The most successful expansions

In a few video from the World of Warcraft YouTube channel, game director Ion Hazzikostas summarized this last year’s events concerning Legion, which was a new evolution for the developers as much as the players.
They wanted to tell a story throughout the expansion, with each patch adding in a new part of the story. Obviously they succeeded, and they’re thrilled with the players’ positive responses to it all (including our very own Bobby Bernstein).
But of course, where do you go after the epic battles and many changes that Legion brought? Well, as usual, Blizzard has something planned. Hazzikostas didn’t say much more than that, only that we would be seeing more details at the BlizzCon. What could possibly be next? Fans have plenty of theories and a recent datamine is certainly one of them.
According to this post on Reddit, the next patch will include Kul Tiras Quest Armor, and a brand new zone for players to explore. This is from a picture of the new armor, which shows what appears to be a map for an as yet unknown land. Or it could be some strategically placed splotches and x marks the spot on something more made up just for animation detail. But this is WoW we’re talking about, nothing is left for coincidence.
No one can say for sure until Blizzard announces the details at their event. I’m sure it will be just as epic and fit right in with the story of Legion. The latter has been one of the most successful expansions to the World of Warcraft and it shows. Hazzikostas recap certainly brings that home, with all the great battles and deeper story each patch brought to the world of the game.
WoW has come a long way since it started and Legion highlights that with an increased level cap to 110, a new class (Demon Hunter), and a vast number of new areas. New and old players could jump in and find a whirlwind adventure in no time and it would be new content for nearly everyone.