Walkthrough of the Tier 0.5 Questline

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Tier 0.5, how do you do it

What is Tier 0.5
Tier 0.5 is the Dungeon 2, which you attain by upgrading your Dungeon Set 1 (Tier 0) through a series of quests. Its quality is considered the best you can get as a none raider, although that¡¯s another discussion. Your Tier 0 (to upgrade) is for Priests Devout, Mages Magister¡¯s, Paladins Lightforge, Shamans The Elements, Warlocks Dreadmist, Warriors Valor, Rogues Shadowcraft, Druids Wildheart and Hunters Beaststalker¡¯s. The Tier 0.5 (which you get after upgrading) is for Priests Virtuous, Mages Sorcerer¡¯s, Paladins Soulforge, Shamans The Five Thunders, Warlocks Deathmist, Warriors Heroism, Rogues Darkmantle, Druids Feralheart and Hunters Beastmaster¡¯s.

The Questline

Horde: Your questline starts at the orc Mokvar (http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mob.html wmob=16012) in Thrall¡¯s room, Orgrimmar. That¡¯s at the shaman trainers.
Alliance: Your questline starts at the human Deliana (http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mob.html wmob=16013) in Ironforge, in the room where King Magni is (southwestern side of the Great Forge, opposite side of the Bank)
You can start these quests at level 58.

The Bracers Upgrade
An Earnest Proposition
The first questline of your long line takes, for Horde, place in Silithus, whereas Alliance does it in Winterspring. You¡¯ll need to collect 15 Venom (horde) or Blood (alliance) samples from the spiders/scorpions (horde) or the bears/cats (alliance). You must also bring 20 gold, and your Tier 0 Bracers, to get them upgraded to your Tier 0.5 Bracers. For people alligned with the Bloodsail Buccaneers this is the final step. Alliance: If you want to save yourself travel costs, scroll down to the quest A Shifty Merchant and get the Fel Elemental Rod now.

The Gloves and Waist Upgrade
A Supernatural Device
Deliana or Mokvar will now send you to Gadgetzan, where you will have to give a Sealed Venom/Blood Container to Mux Manascrambler. This goblin is found in a house left of the inn, in the same house as the Master Goblin Engineer.

The Ectoplasmic Distiller
Mu will give you the followup The Ectoplasmic Distiller. This is the quest that turns a lot of people off, because you¡¯ll have to get 1 Delicate Arcanite Converter, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 10 Stonescale Oil, and 40 , as well as 25 Volcanic Ash. The Delicate Arcanite Converter is made by an engineer, the Greater Eterenal Essence you can get from an enchanter, and 10 Stonescale Oil comes from an alchemist. The 40g comes from yourself or someone who you annoyed for it. The 25 Volcanic Ash is found in little piles that look like sand in the Burning Steppes, always near lava pools or lava like scenery.

Hunting for Ectoplasm
Mux will now send you away with this quest. He wants 12 Ectoplasms from ghosts in Silithus, Eastern Plaguelands and Winterspring. The Ectoplasmic Distiller is an item that you Use (right click) to drop,like a Shaman's totem. When you do this, you use one Goblin Rocket Fuel, but you got quite a few of them as quest reward of The Ectoplasmic Distiller. The Distiller stays in one spot for 5 minutes. The Distiller will disappear when you move too far away from it, so teaming up works (the other pulls). When in the area of the Distiller, you get a buff. When you have that buff, the mobs you kill will drop Ectoplasm. You can get the buff of someone else¡¯s Distiller if he/she is alligned to you. In Silithus, the Ectoplasms drop off the ghosts in Southwind Village (which spawn VERY annoying bugs when they die). In the Eastern Plaguelands, the best place to go is probably Northdale (north of Light¡¯s Hope) because there are just ghosts there. In Winterspring, you¡¯ll have to find the ghosts at Lake Kel¡¯Theril. (Again, scroll down for the quest A Shifty Merchant if you want to save yourself on travel costs and buy the Fel Elemental Rod now.)

