WOW Rogue Mount / Dismount Macros

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MOUNT / DISMOUNT (right-click) -> STEALTH & CHEAP SHOT (left-click):

/cast [nostealth] Stealth; [stealth] Cheap Shot
/use [button:2] <name of mount>

This will mount you, or dismount if you are mounted, Stealth if not stealthed (mashable), then cast Cheap Shot if stealthed!

/dismount [mounted]
/cast [stealth] Cheap Shot; Stealth


/cast [nomounted, nostealth] Stealth; [nomounted] Cheap Shot
/dismount [mounted]

MOUNT / DISMOUNT + 3 ITEM SWAP (For Equipping Mount Speed Items):
One press will switch your items and mount / dismount you. Note that activating the macro while moving will switch your items without summoning the mount, and you¡¯ll be running around in your riding gear. Replace the container locations with the locations of your trinket, riding gloves, and spur-boots. Replace the mount name with your actual mount.

/use Reins of the Striped Frostsaber
/run U=UseContainerItem;U(0,12)U(0,11)U(0,8)

Alternatively, to add in Stealth or Shadowmeld (both spammable) with a Right-Click:

/use Reins of the Striped Frostsaber
/run U=UseContainerItem;U(0,12)U(0,11)U(0,8)
/cast [button:2, nostealth] stealth; [button:2,nocombat,nostealth] shadowmeld

DISMOUNT -> STEALTH (or VANISH if in Combat)
A 'mashable stealth' with dismount if mounted and vanish when in combat.
This one will be useful for those who find themselves getting jumped on their pony.

/dismount [mounted]
/cast [combat] Vanish; [nostealth] Stealth

Note: if you would like this same button to unstealth, then you can just remove the "[nostealth]" part.

For those who like random mounts, here's a macro to choose a random mount and still be able to subsequently dismount. Insert the name(s) of your mounts in the appropriate place(s).

/dismount [mounted]
/userandom [nomounted] Great White kodo, Whistle of the Black War Raptor, Red Skeletal Warhorse