WOW Warlock Miscellaneous Macros

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These are a collection of macros that I found useful, but didn't fit within one of the other categories. Some of these are universal to all classes, or could be easily modified for another class (the healthstone macro into a food/drink macro for mages)

Create/Use Major Healthstone

*This macro creates a Master Healthstone if you hold alt, and uses it if you don¡¯t. To set it for a different type of Healthstone, use a lower rank and a different name for the healthstone.
/cast [modifier:alt] Create Healthstone
/use [nomodifier] Master Healthstone

Fire wand/Use/Create Spellstone

*This macro will create a Master Spellstone if you hold alt (but will not equip it), and either shoot with your wand or use the spellstone, depending on what you have equipped.
/cast [modifier:alt] Create Spellstone
/stopmacro [modifier:alt]
/cast [equipped:wand] Shoot; Master Spellstone

One-button Mounting/dismounting

*This macro will summon your flying mount if you are in outlands, your Dreadsteed if you are not. You can force it to summon your dreadsteed instead of your flying mount if you hold down any of the modifiers. It will also dismount you if you are mounted. Change Ebon Gryphon with the name of your mount.
/cast [nomounted,nomodifier,flyable] Ebon Gryphon; [nomounted] Summon Dreadsteed(Summon)
/dismount [mounted]

Random Mount Macro

*This is a macro that will mount you randomly on one of your mounts. Replace mount1, mount2... with the name of the mount that you want to use. This is useful as a lot of people currently have more than 1 pvp mount and would like to show off. Thanks to Rte for this macro.
#showtooltip Summon Dreadsteed
/castrandom [nomounted] mount1, mount2, mount3
/dismount [mounted]

Instancing for Dummies/While on the phone

*This is a macro that I just thought up while running a group through Hellfire Ramparts on my Druid. As usual, one member (also as usual, a hunter) kept attacking the wrong target and forcing me to be charging all over the instance trying to keep agro off him.
This macro will cast Shadow Bolt (or whatever other spell you put in...) on the target of your focus, no matter what your current target is; unless you hold down alt, at which point it will cast on your target. Set your focus (at the beginning of the instance) to your Main Assist or Main Tank with /focus. If you are planning on using this, DO NOT use the memorized Fear/Seduce macros or they will reset your focus. If this happens, this macro SHOULD cast Shadow Bolt on your current target (at least in 99% of the times)

/cast [nomodifier, target=focustarget,harm] Shadow Bolt; [modifier:alt,harm] Shadow Bolt; [harm]Shadow Bolt