Fishing and Cooking 300 to 375 Guide by Highlander on EU-Ter

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Ok, first things first. A quick shopping trip.
Buy lures!! +75's preferably.
Now go and buy the Master Cookbook, to give yourself master cooking level.
If your Horde, buy it from Baxter in Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula).
If your Alliance, buy it from Gaston in Honorhold (Hellfire Peninsula).

Now go buy Master Fishing - The Art of Angling from Juno Dufrain in Cenarion Refuge (Zangarmarsh).

Now go buy Recipe: Blackened Trout.
If your Horde, buy it from Gambarinka in Zabra'jin (Zangarmarsh).
If your Alliance, buy it from Doba in Orebor Harborage (Zangarmarsh). Whilst your here buy Recipe: Feltail Delight.

Horde can go back to Swamprat Post and buy Recipe: Feltail Delight from Zurai.

Head back to Cenarion Refuge and fish for Barbed Gill Trout and Spotted Feltail.
You only need to catch about 25 in total too get your cooking up to 320. Your fishing level will probably only be about 305 by this stage, if your lucky (it's a long, slow process and not for the easily bored).
Cook up the Trout and Feltails.

Now take a trip to see Nula the Butcher in Garadar if your Horde or Uriku in Telaar if your Alliance. Both in Nagrand. Buy Recipe: Poached Bluefish and find a nice quiet spot in Nagrand to fish for Icefin Bluefish. Your really going to need to have lures attached here, unless you spent a lot more time in Zangarmarsh fishing.
Keep fishing till you have about 40 Bluefish and then cook them to take your cooking to 350.

Ok, the next bit requires a flying mount, as the only recipe that will take you to 375 easily is Spicy Crawdads which requires Furious Crawdads. They are only found in one of three lakes in Terokkar forest. All of which can only be accessed with a flying mount.
The three lakes are:
Lake Jorune - north west of Stonebreaker Hold.
Lake Ere'Noru - south east of Allerian Stronghold.
Blackwind Lake - in the south east corner of the map, in the Skettis area.

If your Alliance, go see Innkeeper Biribi in Allerian Stronghold (Terokkar Forest) and buy Recipe: Spicy Crawdad.
Horde go see Rungor in Stonebreaker Hold (Terokkar Forest) and buy Recipe: Spicy Crawdad.

You'll need to catch about 30 Furious Crawdads to max out your cooking.

*Update* - Blizzard added recipes for Hot Buttered Trout and Fisherman's Feast. Both of which stay orange till 375. Unfortunately the main component is so far harder to fish up than Crawdads. Hopefully this will change. But if you get any Enormous Barbed Gill Trout or Huge Spotted Fetail then cook them. The recipes are taught by the barmaid in the World's End Tavern in Shattrath City.

By this point, your fishing will probably only be about level 320. But you may as well stay in Terokkar Forest and fish for Golden Darters. When cooked, these give a +44 healing and +20SPI buff, so they are great to sell to healing classes.
Or you can head back to Nagrand and fish for Figluster's Mudfish, which give a +20AGI and +20SPI buff when cooked.
Either way, to get to 375 your going to have to make about 650 successful catches. That should take a normal person about 8 hours, so you'll want to break that up into something like 30-60 minute chunks, spread out over a period of time.
Remember that it does not matter where you fish, your skill up rate will remain the same. It's all based on successful catches. So fish anywhere you want and you'll still get skill ups.