WOW Mage Keybinding 201

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Mage Macros Defensive Macros Utility Macros Keybinding 201

For any number of reasons, players often want to get a spell off thier actionbar, and just keep it forever hotkeyed somewhere. The basic keybindings interface doesn't give all the options you have, so here's a guide to getting what you want out of your keyboard.

First, you can use a number of actionbar addons to specifically set bindings for the buttons on those bars. From my experience with Bongos, this is a pleasantly intuitive way to set things up. Unfortunately, the binding per button stay the same when the actionbar pages, so if you're on page 2, you won't have the same custom binding to page 1 unless you copied the spell/macro onto every page.

Alternatively, you can use script commands to set permanent key bindings for your spells or macros. This one means you can set Blink to always be "R" regardless of actionbar page, or where you have it on any given bar (if it's there at all). The down side is, it's much more difficult to keep track of all your custom bindings. With great power comes great responsibility or something...


On page 10, Valcore asked to make his middle mouse button polymorph & focus a target, and resheep his focus if he held alt. This seems like a great example, so I'm going to walk through setting it up.

  • The first step is to make yourself a macro with the logic you want, and name it something unique.
    In this case we'll have to modify the Polymorph:Focus macro to use a modifier, rather than a right click. This will be a common modification as you set up macros to bind, since right clicking a mouse button or the F7 key just isn't an option.
    We'll need to use the name of this macro to bind it, I'm going to call this one Sheeper.
      /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] Polymorph; Polymorph
      /focus [nomodifier:alt]

  • Select the key you want bound, and run the SetBinding command.
    Here we're binding this to middle mouse, and the macro we're using is Sheeper, so the command to run is:
      /run SetBindingMacro("BUTTON3", "Sheeper")
    Middle Mouse button ("BUTTON3") is an odd case, ordinarily you can use a single letter "H", function key "F7", or a modified key "CTRL-H". Remember, this script is run as-is. The quotes are important to keep when you do your own bindings. Also, Control, Alternate, and Shift are not valid arguments to this function by themselves. These are reserved as modifier keys. Binding to CTRL-T would be fine, but a binding to only the ALT key won't work.

  • Save your work, unless you botched something bad.
    Your keybindings aren't saved on logout, so we need to run one more thing before this will stay permanently. Here's your chance to play around for a little while, and make sure you didn't replace a binding you'll miss. It's also a good idea to make sure you typed everything right, by testing the new bind and the macro with it.
    Once you're satisfied that things are working well, save your bindings. Ordinarily, you'll want this stuff to save for a single character. If you want to save your bindings for all the characters on your account, change the 2 to a 1.
      /run SaveBindings(2)

    Those paying really good attention might still be wondering if they have to blow a macro slot to get Blink on the "R" key. As I'm sure you'll be happy to know (and may have already guessed) there's a SetBindingSpell command you can use for that. You just need to supply the exact spell name (I'm honestly not sure if you have to include a rank) and the key you want to use.
      /run SetBindingSpell("R", "Blink")
      /run SaveBindings(2)