My leveling guide

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Ok I have three level 70s a 67 a 62 and a like 5 twinks.

I am only 15 and I still have to go to school and all so leveling can be a pain.

Basically if you do it all right you can hit level 70 2-4weeks with school. If you¡¯re on holidays like I am now you can hit it in 2-3 weeks.

I¡¯ve got 2 hunters a 70 and a 67 I am trying to level the 67 as fast as possible. At the moment it is a 7 days 20 hours playtime.

My tips for leveling are simple.

1) DO NOT be afraid of grinding it must be done sometimes.

2) Don¡¯t worry about your xp per hour you will find it sort of brings you down.

3) When doing a quest look for other quests around the area

4) Find quests that our yellow and green.

5) Don¡¯t go to lots of areas stick to one to learn it and it gives you less down time.

6) Run WoW in window mode which will allow you to check for quests from wowhead ect.

7) Try to avoid using guides use it only for quest looks ups ect. When you get your first 70 then start using them.

Don¡¯t worry so much about gear at low levels.

9) Run instances sometimes if you know you have a good group

10) For group quests look for people in your area on the who list.

11) In outland you get a lot of group quests which need 2 people. But that is not the case most classes can solo.

12) If someone is annoying you put them on your ignore and carry on.

13) If your a hunter more intellect is good as it reduces your down time.

14) If you must do some professions do mining and skinning or herb and enchanting. But don¡¯t level enchanting just so you can disenchant stuff.

15) If you don¡¯t like grinding quit WoW now. As you must do it whether at 70 or 10. It can be called grinding farming mass killing or what ever. But you still must do it sometimes.

16) Do not be afraid of asking people where to go or what to do. It can make you seem like a little bit of a n00b but it saves you more time.

Basically you want to aim for this every day:

Day 1: 1-15
Day 2: 15-25 ^
Day 3: 25-30 *
Day 4: 30-40 ^
Day 5: 40-43 ^
Day 6: 43-46 ^
Day 7: 46-50 *
Day 8: 50-55 ^
Day 9: 55-58 ^
Day 10: 58-62 ^
Day 11: 62-65 ^
Day 12: 65-67 *
Day 13: 67-68 *
Day 14: 68-69 *
Day 15: 69-70 *

I am adding something extra now for some of you guys it is for the people who dont have a lot of time or what not to play or are not "hardcore".

Day 1: 1-15 (To be honest you could do 1-20 easy)
Day 2: 15-23 ^
Day 3: 25-30 ^
Day 4: 30-34 *
Day 5: 34-38 ^
Day 6: 38-40 ^
Day 7: 40-43 *
Day 8: 43-46 ^
Day 9: 46-49 ^
Day 10: 49-52 ^
Day 11: 52-55 ^
Day 12: 55-57 ^
Day 13: 57-59 ^ (Now the fun begins)
Day 14: 59-62 ^
Day 15: 62-64 ^
Day 16: 64-65 ^
Day 17: 65-66 * " Here you can quest for more speed. "
Day 18: 66-67 * " But less money from quests at 70 "
Day 19: 67-68 * " "
Day 20: 68-69 * " "
Day 21: 69-70 * " "

Do more if you can but basically if you are alliance the ones with * you should grind and the ones with ^ you should quest and grind all others just quest.

At level 70 if you do quests from level 65-70 you get 8g a quest which is great that¡¯s why should grind those levels.

You don¡¯t have to do it this fast you can do it much slower if you run instance and stuff.

You should only really think about instances in outlands as it is great loot which you can use at 70.

Pets for hunters:
Cat my favorite if your are BM you get plenty of armor
Boar can make leveling a little faster cause of charge
Ravager best DPS but not a lot of HP
Wolf decent DPS and some nice skills
Crab ¡­. Yuck
Birds/owls ect. Not to great but nice DPS

A cat would be your best choice.


Druids: feral
Hunter: Beast mastery
Mage: This is debatable arcane or frost
Paladin: Retribution
Priest: Shadow
Rogue: combat
Shaman: Enhancement
Warlock: Demonology
Warrior: Fury

All these talents are mainly for PVE which means faster leveling.

Now for the big problem why people don¡¯t level fast.


People want lots of it for gear, mount, profession materials and potions.
By level 40 you should have plenty for your mount if you put up a lot of things in the AH and not buy junk.

At 60 you will be close but probably won¡¯t have enough. For your 60 mount you can wait 1-2 levels it doesn¡¯t matter so much

Your flying mounts. The 60% is easy to get enough gold provided you grinded a lot. Your 280% is a lot harder which you start questing for at 70 all those quests you miss this is the time to do them.


Titan panel is nice to have for coords and stuff.
Cool down counters are good to have.


Ok a new addon I found out about is WHDB (Google it to find)

WHDB is a quest info database that integrates into your quest log, provides location and drop info for monsters and item objectives and quest comments.


That¡¯s about it thanks for reading and I hope it helps
If you have any questions Add me on MSN

P.S I am adding more to this it will be a lot bigger E.G. Where to go quest/grind.