A Portable Powersource
Mux sends you to the Burning Steppes (again) to kill Magma Lord Bokk. He is located just south of Blackrock Mountain, in a pool of non-hurting lava. He¡¯s non-elite and very easily soloable. Watch out for the elite dragons nearby, though.
A Shifty Merchant
Next, Mux will give you the quest A Shifty Merchant and send you to Winterspring to get a Fel Elemental Rod. It is purchased from the imp Vi'el, who resides in a cave near the entrance to Darkwhisper Gorge. Travel south along the road from Everlook, and cross the bridge. You can sneak past the two elite Hederine Slayers at the entrance to the gorge, and also past the elite Felhound at the mouth of the cave if you pay careful attention to its patrol route. Purchase the rod from Vi'el for 40 gold and take it back to Mux.

Return to Deliana/Return to Mokvar
Go back to your original questgiver in Orgrimmar or Ironforge.

Just Compensation
Deliver your Tier 0 belt and gloves to Deliana or Mokvar to get the upgraded version

The Leggings, Shoulders and Boots Upgrade

In Search of Anthion
The questgiver sends you to look for Anthion Harmon at Stratholme, by using the newly gotten Extra-Dimensional Ghost revealer (I¡¯ll call it EDGR from now, the name is too long ). Use the EDGR near the Meeting Stone in front of the western entrance, and you can speak with Anthion Harmon.

Dead Man¡¯s Plea Oh noes! It¡¯s that horrible Baron in 45 minutes!
Anthion now wants you to save his wife, Ysida Harmon, from the clutch of the evil Baron Rivendare in the undead part of Stratholme. This is done by killing the Baron within 45 minutes. See the guide below.

Proof of Life
Now, you¡¯ve recued Ysida, so talk to her to finish the quest. The followup is Proof of Life, which brings you back to Anthion. Use the EDGR at the same spot, again.

Anthion¡¯s Strange Request
Darn, strange indeed. Anthion wants from you 3 Dark Iron Bars, 3 Mooncloth, 20 Enchanted Leathers, and 4 Cured Rugged Hides. If he wasn¡¯t dead already I would¡¯ve killed him here

Anthion¡¯s Old Friend
Anthion sends you to find Falrin Treeshaper in the library of Dire Maul. You¡¯ll normally pass this when doing Dire Maul West, but it¡¯s easier to kill one ogre at Dire Maul North, and then dive in the library. You¡¯ll need the Crescent Key.

Falrin¡¯s Vendetta
Falrin hates ogres. Very much. So he wants you to kill ogres in Dire Maul and/or LBRS, and loot 25 Ogre Warbeads of them. The droprate inside LBRS is much higher than those of Dire Maul, but there are much less ogres inside that place, too. The uninstanced ogres at Dire Maul have a VERY low droprate, but are much easier solo¡¯d.

An Instigator¡¯s Enchantment
More materials to deliver. Woohoot -.-¡® This time it¡¯s 4 Dark Runes, 8 Large Brilliant Shards, and 1 Jeering Spectre's Essence. The runes drop in Scholomance, the shards are from an enchanter, and the Jeering Spectre¡¯s essence drops from the ghosts in Dire Maul West. After you deliver this quest, some Spectral Assassins will attack you ¨C they¡¯re very easy, so don¡¯t worry.

The Challenge
Now you¡¯ll have to face the PvP team of Theldren, a dwarf, in the arena of Blackrock Depths, and receive the Top Piece of the amulet you need. To summon him, drop the Banner of Provocation you got while High Judge Grimstone is ¡°sentencing¡± you. First there will be a normal spawn of easy mobs, but after that Theldren and his lackeys will come to fight you. This party acts like a PvP team and works like that too. They can be sheeped, gouged, stunned, in every way. They cannot be tanked, so a tank isn¡¯t needed for this event (!). The team exists of Theldren (who acts like a dwarf fury warrior) and a random team, which can exist of four of any of the following: Lefty, a gnome rogue (can gouge you and have you debuffed with a buff like Vaelastrasz¡¯s: you walk and you go BOOM), Korv, a tauren shaman, Rotfang, a gnoll rogue, Malgen Longspear (+ pet, Gnashjaw), a centaur hunter, Rezznik, a goblin engineer, Volida, an undead (frost-)mage, Va¡¯jashni, a troll priest, or Snokh Blackspine, a quillboar (fire-)mage. Remember to use your crowdcontrol abilities here like fear, frost nova, polymorph, seduce, etc. After the event, loot the Top Piece and grab your loot out of a chest that spawns in the arena. Keep the Banner of Provocation if you want to do it again, because it¡¯s (imo) lots of fun

Anthion¡¯s Parting Words
You deliver the quest at Anthion, who send you to Deliana or Mokvar again, now to upgrade your Tier 0 Shoulders, trousers and boots. Boots are epic.

