The Burning Crusade Outland-Specific Features, Flying Mounts

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Outland-Specific Features

There are plenty of game features that are only available to players after they enter the Dark Portal and travel to Outland. Some of these features can tangentially become available to game players who don't have the Burning Crusade (items made with Jewelcrafting, for instance, can be bought or worn by players without the expansion installed, even if they won't be able to learn the tradeskill itself). This section of the game will detail some of these new features.

Flying Mounts

One of the most heralded addition to the Burning Crusade is the ability to purchase mounts capable of flight. These flying mounts can only be bought in Outland, when your character is level 70, and can only be used in Outland. (Flying mounts can still be ridden on the ground in Azeroth, but cannot fly there.)

There are two types of flying mounts available to you: Expert and Artisan. Expert mounts will require (assuming there is no reputation discount) 900 gold to learn the expert riding skill, and 100 gold for the mount itself. These move at around the same speed as a normal mount (60% increase in movement), but can fly through the air. (You luck out if you're a druid, though, as you'll be able to learn the Flight Form spell at level 68 which enables you to shapeshift into a flying form that will act much like a normal flying mount.)

If you have some time to grind out an impressive amount of money, then you can bump yourself up to an Artisan mount. These are going to cost a massive 5000 gold for the training, and 200 gold for the mount itself. Artisan mounts are capable of moving at a 100% speed increase on the ground (the same movement increase as an epic land mount), and at a blistering 280% speed increase in the air.

Flying mounts are obviously neat on their faces; it's fun to be able to go right to your destination without having to worry about encountering monsters or PVP opponents on the way. What's more, though, is that there are some locations that are only accessible if you have a flying mounts, including some of the new end-game dungeons, as well as some high-level fishing areas. The flying-exclusive dungeons, at least, are inaccessibly to warlock summoning, so there's no cheating this requirement; you have to have a flying mount, or the druid flight form skill, to access them.