Druid/Warrior Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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Druid/warrior is a very strong combo. The Premise lies in its ability to survive and outlast almost any team, while having a lot of versatility and survivability. The key to these matches is patience. Your warrior will be doing a lot of damage, but Burst-Gib dps teams only work with a double DPS setup, so be prepared to outlast any team.

My Spec:
I go 8/11/42:
http://www.wowhead.com/ talent=0zjZVMhoZVcIxcq0xsx
While I feel that insect swarm builds (13/11/37) will be very strong, they are not my playstyle. I am a very, very defensive player, and losing the +heal from empowered rejuv and the other talents that you can choose is not worth it, at least to me. I can avoid LOS enough to where I don't need the extra range on cyclone and roots, although I can really see it helping, especially for new Druids. Don't be afraid to try the IS build, you may really like it better for your playstyle.

Basic overall Druid ideals:
Stay mobile and stick close to a pillar. A druid that stands still is a druid who is vulnerable to any number of CC/interrupts that can screw you over. Stick to your hoTs, and always be on the move to stay out of your enemy¡¯s Line of Sight. You should never, ever stand still except when you¡¯re casting cyclone and roots, always be trying to gain better positioning on pillars so you can break LOS if they decide to turn to you. Regrowth should almost never be used except on very rare occasions (You baited a counterspell and your partner is below 50% life and taking heavy damage, for example).

DR¡¯s=Diminishing returns
RNG=Random number generator. Basically the % that you¡¯ll get a proc. Usually used with mace stun/fear breaks, sometimes it¡¯ll happen all the time, sometimes it¡¯ll proc 3 times in a row/last 10 seconds, sometimes it won¡¯t proc at all/break immediately.
Pillar humping=Where you run around in a circle on a pillar, going to opposite direction the other teams players are going, so you avoid LOS/getting hit. Both you and your partnre need to learn how to do this.

Random things:
Blades edge drinking with pets: Get up top on the bridge, and jump down. The pet will have to path around the sides of the arena and then get to you, and you can get a few ticks in before it hits you. Cycloning/Rooting/banishing/fearing the pet up top means you can get a lot of extra ticks in.
Always use rank 1 roots to cast. Roots itself will not last more than 10 seconds in pvp, which is less than the first rank of roots. It¡¯s 100 mana less for the same effect. If you use rank 1 roots, make sure to use rank 1 Nature¡¯s grasp, or you¡¯ll get the ¡°a more powerful effect is already active¡± message, and be unable to recast roots until nature's grasp ends.

I tried to write out the matchups that give trouble to most teams. The hard teams are first and are generally longer, but for some of the easier teams, there wasn¡¯t much to write, so it¡¯s shorter, and for some of the really easy teams, (such as Hunter/paladin) I didn¡¯t even write anything because you likely will never face them and if you do, it¡¯s such an easy fight that you won¡¯t need a guide.

Note: Because there¡¯s just so much text in this(20 pages in MSword), there will be typos and grammar issues that I missed(probably a lot), so forgive me in advance.

This is what my Partner and I do against these matchups. There may be/Probably is better ways to go about these matchups, but this worked for our playstyle. So experiment, try out new things that may work for you, because everyone¡¯s playstyle is different.

Pwyff wrote his own guide for druid/war, and his playstyle is different than mine. I highly recommend that you read his writeups as well if a certain combo is giving you trouble. It can be found here: