WOW Warlock Derstruction Macros

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These macros deal mainly with direct damage spells, and spells gained through the destruction tree.


*This is a space saving macro will cast Shadowbolt if pressed normally, Soul Fire with shift, Searing Pain with ctrl and Shadowburn with alt.
/cast [nomodifier] Shadow Bolt; [modifier:alt] Shadowburn; [modifier:shift] Soul Fire; [modifier:ctrl] Searing Pain

Immolate / Incinerate / Conflagrate

*This is another space saving macro. If you hold down alt, it will cast Immolate, Conflagrate if you hold down ctrl, and Incinerate without anything. If you would like it to always show your Conflagrate cooldown, replace #showtooltip with #showtooltip conflagrate.
/cast [modifier:alt] Immolate; [modifier:ctrl] Conflagrate; Incinerate

Immolate / Conflagrate 2

* I personally dont like this macro, since if you switch targets then go back to your original target it would cast immolate instead of conflag... but some people like it, so here it is.
/castsequence reset=combat/target/15 Immolate, Conflagrate

Max DPS Shadow Bolt Spam

This macro will maximize your DPS of pure Shadow Bolt Spam. Note that this macro is NOT spammable, or it will keep canceling your spells. The reason for this macro is due to lag between you and the server, and the way that the UI handles this lag. By careful use of this macro (and possibly addiotional addons that measure lag), you can increase your DPS from 5-20%. This macro is designed to be pressed during that brief period of time between when the server registers a spell cast, and the client UI does. For a complete description, see...
/cast Shadow Bolt