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Advanced Healing Macros

The following macros make use of Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave and Nature's Swiftness to enable you to heal quickly, on-demand and appropriately.
For both macros below, the target for your heal when you press the button is determined in the following order:
Yourself, if you are holding the CTRL key when the button is pressed; you will retain your current target
Your current friendly target
The friendly character you're currently mouse-hovering over (or their portrait-bar)
Your current friendly focus-target
Yourself (if you have no friendly target, focus, or mouseover)
This order of priority makes it easy to quickly choose the appropriate target for healing. Hold CTRL to always heal yourself; target a friendly character to direct heals at him/her; mouseover a character to direct a heal at that character without the need to click first (if you don't already have a friendly target); and finally, heal your focus-target (handy for keeping the main tank healed while selectively healing other characters on demand).
The following macro is used primarily when being hit in combat. Since Lesser Healing Wave has a 1.5sec cast time you can usually cast it without interruption, unless being hit by many mobs at once.

/target [modifier:ctrl] player
/cast [exists,nodead,help] [target=mouseover,nodead,help] [target=focus,help] [] Lesser Healing Wave;
/targetlasttarget [modifier:ctrl]

The following macro is dual-purpose: it serves as a big emergency instant-heal when Nature's Swiftness is ready and you're in combat (targeting priority order still applies); and, when not in combat or NS is not ready, it works as a stronger, slower heal. This is the preferred macro to use when serving as a healer in instances and parties, as it is more mana-efficient than the previous macro. If you aren't currently in combat but need to instant-heal a party member, you'll still want to manually cast NS first.

#showtooltip Healing Wave
/target [modifier:ctrl] player
/cast [combat]Nature's Swiftness
/cast [exists,help] [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=focus,help,exists] [] Healing Wave
/targetlasttarget [modifier:ctrl]

Note in the above macro that unneeded spaces have been removed to fit within the allowed 255-character limit for macros.
Change [modifier:ctrl] to [modifier:alt] or [modifier:shift] if you wish to use a different modifier key for self-directed heals.

Battlegrounds Honor Healing Spammer

This macro makes it easy to accumulate lots of honor in BG. It simply cycles through the different friendly players in range and casts Lesser Healing Wave (Rank 1) on each. Unfortunately there is no apparent way to exclude yourself in the healing rotation.
Healing an injured friendly player earns you honor. This macro works particularly well in Alterac Valley, where battles are often long and confined to one area at a time. Just keep hitting the associated button/hotkey assigned to this macro and watch the honor build up.

/targetfriend [nodead]
/cast [nodead] Lesser Healing Wave(Rank 1)

Note that manually cycling through friendly players and healing only those who are damaged is a more mana- and time-efficient method, but this is simpler. To really maximize the effectiveness of this strategy check out the Healbot addon[[1]].

/targetfriend [nodead]
/cast [nodead] Healing Wave(Rank 1)

Healing Wave (Rank 1) is cheaper than its Lesser counterpart, and is a faster cast for Restoration Shaman. It also applies the Healing Way buff for those who have the talent.

Mana Spring / Healing Stream merge

This macro merges the Mana Spring Totem and Healing Stream Totem into one button (use the -symbol for the macro). This saves button space - which a shaman may always find useful, as shamans have a lot of spells. In addition if you use the last line of the macro and have the addon Natur EnemyCastBar installed you will see timer how long the totem will exist. If you don't use NECB or don't need the timer just ommit the last line. On alt-press the macro tooltip will show the Healing Stream Totem and cast it on click, no alt-press and click will cast Mana Spring Totem. The tooltip will be the one of Mana Spring Totem.

#showtooltip [nomodifier:alt] Mana Spring Totem
#showtooltip [modifier:alt] Healing Stream Totem
/cast [nomodifier:alt] Mana Spring Totem
/cast [modifier:alt] Healing Stream Totem
/necb countmin 2 Mana Spring/Healing Stream Totem

Elemental Pet Healing

Holding alt while using this macro will first drop your Earth Elemental, and upon second press target and focus it. You may then procede to spam this macro, casting Lesser Healing Wave on the Greater Earth Elemental without losing your current target.