The Helm and Chest upgrade

Bodley¡¯s Unfortunate Fate
Deliana or Mokvar now sends you to seek out Bodley, a gnome mage, which has been killed by the Spectral Assassins. Go to Blackrock Mountain, stand on the ¡°balcony¡± in front of the instance of Blackrock Spire, and use the EDGR. Bodley, the poor guy, is there.

The Three Kings of Flame
Bodley will need to make a Brazier of Beckoning to summon Lord Valthalak, and you must gather ingredients (/siiiiiiigh). These reagents are: A Hallowed Brazier, the easiest but worst part as it requires you to be honored status with the Argent Dawn, and then you¡¯ll need to buy it for 150g. :-( Then the Incendite of Incendius, an item that drops from Incendius in BRD, should be no problem, just like the Ember of the Emberseer, a quest item that drops from Pyroguard Emberseer, the first boss in Upper Blackrock Spire. The last part, however, is the hardest: The Cinder of Cynders, which requires you to summon a Duke of Cynders in Silithus. He is summoned by having a full Twilight set and a ring made by 3 Abyssal Signets (drops from the lesser summons done by just the set, which means you need 4 sets in total), but he is random ¨C instead of the Duke of Cynders there can be a spawn of three others too. To maximize your chances, try to obtain a Signet of Beckoning: Fire, which you can get from Hermit Ortell in his cave ¨C when you deliver 10 Twilight Texts to him he will send you a mail which CAN contain that. Still though, the most easy way is probably to just get in a group with some Duke-killers and hope he will spawn..

The next two quests are random. It is not determined by class, level, race, or whatever ¨C you just get two random quests. The two quests are any of these four pairs:

Components of Importance (Hive¡¯Regal)
Bodley sends you off to Silithus to get Druidical Remains off any of the mobs inside Hive¡¯Regal. Easily done solo or with a teammate.
The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak¡¯s Amulet (Mor Grayhoof)
Bodley sends you off to Lower Blackrock Spire with the Brazier of Beckoning (BoB from now) to summon Mor Grayhoof, a tauren druid, kill him, and retrieve his piece of the amulet. Mor is summoned in Warmaster Voone¡¯s chamber.
Mor Grayhoof is a druid, and thus can heal, cast, and shapeshift. The heals are the key element in the fight ¨C if you can¡¯t stop them, you¡¯re dead. I advise to bring both a rogue, and a shaman/priest; a rogue to interrupt his casted heals, and a shaman/priest to dispel his Rejuvenation. Mor can also cast a thundercloud which deals AoE near him, so I advise to let the tank stay with Mor in Voone¡¯s room, while the rest of the party (except the rogue) deals damage and heals from the room before that. Mor will also shapeshift into some forms, but they¡¯re nothing to worry about ¨C they¡¯re mostly in your advantage as he won¡¯t heal.

Components of Importance (Tyr¡¯s Hand)
Bodley sends you off to Tyr¡¯s Hand, Eastern Plaguelands, to get a Brilliant Sword of Zealotry of one of the Scarlet praetorians; JUST Scarlet praetorians, the sword doesn¡¯t drop from any other mob (the Praetorians are located on the higher bit of Tyr¡¯s Hand).
The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak¡¯s Amulet (Jarien and Sothos)
Bodley now wants you to go to Stratholme, enter the Living Side and summon, with the BoB, the twins Jarien and Sothos in the room where you killed Balnazzar. Jarien and Sothos are both look like Forsaken warriors, but are classified undead so paladins can use their tricks against them (they¡¯re not shackable). Jarien, the sister, is a pretty straight-on warrior, with cleaves and bloodthirst, and so on. She is not the problem. Sothos, the brother, is. He charges randomly and casts a Shadowbotl Volley. Try to offtank Jarien, and focus all DPS badly on Sothos so he goes down quick. Jarien will enrage, but the fight will be much easier from there.
Don¡¯t forget to buff the priest/paladin¡¯s Shadow Protection buff!
Components of Importance (Purgation Isle)
Bodley sends you off (busy guy, that) to Purgation Isle in Hillsbrad Foothills, to kill the mobs there for Soul Ashes of the Damned. Easily two-manned.
The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak¡¯s Amulet (Kormok)
Bodleeeeeeeey now wants you to summon, with the BoB, Kormok, a twoheaded ogre necromancer, in Ras Frostwhisper¡¯s room in Scholomance. His main ability is to summon a LOT of adds. The trick here is to get those skeletons crowd controlled well, by the paladin¡¯s consecrate, mage¡¯s frost nova, warrior¡¯s shouts, etc, so they don¡¯t hit the healers. At 50% and 25%, Kormok will summon 2 Elite Skeletal Mages. These will go for the healers immediately, so focus ALL DPS on these mages. Kormok also casts a Bone Shield, which should be dispelled. He hasn¡¯t got that much health, but be aware of his adds before they smash your party.

