World of Warcraft Scholomance Guide

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Scholomance Guide

**Opening note** If you are new to the instance, ask someone who's been there
before. I run instances every day, and I'd rather have someone ask me in tells
about something they're not sure of then screw it up and cause a lot, if not all
of us to die.

Scholomance is located on the island of Caer Darrow in Western Plaguelands,
slightly to the east of Andorhal. If you'd like to know about its backstory,
lots of information can be found through Blizzard's information. To get inside
of the Scholomance, you will either need a key that you acquire through a quest
from The Bulwark (Horde) or Chillwind Camp (Alliance), or you can have a rogue
picklock it, I believe a 300 picklock skill is needed. All the creatures in
Scholomance will drop Minion, Invader (Elite) or Corruptor's Scourgestone's as
long as your Argent Dawn Token is equipped.

My personal preference on a group is to have one from every class, with a couple
of shamans for wipe recovery, and mages for fire power, it seems to work ok for
a pick up group. Obviously alliance will require something different as Blizzard
forgot to give them shamans and they ended up with those paladin things.

In general the tactics I describe are 'hold and pull' in that, you capture
yourself safe ground, then pull the creatures back into it to be dealt with
them. If you have another method for a particular pull, please let me know.

Onto the guide:

Kill the two single risen warders, then shackle pull the pair and kill them

-The Reliquary
Risen Warder, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Acolyte, Spectral Researcher
Blood Steward of Kirtonos
There is a patrolling Risen Warder who'll come up near the door, pull them
back into your room. Have your rogue/s sap some of the humanoids down to the
left, and your mages sheep pull, deal with the humanoids. A couple of
humanoids will walk over with a ghost, can either deal with these as they come
over, or wait until they get there, then crowd control and kill them. If you
decide to kill them as they go, back up the stairs as it will break their line
of sight and cause them to run up into your safe zone. Shackle the ghosts and
deal with them last, as they have a knock-back point blank area effect spell,
which could potentially pull other groups onto you, as well as Mana Burn. Now
deal with the group on the other side of the door. A Succubus patrols the back
corner of this room, if you kill her (note she seems to be linked to the group
in approximately the middle of library shelves) she has a chance to drop the
blood (if you've done the pre-requisite quest chain for it) to summon Kirtonos.

Quest Note: The first of the Deeds for the Barov Family Fortune is in this room
in the NE corner.

-The Summoning Chamber
Necrofiend, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Dark Summoner, Kirtonos the Herald
Couple of patrolling inside, pick them off. New creature, a Necrofiend (giant
spider basically) is wandering about, it has a nice area affect web trick that
will affect the entire group and root them, but not really a big deal if he's
on his own. The rest of the room is separated into 6 groups of two Scholomance
Necrolytes, coupled with a Scholomance Dark Summoner. You want to crowd control
the summoner (sap or sheep) and then pull the rest of them back into the
entrance to the chamber (walk back through the door, breaks the line of sight
quite nicely). Horde Alternate: If you have no mages or rogues, have a shaman
earth shock the summoner after you start the pull and go back inside the door so
that it runs after you. Off to the side of the room is the chamber where you
summon Kirtonos the Herald, if anyone in your party has completed the quests
required to gather Blood of the Innocents, you can use it then to summon him.

-Main Hall
Risen Warder, Necrofiend, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Necromancer, Spectral
After removing the gate guards, there is a Warder across the hall, grab him. Off
to your right will be a group of humanoids with a ghost, have the priest shackle
pull on the ghost, this ghost should be left to last, or dealt with first if you
have sufficient humanoid crowd control as he will cast silence in a point black
area of effect. The Adepts have a nasty freeze trap sort of effect, again which
affects people close to them, and the Necromancers have shadowbolt volley. Clear
out the groups around the small antechamber of the room, then move into the
hall, taking out the patrolling Warder and Necrofiend when opportune.

