WOW Druid Macro Guide

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Macro Guide
  • NO macro can cast spells based on: BUFFS, DEBUFFS, COOLDOWNS, or TARGET DISTANCE
  • NO macro can cast spells based on: HEALTH, MANA, RAGE, ENERGY, or COMBO POINTS
  • Any failed cast attempt stops the macro from casting any further spells
      * Except for spells that do not invoke the Global Cooldown (GCD)

  • /cast Spell - casts Spell on your target
      * Spells will automatically reduce rank if the target is too low a level
      * Spells written without "(Rank N)" will automatically cast the highest rank you know
      * NOTE: Spells with parentheses as part of their name require extra "()" after, e.g.:
        /cast Faerie Fire (Feral)() or /cast Mangle (Bear)()

  • /cast [condition] Spell - casts Spell when condition is true. condition can be:
      * help/harm - Choose depending on whether target is assistable or attackable
      * combat - Choose depending on whether you're in combat
      * stance or stance:# - Choose depending on your stance/shapeshift ("stance" alone matches any stance)
        stance:1 is (Dire) Bear Form
        stance:2 is Aquatic Form
        stance:3 is Cat Form
        stance:4 is Travel Form
        stance:5 is Moonkin Form or Tree of Life (if talent points spent), or Flight Form
        stance:6 is Flight Form if you already have Moonkin Form or Tree of Life
        NOTE: Numbers may be different if you are missing earlier forms
      * stealth - Choose depending on whether you are stealthed
      * mounted - Choose depending on whether you are mounted
      * swimming - Choose depending on whether you are swimming
      * flying - Choose depending on whether you are flying
      * flyable - Choose depending on whether you are able to use Flight Form / flying mount
      * indoors - Choose depending on whether you are indoors
      * outdoors - Choose depending on whether you are outdoors
      * modifier or modifier:shift/ctrl/alt - Choose depending on any modifier keys you're holding at the time the macro runs
      * equipped:InvSlot#|ItemClass|ItemSubclass - Choose if you have the specific item type equipped
      * actionbar:Bar# - Choose if a specific actionbar is shown
      * button:Z - Choose if the specified button is held down
      * pet:Name|Family - Choose if your current active pet has the specified name or family (e.g. pet:bear/wolf)
      * channeling or channeling:Spell - Choose if you are channeling (possibly a specific spell)
      * exists - Choose if the target exists
      * dead - Choose if the target is dead
      * party - Choose if target is in your party
      * raid - Choose if target is in your raid
      * group:party/raid - Choose if you are in a party or raid
      * Any condition can be prefixed with "no" to select if it does NOT match

  • /cast [target=unit] Spell - casts Spell on unit without changing your target. unit can be:
      * player (yourself), target, focus, mouseover, pet, PlayerName, or none
      * target=unit is not actually a condition
      * target=unit forces other conditions to evaluate using unit instead of the real target
      * NOTE: target=none will function as if you had no unit selected, giving you the "glowing hand" selector (unless you have enabled auto self-cast )
      * Any unit can be followed by "target" to designate that unit's target, e.g.:
        targettarget, pettarget, or PlayerName-target (note extra "-")

  • /cast [condition1a, condition1b] Spell1; [condition2a] [condition2b] Spell2; Spell3 - casts Spell1 when both condition1a and condition1b are true, or Spell2 when either condition2a or condition2b is true, and Spell3 anytime else, e.g.:
      * /cast [stealth] Pounce; [nocombat, nostealth] Prowl; [modifier:ctrl] Rip; Mangle (Cat)()
      * Separate multiple conditions with " , " (comma)
      * Separate multiple casting choices with " ; " (semicolon)

  • /castsequence reset=event Spell1, Spell2, Spell3, etc. - casts Spell1 then Spell2 on next click, then Spell3, and so forth
      * castsequence will not advance to the next spell until the current spell is successfully cast
      * The sequence maintains state (the current spell awaiting cast) until it is reset, even if a requisite condition becomes false
      * The sequence always resets after casting the final spell, and also when event occurs ("reset=event" is optional)
        But you can prevent the sequence from automatically resetting at the end by ending with a spell that will always fail, or by repeating the last spell several times
      * event can be: N (seconds), target (when target changes), combat, shift, alt, and/or ctr
      * Separate multiple reset events with " / "
      * Supports spells and items and slot numbers and bag slot numbers
      * NOTE: Spells with parentheses as part of their name ALWAYS require "(Rank N)", e.g.:
        /castsequence Faerie Fire (Feral)(Rank 4), Maul, Mangle (Bear)(Rank 3), Swipe
        NOT: /castsequence Faerie Fire (Feral)()

  • /cancelaura [condition] Buff - cancels a Buff as if it were right-clicked, e.g.:
      * /cancelaura [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form
      * The above macro cancels Aquatic, Cat, and Travel Form, returning you to caster form
      * It does nothing while in Bear Form because "[stance:1] Dire Bear Form;" is missing
      * With /cast [nostance] Dire Bear Form, the macro shifts you into Bear Form, but never out
      * This shifting behavior is known as "sticky"

  • /cancelform [condition] - cancels any form you are in, subject to the condition, e.g.:
      * /cancelform [nostance:1] - cancels every form except for Bear Form (same as the above /cancelaura line)

  • #show and #showtooltip - display cooldown (and tooltip) of next Spell or Item or Inventory Slot# or Backpack Slot# over the macro's icon
      * The question mark icon [ ] will copy the spell's original graphic
      * The question mark icon [ ] will dynamically update with each spell in a castsequence or change in condition (NEW)
      * Conditions can also be used directly in the #show and #showtooltip lines, e.g.:
        #show [nostance] 13; [stance:3, nocombat] Prowl

  • /focus unit - allows you to "store" a target until you clear the focus (with /clearfocus), which can be targetted at any time (with /target focus, or [target=focus])
  • Other "slash commands" include:
      * Targeting: /targetlasttarget, /cleartarget, /focus, /clearfocus
      * Target Cycling: /targetenemy, /targetfriend, /targetparty, /targetraid - All work using the TargetNearest* API's and enemy/friend may only be called once per macro. An optional argument of '1' can be used to reverse direction.
      * Items and equipment: /use ItemName, /use Slot#, /use BagID# BagSlot#, /equip ItemName or ItemID#, /equipslot Slot# ItemName, /userandom Item1, Item2, Item3 will attempt to use a randomly selected one of the specified items
      * Pet control: /petattack, /petfollow, /petstay, /petpassive, /petdefensive, /petaggressive, /petautocaston Spell, /petautocastoff Spell
      * Casting: /stopcasting will cancel the spell that is currently being cast, /castrandom Spell1, Spell2, Spell3 will attempt to cast a randomly selected one of the specified spells
      * Action bar: /changeactionbar Bar# and /swapactionbar Bar1# Bar2#
      * Attacking: /startattack unit ("unit" is optional), /stopattack
      * Buffs/Auras: /cancelaura name - cancels an aura as if it were right clicked
      * Buttons: /click ButtonName MouseButton# ("MouseButton#" is optional)
      * Macros: /stopmacro
      * Dismounting: /dismount - note that the default UI now automatically dismounts you upon casting

  • Tips to shrink macro length to fit within 255 character limit
      * Remove spaces around any punctuation (" [ ] = , ; ")
      * ItemName only needs enough text to make the item unique