World of Warcraft Gnome Engineering Guide

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There are 2 engineering specializations in the World of Warcraft, both tied to a specific race in the game. Goblin and gnome engineering are the 2 specializations available to characters who take up the engineering trade skill.

Access to gnome enginerring and goblin engineering is gained by doing a quest that shows the player's proficiency as an engineer. The gnome quest is not, but completing the quest is expensive. There is no requirement on any of these quests that the items have to be made by the engineer himself, despite the quest givers being asked to show their skill.

The Gnome Engineering Quest

World of Warcraft players who side with the alliance who wish to take up gnome engineering can do the quest without leaving Ironforge. An alliance engineer needs to visit the Tinkertown section of Ironforge and speak to Tinkmaster Overspark.

Horde players who wish to pick up Gnome engineering must go to Booty Bay and speak to a gnome in one of the houses. Although the quest givers for alliance and horde plaersare different, the steps of the gnome engineering quest are the same for each faction. The first thing a player who wants to take up gnome engineering must do is to sign the pledge of secrecy and return it to the quest giver.

Once a player signs and returns the pledge of secrecy to the quest giver, the quest giver will then give the player a ¡°Manual of Engineering Discipline." The quest giver asks the perspective gnome engineer to read the manual, but it is not necessary to read the book to complete quest. The player can merely return the book to the same npc to go onto the next part of the quest.

Both alliance and the horde quest givers will ask a player who wants to learn gnome engineering to bring back examples of his work. The items required are an accurate scope, an advance target dummy, and six mithril tubes.

Players who want to make the accurate scopes themselves will need to buy the schematics, but it is easiest to head to an auction house in one of the capital cities and buy the items asked for. Once the items for the quest have been bought or made depending on the player's preference, the player must return the npc who gave him the quest and hand the items over to the quest npc.

Once the required items have been turned in, the quest giver will give the player a ¡°Gnomish Engineering Guild¡± membership card which says it is good for two weeks. (This means that every 2 weeks of play time a gnome engineer must return to the quest npc every two weeks to renew his guild membership.) Should the player let the membership expire, the player can not learn new gnome engineering schematics.

What World of Warcraft Players Can Make

Engineering is a flavor skill in the World of Warcraft. Neither goblin nor gnome engineering will make a player rich, gnome engineers can make devices like the gnomish transporter which can randomly change a players race, gnomish rocket boots which sometimes explode, the gnomish harm prevention belt which has a chance of randomly sending its user to another dimension.

All engineers with the pattern for the Gnomish Universal Remote control can make it. This itemcan either charm a mechanical monster or boost its power with potentially harmful effects to the user. (All failed charm attempts regardless of the method result in the player being attacked.) World of Warcraft Gnome Engineering is fun, but the items produced are of questionable reliability. The same can be said of its counterpart, goblin engineering.