This room has three exits, the exit to your right leads down to Jandice Barov,
the exit to the forward of you leads to Rattlegore, and the room to your left
leads down to a door that requires a key from Rattlegore. Jandice is a non
compulsory boss mob, but she has a set item on her, so just ask the group what
they want to do.

Quest Note: The second deed is in the corner of the room between the doors to
Jandice and Rattlegore's rooms.

Diseased Ghoul, Risen Aberration, Reanimated Corpse, Jandice Barov
Remove the guards, again. In here there is an important thing to note, all those
walls down the middle of the room will not stop the creatures from seeing you
and coming for you. It will stop you walking down the middle, but not them, go
figure. The Risen Aberrationss are immune to magic, let your
rogues/shamans/hunters hit on them, the Reanimated Corpses will come back to
life about 10-15 seconds after they die. Neither of these are elite so one
person should be sufficient to kill them, the Reanimated Corpses walk really
slowly too, so a mage/warlock/shaman could easily kite them. The Diseased Ghouls
are why most groups don't come here. These will explode on death, dishing out a
350dps disease to anyone close by, I do not believe this can be removed either.
However, if you don't start in the cloud, you won't take damage, so if you are
in it (melee types) run out, and cloth wearers, don't be near them. Have your
puller pull down the side of the room, and move up when he says it's safe.
Jandice is a pretty easy boss fight, she has one interesting trick, occasionally
she will split up into about 15 mirror images, and then she herself will come
back. If you hit 'V' to display nameplates (assuming you haven't bound 'V' to
something else) she will be the only creature there displaying a nameplate, as
summoned creatures don't display. Your AE can handle the images quite easily. On
the far right corner of this room, there is a torch/switch to open access to a
chest as well if you wish to clear to it. Go back to the Main Hall.

Quest Note: If a player has done the quest line starting with the ghosts outside
The Scholomance, and is able to pick up the blood that will sometimes spawn on
Jandice, you will be able to go back to The Summoning Room and summon Kirtonos.

-The Great Ossuary
Scholomance Handler, Plagued Hatchling, Risen Construct, Rattlegore
Have your puller pull the handlers one at a time, and then duck around the
corner breaking the line of sight on the Handler and his Hatchlings. Have the AE
deal with the Hatchlings while the rest deal with the Handler. He has a nasty
point blank AE blast, so its good to remove him quickly. After clearing the
room, move across it and then pull up the risen constructs one at a time. They
have a hard-hitting close range area attack, so don't be close unless you need
to, and try to stand behind it if possible too. Start clearing Rattlegore's room
one at a time. The pull with Rattlegore can be done without any add's. Just be
patient and wait for them to walk away. Being as the only place for the
Shadowcraft bracer to drop is off the constructs here, and now that it is
possible to pull Rattlegore after one or two fights, you could either try to
make some money or make your rogue happy by clearing trash.

-Body Room
Risen Aberration, Reanimated Corpse, Diseased Ghoul, Necrofiend
Even if you don't kill Jandice, you still get to kill Diseased Ghouls, enjoy.
Have your party sit in the Main Hall on the purple rug, and your puller bring
the groups up to you. Shackle the Diseased Ghouls so you can pick off their
non-elite companions. Clear towards the door to the right. I'd recommend
clearing all the groups straight ahead and to your right (imagine an invisible
line) and ignore the groups to your left, but you can do just three groups as
long as you hug the walls going to the door.

