Humble Beginnings: First Few Levels

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Ready to conquer Azeroth, but not quite sure were to start Checking out these few points is probably a good idea.
Learn the Controls
You should first familiarize yourself with the interface. Be sure to look up the controls and read about tips for better controlling your character. Studies have shown that being able to move around is quite vital in MMORPG's, and WoW is no exception, though the controls are streamlined and shouldn't pose much of an obstacle for most players.
Get a job!
Now it's time to start working, which in WoW means going on quests. NPC's with available quests have exclamation marks over their heads. Go talk to the NPC's by right-clicking on them. You should go around to every NPC with a "!" above their head and see what they want you to do, then decide if it's worth your while or if you'd rather just chill out with a beer in the nearest pub.
Find your class trainer or go fight!
You might want to go find your class trainer, located in the town/area near where your character started in the land. Feel free to do some quests first though, as these offer no real benefits just yet.
How to target
Left-Click selects a target and Right-Click interacts with them. Be careful when you right click monsters though, as this initiates combat!
You can eat some food to regain your health faster. Click on the food icon in the action panel across the bottom left of your screen and your character will sit down to eat. Food will not work in combat, however, and standing up or moving will remove the increased health regeneration effect. You will regain health faster when you're sitting down.
You can drink water to regain your mana faster. Click on the drink icon in the action panel across the bottom left of your screen. The mana regeneration will stop if you use any other ability or get in combat. As with food, remember to keep drinks in your inventory or this wont work.
You can cast spells and use special abilities on the enemy by clicking on the buttons along the lower left portion of the screen.
You can attack a hostile target by Right-Clicking on them.
Selecting Aggressive Monsters
A target with a red selection circle will attack if you get too close.
Leveling Up
You can learn a new talent in the talent interface. The talent interface is brought up by clicking on the character button in your action panel and then selecting the talents tab.
At Level 3 or 4
You can go to your trainer in your starting area and learn a new skill. Your trainer is in the area where you started, but you might have to search a little. If you're having problems finding the trainer, you should try asking other players. The class trainer will show your class name under their name. For example, .
Reputation Changes
You can look at your reputation with different groups in the world in the character panel under the reputation tab. This will show what they think about you and how they will react. You can change your reputation through various methods in the game such as combat and quests.
Looting your first item
Right-Click on a monster's corpse to loot it. You can then right-click on items in the loot panel to place them in your backpack. When the item is in your backpack you can click on the backpack button in the lower right part of the screen to open your backpack and then move your mouse over the item to check it's properties.
Obtaining your first bag
You can put the bag in the empty bag spaces in the lower right part of your screen next to the backpack, and then click on it to open it.
Talking to other players near you
Hit the enter button, type your message, then hit enter again. Players that are near you will see your message.
Sending a player a private message
Type "/w playername message" such as "/w Durin Hail!"
Responding to private messages from other players
You can respond to that player by hitting the "R" key to reply, and then you can type your message, or by hitting "Enter" and typing /w (or /tell) and then the message.
Getting new abilities or spells
You can move the ability to your action bar by opening the abilities panel with the button in the bottom center of the screen and then clicking and dragging the ability to your action bar. You can also use a spell or ability from the abilities page by clicking on it. Spells are located on the spells tab. Hit P to open your spellbook.
Active items
Some items in the game must be activated to be used. Should you obtain one of these items, you can drag it to your action bar to be able to use it without opening your backpack.

That should get you going. Continue to find and complete quests. Follow the NPC's instructions and consult your quest log for help. Feel free to ask other players for help if you get stuck. (If you get physically stuck however, page a GM)