WOW Rogue Other Useful Macros

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This will drink your Thistle Tea then follow up with a Cold Blood and Eviscerate.

#show Thistle Tea
/use Thistle Tea
/castsequence reset=180 Cold Blood, Eviserate

Alternatively, you could designate a Button-Click or a Modifier ¡°[modifier:shift/ctrl/alt]¡± for using your Thistle Tea...

/use [button:2] Thistle Tea
/Castsequence reset=target Premeditation, Ambush, Eviscerate, Thistle Tea, Backstab, Sinister Strike, Hemorrhage

This macro will Premed -> Ambush -> Evis, then use your Tea, then Backstab -> Sinister Strike -> Hemorrhage. The nice thing about this macro is that you could simply use it for Thistle Tea at ANY TIME by just Right-clicking the Macro! This can help save space on your action bar.

To watch the Thistle Tea cooldown, just use the ¡° ¡± macro icon and add ¡°#show Thistle Tea¡± as the first like of your macro.

I generally use the Equipped Macro Icon addon for these so that I can see exactly what trinkets I have equipped, but I am waiting for the addon to be debugged for 2.0, as it currently interferes with Stealth-Bar toggling.

These lines can also be added to the beginning of other macros, for that ¡°trinket boost¡± prior to putting the smack down!

Use Trinket in Top Slot:

/Use 13

Use Trinket in Bottom Slot:

/Use 14

Example of a ¡°use a Trinket by name, then cast a spell¡± Macro:
This macro requires 2 button pushes to activate the item and the spell. The "#show" at the beginning will display the item named and its cooldown - whether or not the item is actually equipped (I believe it is grayed out if it is not equipped). Be sure to use the ¡° ¡± macro icon.

#show <item name>
/use <item name>
/cast Blade Flurry

Alternatively, you may use a ¡°/castsequence¡± and insert the item name:

/castsequence reset=120 <item name>, Blade Flurry

Example of a Right-Click to Cast / Left-Click to Trinket macro. This will also show your Trinket on the icon so you can monitor the cooldown.

#show Black Pearl Panther
/cast [button:2] Black Pearl Panther; Sinister Strike

Useful for applying poisons with a few clicks. No need to open your Character window.
*We have heard of people having trouble with these macros when using non-standard UIs or ¡°Bar¡± addons.

This first one will apply poison to the MH with a ctrl-click and to the OH with an alt-click. It will also show how many doses of poison you have left in your bags.

#show <Poison Name>
/use <Poison Name>
/use [modifier:ctrl] 16
/use [modifier:alt] 17

This second macro will apply your poison and to the Main Hand (16) if you left-click the macro. It will apply your poison to the Off Hand (17) if you right-click the macro. It will also show how many doses of poison you have left in your bags.

#show <Poison Name>
/use <Poison Name>
/use [button:2] 17; 16

For applying a different poison to each weapon:

/castsequence [button:1] Crippling Poison II; [button:2] Wound Poison IV
/use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17

Left-click it for main hand poison, right-click it for offhand poison. Also, because it is a ¡°/castsequence¡±, if you use the ¡° ¡± macro icon the icon changes to whichever poison you just applied and shows how many uses are left as well!


SINISTER STRIKE (Left-Click) -> SHOOT (Right-Click)
Replace the ¡°Shoot Bow¡± with ¡°Shoot <ranged weapon of choice>¡±.

/cast [button:2] Shoot Bow; Sinister Strike

SHOOT (Left-Click) -> BOMB / GRENADE (Right-Click)
Put your bombs in your bag and update the ¡°x y¡± for the bag and slot, or just use the item by name.

/use [button:2] x y
/cast [button:1] Shoot Bow