#showtooltip Earth Elemental Totem
/cast [target=focus,nomodifier:alt] Lesser Healing Wave
/stopmacro [nomodifier:alt]
/cast Earth Elemental Totem
/target Greater Earth Elemental

Below is a similar macro for the Greater Fire Elemental.

#showtooltip Fire Elemental Totem
/cast [target=focus,nomodifier:alt] Lesser Healing Wave
/stopmacro [nomodifier:alt]
/cast Fire Elemental Totem
/target Greater Fire Elemental

Totems Switching

Every heal is important, and every +healing is important as well, so here are the macros Shaman should use instead of normal heals:

Lesser Healing Wave:

#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast Lesser Healing Wave
/equip Totem of the Plains

Chain Heal:

#showtooltip Chain Heal
/cast Chain Heal
/equip Totem of Healing Rains

Healing Wave:

#showtooltip Healing Wave
/cast Healing Wave
/equip Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth

Note that /equip have to be AFTER /cast, due to global cooldown (0.5sec) after wearing item, this global cooldown can interrupt heal when you'll put /equip before /cast, in those macros global cooldown triggers after cast was started, and this won't interrupt your casts. Also you could ask if it's confirmed that this +healing will count during casting, or after cast, is spell affected by totem, or +healing counts for next spell. And Anwser for that is "it works": when you'll switch totem, your bonus healing will count on "spellcast", so when you'll finish casting, not during, nor on start.

Smart Downranking (shocks or other spells)

Often times we need the effect of our spells more than the damage/healing (i.e. interrupts, snares, pulling with a quicker rank 1 lightning etc). Going low on mana doesn't mean we have to stop casting. The concept is simple: right click = rank 1 spell, left click = highest rank spell.

/cast [button:2] Earth Shock(Rank 1);Earth Shock
Another option is to use modifiers (such as alt, ctrl, shift or option)
/cast [modifier] Earth Shock(Rank 1);Earth Shock
Or combined:
/cast [modifier][button:2] Earth Shock(Rank 1);Earth Shock
...and so on for the other spells.


This macro works well while in a party and you aren't assigned to curing. If you right click (mouse button 2) it will cure disease effects on you. If your target is hostile, you will cast Earth Shock. If it's friendly, it will cure the target from a disease. Saves space on your action bars.

#showtooltip Earth Shock
/cast [button:2,target=player] Cure Disease; [harm] Earth Shock; [help] Cure Disease
/startattack [harm]
A similar macro, but for poisons:
#showtooltip Stormstrike
/cast [button:2,target=player] Cure Poison; [harm] Stormstrike; [help] Cure Poison
/startattack [harm]

It might help if you name the macros after the curing part, so you will easily see what it does when curing. I also added a /startattack so you will attack your target even if your shocks are on cooldown.

Bloodlust/Mana Tide notification

#showtooltip Bloodlust
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/script local u,m = IsUsableSpell("Bloodlust") if u and not m and GetNumPartyMembers() > 0 then SendChatMessage(" >>> BLOODLUST! <<<","PARTY") end
/cast Bloodlust

This simple macro will send a message to your party members that you have activated Bloodlust. The message will only a appear if you are a member of party/raid. The stopmacro command will cause the macro to do nothing unless you are in combat.

#showtooltip Mana Tide Totem
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/script local u,m = IsUsableSpell("Mana Tide Totem") if u and not m and GetNumPartyMembers() > 0 then SendChatMessage(" >>> Dropping Mana Tide <<<","PARTY") end
/cast Mana Tide Totem

This macro is based entirely on the one above it, and will function similarly. It will drop Mana Tide Totem if it is useable, and send a party message if you are a member of a party/raid.

Smart Target Selection (Friendly)

Casts the specified spell on the most appropriate target. In order of priority: target (friendly), mouseover (friendly), player
Allows you to keep your current target while healing a friendly (mouseover them or their profile) or yourself (do nothing), while still acting like a normal cast (friendly targets have priority).

#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [help,exists] [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=player] Lesser Healing Wave

This macro can also be used on other spells (like Cure Poison and Cure Disease), and could even be negated for offensive spells (mouseover a mob's totem and take it out without losing current target).