WOW Mage Defensive Macros

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Defensive Macros

Blink & Look

Stops any cast or channel and Blinks you forward instead. Then, if your target is an enemy, flips your camera angle 180 degrees. Macroes cannot turn your character, only the camera, so a two-button mouse move will be needed to face your attacker again.
/cast Blink
/stopmacro [noharm]
/run FlipCameraYaw(180)


A reasonable replacement for the defunct decursive addon, hitting this button will remove a curse from whoever¡¯s unit frame or 3D figure your cursor is hovering over. If your mouse is over a hostile or no target, you¡¯ll decurse yourself.
/cast [target=mouseover, help] [target=player] Remove Lesser Curse

Interrupt Counterspell

Stops what you¡¯re casting to immediately cast Counterspell.
/cast Counterspell

Focus Counterspell

Uses the Alt modifier to CS your focus, rather than your target. I find this one very useful for bosses who need to be interrupted while DPSing elsewhere.
/cast [mod:alt, target=focus, exists, nodead] [] Counterspell
Your Favorite Harmless Animal, Polymorph

Polymorph: Focus

¨C Sets your focus to your target and polymorphs it with a left click. Sheeps your focus without changing targets if you right click.
/cast [button:2, target=focus] [] Polymorph
/focus [nobutton:2]

Polymorph: Spam

¨C Polymorphs your target, gives it the Star raid icon, sets it as your focus, and announces to your party or raid group your intention to sheep the <level> <gender> <race> target. How¡¯s that for a chat spamming polymorph announcement
/cast Polymorph
/run SetRaidTarget("focus", 1)
/run if UnitSex("target")==1 then g="female " else g="male " end;s="I'm going to sheep a "..g..UnitLevel("target").." %T";c="Party";if GetNumRaidMembers()>0 then c="raid" end;SendChatMessage(s,c)

Polymorph: Random

¨C This macro randomly chooses the harmless animal your enemy will some impersonate.
/castrandom Polymorph, Polymorph(Rank 1: Pig), Polymorph(Rank 1: Turtle)
Polymorph: Target Alert - This script will whisper any member of your party who is targetting your target. Click it before or while sheeping to help clear things up.
/run u=UnitIsUnit;c="Party";t="Target";for i=0,40 do if not u(c..i,"player") then if u(c..i..t,t) then n,r=UnitName(c..i) SendChatMessage("I am Polymorphing your target!","WHISPER",this.language,n) end end end
Shapeshifting, Ice Cube Form

Breakable Ice Block

¨C A 1.5 second ¡°dead time¡± on toggle buttons like Ice Block was implemented to prevent unintentionally canceling buffs by spamming. This macro will restore previous functionality so Ice Block can be used to cancel debuffs almost instantaneously.
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block

Ice Block/Cold Snap

¨C A macro allows rapid recasting of Ice Block by incorporating Cold Snap. The reset should be changed to 240 for Ice Floes.
/cancelaura Ice Block
/castsequence reset=300 Ice Block, Cold Snap

Break & Counterspell

¨C This breaks Ice Block and immediately Counterspells your target.
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Counterspell


¨C This breaks Ice Block and immediately Blinks you forward.
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Blink

One-Button Wards

Left click for Fire Ward, right click for Frost Ward
/cast [btn:2] Frost Ward; Fire Ward

Ice Barrier & Mana Shield

This cast sequence will use a single button to cast Ice Barrier, then Mana Shield. If only Ice Barrier is cast, it will reset to Ice Barrier again in 30 seconds (reset should be changed to 24 for Ice Floes). The problem is, this isn¡¯t a real cooldown test, it¡¯s just a counter from the previous button push. Casting Mana Shield will move the sequence back to Ice Barrier, even if it is not yet ready. Adding another Mana Shield to the sequence would stop the pseudo-cooldown timing, by not pushing to Ice Barrier until 30 seconds after the Last mana shield cast.
/castsequence reset=30 Ice Barrier, Mana Shield


¨C Although this one doesn¡¯t actually involve a mage spell, it is extremely useful. If your target can be healed, you bandage it, otherwise you bandage yourself (without losing your target).
/use [help] [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage