and will allow you to manage multiple targets with greater ease.

If you haven¡¯t already read my general guide, or don¡¯t know why focus macros are you should check it out here, focus macro guide. Also, if you¡¯re just looking for generic shaman macros head over here, shaman macro guide.

Focus Earth Shock (Rank 1)
/cast [target=focus] Earth Shock(Rank 1)

Focus Earth Shock (Max Rank)
/cast [target=focus] Earth Shock

Focus Frost Shock (Rank 1)
/cast [target=focus] Frost Shock(Rank 1)

Focus Frost Shock (Max Rank)
/cast [target=focus] Frost Shock

You may also choose to create a focus flame shock macro in the same manner. Beyond the occasional flame shock on a rogue, I rarely find myself preferring flame shock in a PvP scenario. As a PvE enhancement shaman you may want to create one, as a flame shock / earth shock rotation will yield maximum damage.

Focus Lightning Bolt
/cast [target=focus] Lightning Bolt

Probably one of the most under rated macros in the shaman¡¯s arsenal. What I like about this is you can completely change your target without ever have to look in their direct, target them, or even stop chain casting for a second.

This type of seamless target switching allowed my elemental shaman to lead quick switches and drop a 2345 bomb at a moments notice.

Restoration Focus Macros

Focus Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [target=focus] Lesser Healing Wave

Focus Healing Wave
/cast [target=focus] Healing Wave

Focus Nature¡¯s Swiftness Healing Wave
/cast Nature¡¯s Swiftness
/cast [target=focus] Healing Wave

These are certainly more PvE oriented, but still solid macros never-the-less. What I like about these focus healing macros is you¡¯re able to handle many targets without having to constantly switch target frames. I typically will set my focus as one of the tanks in PvE, while I¡¯m typically healing the raid with chain heal, being able to quickly switch to them has saved many lives.

Focus Purge Macro
/cast [target=focus] Purge

Not a game breaker by any stretch, but once again this further simplifies the amount of target switching you have to do in both PvP and PvE. Quite honestly, the more time you can spend focusing on your positioning and planning your next move, and not finding a target, the better off you are going to be.