WOW Mage Utility Macros

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Utility Macros

Mana Gems

This macro sequentially conjures all your mana gems on right clicks, and uses the highest level one available on left click. As a fall-through macro, this will cause error messages when used to consume gems.
/castsequence [button:2] reset=120 Conjure Mana Emerald, Conjure Mana Ruby, Conjure Mana Citrine, Conjure Mana Jade, Conjure Mana Agate;
/stopmacro [button:2]
/use Mana Emerald
/use Mana Ruby
/use Mana Citrine
/use Mana Jade
/use Mana Agate


Left clicking equips your Intellect weapons & casts Evocation. Right Click equips DPS weapons.
/cast [btn:1] Evocation
/equip Amani Divining Staff
/equip Carved Witch Doctor's Stick
/stopmacro [btn:1]
/equip Tempest of Chaos
/equip Chronicle of Dark Secres
/equip Wand of the Forgotten Star

Food & Water

¨C This macro has you eat and drink with a click, conjure water with shift-click, conjure food with shift-right-click, and cast a Ritual of Refreshment with Alt-Click.
/use [nomod] Conjured Manna Biscuit
/use [nomod] Conjured Glacier Water
/use [nomod] Conjured Croissant
/cast [mod:shift, btn:2] Conjure Food;[mod:shift] Conjure Water;[mod:alt] Ritual of Refreshment

Smart Dampen/Amplify

Left clicks Dampen Magic, right clicks Amplify; if your target is in your party, it buffs him, otherwise it buffs you instead.
/cast [btn:2, party] [btn:2, target=player] Amplify Magic;[party] [target=player] Dampen Magic

Self Buff Sequence

Insert your own favorite soloing buffs, and press one button three times to cast them.
/castsequence [target=player] reset=600 Dampen Magic, Arcane Intellect, Molten Armor;

One-Button Armor

Click for Mage Armor, right click for Molten Armor, alt-click for Ice Armor.
/cast [mod:alt]Ice Armor; [btn:2]Molten Armor; Mage Armor

One-Button Portal

Useful for those below level 65 to get around and help their friends get around. Click to portal to Ironforge (Orgrimmar), alt for Stormwind (Undercity), control for Darnassus (Thunder Bluff), and shift for Exodar (Silvermoon).
/cast [mod:shift] Portal: Exodar; [mod:alt] Portal: Stormwind; [mod:ctrl] Portal: Darnassus; Portal: Ironforge

/cast [mod:shift] Portal: Silvermoon; [mod:alt] Portal: Undercity; [mod:ctrl] Portal: Thunder Bluff; Portal: Orgrimmar

One-Button Teleport

Here¡¯s the same thing as the Portal macro, but just for you. It¡¯s not useful past level 59.
/cast [mod:shift] Teleport: Exodar; [mod:alt] Teleport: Stormwind; [mod:ctrl] Teleport: Darnassus; Teleport: Ironforge

/cast [mod:shift] Teleport: Silvermoon; [mod:alt] Teleport: Undercity; [mod:ctrl] Teleport: Thunder Bluff; Teleport: Orgrimmar

High Level Portal & Teleport

Once you¡¯re level 65, this will get you anywhere. Click for portal, right click for teleport. This one¡¯s even the same for Horde and Alliance.
/cast [btn:2] Teleport: Shattrath; Portal: Shattrath