World of Warcraft Character Customization

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Customization at character creation
When you first create your character, you get to choose how your character will look in Azeroth, these features doesn't affect gameplay in any way, and will only alter your outer appearence.
[INDENT] -Skin Color
-Hair Style
-Hair Color
-Facial Hair - Many Females have facial features that change when the Facial Hair buttons are pressed

[/INDENT] Attributes
Changing your attributes doesnt affect your outer appearance, but they do alter the gameplay, naturally you cant max out every single attribute, so spend your points wisely.
[INDENT] Strength - Improved chance to block, improved chance to critical hit
Agility - Improved chance to dodge. (Rogues: increase chance to critical hit)
Stamina - Increases health points
Intellect - Increases mana points
Spirit - Increases health and mana regeneration. Spirit affects all characters' mana and hit point regeneration rates in and out of combat.

Attack - Attack Rating
Power - Attack Power
Attack Power helps determine melee damage dealt. This value is based on class, level and ability scores. Most classes use Strength, but Rogues and Hunters use a combination of Strength and Agility. The main purpose of Attack Power is to provide a more consistent effect from buffs, regardless of weapon speed. Slow weapons will receive a larger bonus from your Attack Power than faster weapons which will ultimately balance slow and fast weapons. It is important to note that most attack bonuses in the game add to your Attack Power.
Damage - Weapon Damage
Defense - Defense Rating
Armor - Physical Damage Reduction

[/INDENT] Notes
Strength increases physical damage for Paladins, Warriors, Mages, Priests, Warlocks, Druids, and Shamans. Agility increases physical damage for Hunters and Rogues.
Fighting with two weapons/off-hand: Your total damage output when fighting with two weapons should be higher than fighting with one weapon and a shield, but roughly equal to fighting with a two-handed weapon. Off-hand attacks deal of the weapon's designated damage.
As players become higher level, they will be able to receive experience from a large range of monsters. At low levels, you may get experience from monsters 5 levels lower than you, while at level 60 you will gain experience from monsters 12 levels lower.