Griefing Exploit

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Currently there is a huge exploit that allows you to kick anyone from any raid group on your server. While doing BWL this happened to a lot of raid members. It would say they were kicked, then it would teleport them to Ironforge (or hearth location). This will get hotfixed very quickly. Enjoy sploiting while you can!!

Here is what you do:
1) Make a macro.
/invite playername
/kick playername

2) Click it.

Of course, you replace playername with the name of the player.


Note: You can't be in a group when you do this. You have to be able to invite people.

Another note: To others in the raid, it'll appear they're still in the party. It doesn't say ANYTHING to the other party members. Only the person you kick will be like "WHAT THE FUCK " The porting you to hearthstone location message will come up for the player you kicked. The player you kicked will also still be able to read party chat, but won't be in the group. They will be bugged in the group, but not in the group - if that makes any sense. They have to do this macro to get out:

/script LeaveParty()

Have fun!