-The Viewing Room
Scholomance Student, Marduk Blackpool, Vectus
Everything here is neutral, and no matter what the paranoid people say, you can
talk to the Students. If your group happens to have a Dawn's Gambit, feel free
to drop it, AE nuke the skeletons that the Students turn into, then pull Marduk
Blackpool, then Vectus. Chance at an extra two Corruptor's Stones there I

-The Laboratory
Risen Warder, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Necromancer, Scholomance Acolyte,
Scholomance Neophyte, Spectral Teacher, Ras Frostwhisper
Normal pulls of undead/humanoid mix, use your crowd control as you see fit. The
ghosts aren't as annoying as their predecessors, they simply use banish on you
if they get bored. Could suck if they banish your priest and you have no back-up
healing on a really bad pull, but that's about it. When killing Ras, I feel
that its best to fight him up behind his altar, as he has a point blank AE
knockback that also chills you, this will minimize the distance you're thrown,
and the time it takes to get back into the fray.

Quest Note: The third deed is on the right side of this room up near Ras' altar.
So yes, you need to kill Ras to complete the family fortune quest.

-Headmaster's Study
Darkmaster Gandling
To get the Darkmaster to appear, we need to kill off all his teachers in the
surrounding six chambers. Pick either upstairs or downstairs first, I prefer
downstairs and I will list the rooms according to the order I usually do them.

-The Shadow Vault
Risen Bonewarder, Lady Illucia Barov
Bonewarder's are a new mob, and since the last nerf in Scholomance (patch 1.6 I
believe) new groups would be unfamiliar to what makes these so annoying. They
have a 500dps AE effect called consuming shadows. But since all these can be
solo pulled it shouldn't be an issue. Lady Illucia Barov has a tendency to mind
control one of your party, I believe that Shamans can purge this, and priests
dispel it as it's a magic buff.

-Barov Family Vault
Risen Warrior, Lord Alexei Barov
Take out the Warriors, should be easy for you by now. Lord Alexei has a nasty
damage aura, and comes with two guards. Have your priest shackle the lowest
level guard and the following skills can be used to handle the other guard:
frost shock kiting (shaman), frost trap (hunter), fear undead (paladin). Kill
off Barov, then take out his guards.

Quest Note: The fourth and final deed is in this room just to the left of where
Alexei was (our left, not his).

-Vault of the Ravenian
Splintered Skeleton, The Ravenian
Ok, time out, what on earth is a Ravenian Clear out the skeletons, Ravenian
just hits hard, nothing special.

-Hall of Secrets
Unstable Corpse, Reanimated Corpse, Lorekeeper Polkelt
This room has a ton of non-elite corpses, which means one thing, area effect
damage. Pull them up, have the warlocks, hunters, mages, paladins, warriors all
dish up the damage to them in the doorway (choke-points are good). Note that
when an unstable corpse dies it explodes for about 750 points of damage to
nearby players. Polkelt doesn't do anything of note, just kill him, if you
happen to pull him while trying to clear the last of the room, just AE his
cohorts and focus on him.

-Hall of the Damned
Diseased Ghoul, Risen Aberration, Doctor Theolen Krastinov
Pull and clear, be careful with the exploding ghouls. Theolen isn't anything of
note, kill him, if you pull him while clearing the very last ghoul, shackle it
and deal with him.

Quest Note: Theolen also has a chance to drop the blood that summons Kirtonos.

-The Coven
Risen Warrior, Scholomance Occultist, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance
Necromancer, Instructor Malicia
Clear the room, note that the Occultists turn into Shades when near death, and
become immune to all physical strikes. When that happens, melee move on, mages
finish it. Note that when killing Malicia, she'll drop a curse of the grave on
you that unlike the others, deals about 2000 damage after the minute is up.
Remove it if you can, otherwise make sure you're healthy quickly.

-Headmaster's Study
At this stage you should have heard Darkmaster Gandling rock up. If you cleared
the way I do, you can go stand at the top of the stairs to look at him and
prepare. It's a pretty simple boss fight, the only thing special will be the
occasional teleport he'll do of people into those six rooms we just cleared. If
that happens, kill the skeletons there to re-open the door. You can however
drain his mana if you have a hunter/warlock (wouldn't recommend the priest
wasting his mana in a 5-man on Gandling) as his mana pool is pretty low.

Enjoy your set pieces.