Broodlord Lashlayer Abilities

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Blast Wave:
Inflicts 2700-3200ish Fire damage to nearby enemies and reduces their
movement speed to 50% of normal for 8 sec.
Mortal strike:
Broodlord has one nasty mortal strike that hits the tanks for 5000+ damage depending on the tanks gear.
Short Proximity knock back:
This is an area of effect knock back does mild damage and reduces your threat level.
Frontal/side attack cleaves everyone in the area for around 1300+ dmg effects up to 5 targets.
Suppression devices
These devices reduce your run speed, attack speed and cast speed. They can be very annoying when you are pulling this room so you have to get your rogues to stealth through the mobs and disarm these devices when the puller is out pulling. Make sure that your rogue knows beforehand what you are pulling so he can move out of the way.
The Whelps
There are masses of these and they will respawn fast. You cannot stop these respawning except to kill the Broodlord so each pull you will have to deal with them by AoE.
The Hatchers
These hatchers have and ability called Growing Flames - it's a short area of effect flamestrike, with one difference. It does't do that much damage in the beginning (around 50 fire damage) but stay in the affected area and it will climb up to 1000+ damage per tick very fast, so tank the hatchers a few yards away from the ranged dps and healers. The melee based classes will have to be affected by the growing flames so the faster you kill the hatcher the better. Most pulls will come with whelps get you aoe guys to tag the whelps off of the MT when they are incoming. Pull the whelps to the raid group and AoE them each time.
Blackwing Taskmasters
This is a group of 3 Orcs patrolling around they have nasty melee dmg output for mobs their level and when pulled they need to be targeted as they are being pulled so mage's can sheep them well away from the raid once the whelps have been killed then you can break the sheep on these mobs and burn them down fast.
You have 10 minutes to clear the room of the Taskmasters and Hatchers or they will re pop on you when moving. Make the pulls as fast as possible and once you have killed the last of them run to the opposite corner shown in the picture below. Do not stop until you are in the corner and once everyone is there AoE the whelps that have agroed on your raid. You can med up in this place and get full mana. Usually there is another Taskmaster pack that is on its way to the ramp area where you want to go to so keep a rogue distracting them so you don't get them when you are clearing the ramp area. Once you have got full mana in the raid go from the corner to the ramp area and this will be your next pull spot.
Once you have secured the ramp area go into the upper room far upper corner and this will be your next room pulling spot. Do exactly as in the lower room except your Dragonkin tanking area is in front of the main raid group. Don't forget that once you have pulled the mobs past the ramp area that they are also on a fast re spawn timer too and you want to pull them and the upper room as fast as possible to avoid getting any extra mobs popping on you when fighting the broodlord.
Once you have cleared the room all run to the broodlord buff spot shown in the picture below. Be very careful here and stay as close to the wall as possible as the Broodlord has a massive agro range and the slightest movement near the Broodlord in this spot will result in him agroing. When you are ready to engage you have 2 choices some guilds prefer to tank the broodlord where he is at the gate and others rather pull him into the cubby north of where he is and have the raid group stand where the broodlord usually stands.
When engaging him make sure you have a rogue to make sure the suppression devices around are not triggered. Have a many MT tanking him so you can keep agro and make sure your MT are 100% hp at all times as if they get one of the Broodlord's nasty cleaves he could kill them in 1 shot. The more MT you keep alive the less chance the rest of your raid will get agro. Make sure your MT's all tank him with their back to a wall as you don't want them being knockbacked into other mobs while the fight is going on.