WOW Paladin Macros

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Basic Commands
Lets look closely at what each macro has to offer in commands. We must always begin a macros with a certain command, one that tells what the macros is going to do:
  • /cast- This tells a macro that there will be a spell or ability to be used. Specifically a spell/ability from the spell book. Note that every ability found in the spell book beside those found on the first page, a la Attack, are considered spells. Non-passive racial abilities can also be used in macro commands.
  • /castsequence- This tells a macro that there will be several abilities/spells to be used in a specific order.
  • /stopcasting- this is a device used to end the last known command and so that another can begin. It is almost always accompanied in the /castsequence list of macros, very closely.

A list of Novice/Introductory Paladin Macros
The following is a list of a few macros that are not very complicated in structure that can be easily edited inside and outside of the game. The macros are listed by name with a description of that macro, underneath is the Command text (what makes it do, what it does).

Individual Player Holy Light Cast Holy Light/Flash of Light on a player in your party, or yourself, only.

/cast [help] Holy Light; [target="x"] Holy Light
"x" is Party(1-4), thus 5 individual Macros must be made with "Player" replacing "x" to target yourself. You can always replace the spell name with a different spell, i.e Flash of Light.

Easy Seal and Judgement Judge an enemy with one button or recast a Seal. Important: A seal must already be activated to achieve the Judgment effect.
/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of X

"X" is the name of the Seal, i.e. Wisdom, Crusader etc. More complex version of this macro are listed later.

One touch Bubble-Bandage Cast Divine Shield and bandage yourself. This conserves mana when doing this rather than casting Holy Light.
/cast Divine Shield
/useitem Heavy Runecloth Bandage, [target=player,help]

From there, all sorts of possibilities can be made on a novice level. However, there are only so many slots to fill in the macro editor. A concept in advanced macros will help combine functionality and stream line the number of macros.

Advanced Paladin Macros
These macros are more complicated in function, therefore it may take more effort to edit them properly.

Complex Seal and Judgement macros
These are modified version of the Seal and Judge macro, but you do not have to wait for a seal to be active to use the macro button. These are neat as the icons are animated with the Judgement cool down.

Seal of Command

/castsequence reset=30 Seal of Command, Judgement

Seal of the Crusader

/castsequence reset=30,target/combat Seal of the Crusader, Judgement

Seal of Light

/castsequence reset=30 Seal of Light, Judgement

Seal of Justice

/castsequence reset=30 Seal of Justice, Judgement

Seal of Wisdom

/castsequence reset=30 Seal of Wisdom, Judgement

Seal of Righteousness

/castsequence reset=30 Seal of Righteousness, Judgement

Nota Bene: The above macros use the highest rank of each spell

Heal Macros

These following macros are for healing in combat situations.

Divine Light

Divine Favor & Holy Light Combo
/cast [combat] Divine Favor
/cast [help] Holy Light; [target=targettarget] Holy Light

Divine Shock

Divine Favor & Holy Shock Combo
/cast [combat] Divine Favor
/cast [help] Holy Shock; [target=targettarget] Holy Shock

Special Flash of Light

Cast Flash of Light on a friend or target's target
/cast [help] Flash of Light; [target=targettarget] Flash of Light

Keybound Special Flash of Light Macro

Using the "alt" key lets you heal yourself and if not; heal an ally
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Flash of Light; [target=target,help] Flash of Light; [target=targettarget,help] Flash of Light; [target=player] Flash of Light

Here is some info for "alt" casting by Azreal:

Q u o t e:
There are several ways of doing this. The first, as pointed out by Zetla, is to enable self casting through the interface options. This means that when you have an enemy player or no target selected, any spell cast will target you. Otherwise, if a friendly player is targetted, it will cast the spell on them. Other options are:

1. /cast [target=player] Flash of Light

This will also cast Flash of Light on yourself, regardless of target. You will also not lose your current target.

2. /cast [help] Flash of Light; [target=player] Flash of Light

This will cast Flash of Light if the target is friendly. In any other case (enemy or no target selected), it will cast it on you. You will also not lose your current target. Note that there are several ways of making this macro:

3. /cast [target=player, harm] Flash of Light; [help] Flash of Light - is another example

Defensive Macros
These following macros are for Instance/Raid oriented situations.

Paladin's Taunt Righteous Defense Cheat
/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense

Cast BoP under the gaze of an enemy Another snoozer to "taunt" mobs with very little hassle
/cast [help,target=target] Blessing of Protection; [target=targettarget,help] Blessing of Protection

Bless Specific Macros
These macros bless players depending on pre-set Blessing in the marco.

GBL Cast Great Blessing of Light for the raid
/cast [raid] Greater Blessing of Light; [help] Blessing of Light; [target=player] Greater Blessing of Light

Other Advanced Macros
These are miscellaneous macros for combat or non-combat situations.

Bubble Hearth Macro 'Nuff said
/castsequence reset=3600 Divine Shield, Hearthstone

Bubble Bandage Macro Bandage while under Divine Shield
/castsequence reset=300 Divine Shield, [target=player] Heavy Runecloth Bandage

Bubble Heal Macro Heal with Holy Light while under Divine Shield
/castsequence reset=300 Divine Shield, [target=player] Holy Light