Components of Importance (Frostwhisper Gorge)
Bodley gives you the task to go to Frostwhisper Gorge, Winterspring, and kill the Giants around for the Starbreeze Village Relic. And again, easily doen solo or twoman.
The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak¡¯s Amulet (Isalien)
Bodley wants you to summon Isalien, a night elf, in the room where Alzzin the Wildshaper was in Dire Maul East. She acts fairly the same as Mor Grayhoof, but can¡¯t shapeshift or AoE, though she does cast Roots. She also summons a pet hippogryph every once in a while, which should be killed as soon as possible by focusing all DPS on it. Her heals should be, like Mor¡¯s, interrupted, which is even more important than at Mor: it heals almost half of her HP!

I See Alcaz Island in Your Future¡­.
Bodley wants you to go to Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh, where he wants you to gather Bloodkelp. This Bloodkelp drops in quantities of 1-4 of the naga around, and there are Bloodkelp Baskets in the houses around. It doesn¡¯t drop of the hydras. Again, easily two-manned.

The next part of the questline will actually choose again from the pairs of quests described above, but now to gather the Right Piece of Lord Valthalak¡¯s Amulet.

You can now combine Lord Valthalak¡¯s amulet (if you lost a piece, don¡¯t worry, Bodley will retrieve it for you), do so to save bag space and not to have to do it at Lord Valthalak..

Final Preparations
Almost there!! The questline is just going to annoy you with a little more reagents! /sadistic smile
Bodley wants you to get him one Flask of Supreme Power (made by alchemists) and 40 (!) Blackrock Bracers which drop off the orcs in Blackrock Spire (the orcs in LBRS got a lower droprate than those in UBRS), I advise to do one or two runs of UBRS, in which you should have gathered all, and the instance should be cleared ¨C that helps, as your group can now do..

Mea Culpa, Lord Valthalak
Here he is. The big bad angry dragon boss as climax of the 0.5 questline. Don¡¯t worry though ¨C he isn¡¯t particularly harder than the 45 minute baron run was You summon him in the Beast¡¯s room in UBRS.
He has three phases.
Phase 1: He can cast Shadow Wrath, a kind of chain lighting that doubles in damage every jump, and will be 6k damage (thus lethal) on the 4th. It also heals Valthalak. To avoid this, let the raid party spread or throughout the room, as you will need the rogues not to attack him but.. The Spectres ¨C these are summoned every once in a while by Lord Valthalak. When summoned, ALL DPS (except for the MT) must focus on killing those spectres. They have a kind of Mind Flay, which is channeled, stuns the target and when stopped channeling instant-kills the target. Ouch. Kill them fast!
He also has, in Phase 1, a heal. To prevent this, let the hunter(s) keep a Viper Sting up so he is mana drained. He hasn¡¯t got much mana, one Sting should be enough but if not, another hunter or a warlock could help.
Phase 2: Starts at 40% health. Valthalak will stun your party, scream a bit of gibberish, and start hitting VERY HARD. To counter this, you can disarm him. When disarmed, this phase is actually very easy He stops summoning Spectres, but don¡¯t forget to keep the mana drain up as he can still cast Shadow Wrath!
Phase 3: Save your cooldowns for this, as at 15% health Valthalak goes crazy and smashes around and does shadowbolt volley and.. just goes mad. Maximize your DPS as he will also go down very fast in this phase

So, that¡¯s out.

Return to Bodley
You go back to Bodley. The little gnome will be overjoyed :-)

Back to the Beginning
What you¡¯ve been waiting for: Bodley sends you back to Deliana/Mokvar and you can go get your helm and chestpiece, which are the final pieces of your Tier 0.5 set. Congratulations!