World of Warcraft First Aid FAQ

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Who can use First Aid
First Aid is a secondary skill that is available to everyone. Anyone (above level five) in the game, no matter what professions they currently have, can pick up First Aid.

Where can I learn First Aid
When you obtain level five seek out and ask a guard where the First Aid trainer is.

How do I use First Aid
Once you¡¯ve obtained the necessary cloth (for instance, Linen Cloth), navigate to your spellbooks first page and find First Aid. Left click on the skill, select the bandage you wish to craft, then click craft. Later on you can right click on the bandages in your inventory (or place them on your hotbar) and ¡°cast¡± them on yourself or others.

Where can I find cloth necessary for First Aid
Cloth is generally found off of Humanoid enemies and enemies. You can also purchase cloth from the Auction House, but sometimes it¡¯s cheaper to buy the bandages. Do some price research before you buy!

I tried to use a bandage but it stopped! What¡¯s going on
Bandages can only be used while you are taking no damage and standing still. If you move, some hits you with a melee attack or spell, or do any action but stand still then the bandage will stop healing you. Any health gained up to that point is yours to keep though. If you are targeting another player then that player can not take damage while you are using the bandage as well.

How do I raise my First Aid skill
Craft green, yellow, or orange bandages. Grey bandages will give no skill while red ones can not be made (with the nature of First Aid you will rarely have red bandages). As you skill increases you can purchase new bandage types.

What are the skill caps
Journeyman First Aid will raise your skill cap from 75 to 150. Once you gain 150 First Aid skill, you will need to purchase a First Aid book to become an Expert and raise your cap to 225. At 225, become an Artisan (from a quest) for a 300 skill cap. When you reach 300 skill you'll need a book from Outland to increase the skill cap to 375

Are there any snazzy bandage tactics
Yes! In PvP combat (you can purchase PvP bandages at various levels from battleground vendors) you can stun someone then begin using a bandage. You can also stun/crowd control someone and hide then use a bandage. Remember, you get healed until you take damage again. So if you were to Frost Nova a Warrior that would give you plenty of time to get atleast 1,000 HP restored with a Heavy Runecloth Bandage.