Dire Maul West Guide

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When you first enter the instance, enter through the right door (not the left). This throws you in the center of the courtyard clear of most mobs. This first spot where you enter is where you are going to pull to.

Big tree mobs will be patrolling by. They hit very very hard. You want to pull them to the corner as they knock you back -- better to hit the wall than pull another big guy. You need to take out 2-3 big guys. Don't bother trying to clear them all.. the repop pretty regular.

After clearing a hole to run across, run to the center of the courtyard, being careful to not pull any of the mobs there or be close enough to pool the big tree patrols. If you are brave, you can clear none of the pats and just run straight to the center.

Now you are in the middle of the courtyard, near the pylon with the elementals. These pylons are the objective of the instance... clear the elementals and the 5 pylons power down, releasing the forcefield around Immol'thar.

The elementals can be pulled 2-3 at a time to clear all around the pylon. Warlock can banish one as necessary. As these guys die, they steal whatever mana you have and inflict damage... be careful! They also get very cast happy the more health they lose. They must be killed as quickly as possible.

Now continue running across the courtyard to far right. This will lead you down a narrow walkway and open to a room of undead on your right. Your goal is to get up the stairs. Kill the farthest right ghost mob, hitting the female ghost first. She inflicts the most dmg via a "bone" something or other aura... it is a melee hard-hitting aura. Cloth/Leather wearers should try to stay back from these ghosts as they inflict crazy dmg.

This next part is up to you. You can keep clearing the first floor and clear the caster bosses (Magister Kalendris and Tsu'zee) for drops. I don't have much experience with these two, so I won't offer up any advice. I recall them hitting casters pretty hard for 900hp or so.

If you don't clear the bottom floor, clear the right-most mob of 3 and sneak past the one ghost by the stairs. Proceed upstairs and you want to head left. You will find a couple casters standing there... nothing special and pretty easy to clear. Continue clearing/running along the left wall towards the pylon (2nd one). Clear the elementals as before, deactivating the pylon. Now you see a bunch of skeletons. Have the tank aggro and AoE away.

Now go right down the bridge/walkway to the quest giver, Shen'dralar Ancient. He gives you "Madness Within", the quest for killing Immol, the Prince and the deactivating pylons. Continue past him to the next pylon (#3), clear as necessary until it deactivates.

You should now see the next boss, Illyanna Ravenoak just past the pylon, patrolling. She hits very hard via ranged hunter attacks. The bear swipes for 500-800dmg per swing. Sleep/Polymorph/( Fear ) the bear as necessary while you take her out. She has far range and hits hard... casters be careful of aggro or you will die.

Now run back the way you came to downstairs out by the first courtyard. In the middle (same side as the ghosts) is a downward slope to Tendris Warpwood. He is fairly easy... just slightly harder than the big trees in the beginning.

Go past him and enter the door just to your right using your Crescent Key. Watch for invis ghost mobs down this hall. Proceed until you see the arcane/storm elementals. I recommend clearing one mob but it is up to you. They hit very very hard. Warlock should curse of doom/banish the big guy... his arcane storm cast will wipe your group in just a few seconds. Kill the little guys first (9K hp or so). Then solo big guy.

If you decide to not clear one group, have hunter give you aspect of pack. Run left along the wall until you come to the 4th pylon. Just before the pylon is a stone pillar by the wall... anywhere between this pillar and the pylon/elementals is your safe zone. You are now clear of all storm elementals. Clear the pylon as before.

Now run back the way you came to the hallway. When it is clear, continue running right to the second hallway. You are safe for a while. Proceed along through the library. Talk to whoever you like. Quest endings for the Warlock/Druid/etc books are here... all the quests say "Return to the rightful owner" and give you a nice trinket. They are random DM drop quests. You will also find a NPC to repair/sell items. The prince is in here, but currently neutral. He turns nasty after you clear the last pylon and kill Immol'thar.

Run back to where the arcane/storm elementals are. Now you want to keep running right along the wall to the next pylon. Stay between the pillar and pylon, pulling the elementals til you clear the last and 5th pylon. Now the shield around Immol'thar drops. Run through the pylon to the center of the area, watching for the passing patrols running from your right to left. Don't worry about aggroing Immol as you have plenty of room in the arena.

Immol is very very tough. He has approx 35K hp or so and hits very very hard for 500-800hp. Casters be very wary of aggro, cause you don't want him hitting you. Every few seconds a eyeball will drop. These eyeballs focus on you and throw you up in the air, taking damage when you smack the ground hard. One person in group should be dedicated to killing these eyeballs (900hp or so). As you are fighting him and people in your group die, it is imperative to keep moving around. The eyes are less likely to focus on you. A few times I have been the last one standing... Immol had 10K of hp and about 5 eyeballs chasing me. I just kept running in a big circle and casting away at him til he dropped... this strategy will by you an extra 20-30 secs before you die. He will hit you but you can use potions, to keep blasting him.

Now run back to the Prince in the library, clearing as necessary. Main tank should stand in the corner with the other players grouped close by. The tank gets knocked back into the wall, and with the other players closeby he should be able to regain aggro fairly easily.

NOTE: If you are a warlock getting your epic mount, do the following after killing Immol'thar. Read all of this information before starting...

You need approx 14-16 soul shards. The 3 floating items that are part of the ceremony offer up different buffs. You must use your Lodestone to reactivate them when they are clickable (right click when you see the widget/gear). Have other party members help you keep an eye out saying "candle", "bell", "clock" to let you know when they go out.

During the ceremony, all party members must stay within the circle to be benefited by the circle buffs.

J'eevee's Jar starts the ceremony. You should have a imp demon out at this point. This lets everyone in your group start out with extra stamina. You will start seeing a bunch of demon imps running to the center. They hit you for 1hp or so... not a big deal. This keeps happening with the occasional doomguard entering. At some point you want to ditch the imp and enslave one of the doomguards. Always kill doomguards first as the imps hit for little to no damage. The ceremony continues for 5 mins or so (seems like forever) and climaxes with about 4 doomguards at once. If you have a doomguard enslaved, release him and he will disappear (no need to kill).

Everyone in the group should enjoy the trippy blue colors whirling around you AND rest up. No need to hurry... rest completely and take your time. Now you want to summon the Lord and the dreadsteed using your Xorothian Glyphs. After some time of fighting the DreadSteed, a Dreadlord spawns. Continue killing the Steed and then finish the Dreadlord. You only need to kill the steed to complete your quest. If you think you might die, run over and talk to the steed's spirit to get your new horsey. If you wipe before doing so, ghost run it back and talk to the horse spirit for quest completion.