WOW Priest Healing Macros

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cast [help] Greater Heal
/stopmacro [nohelp]
/p Healing %t

This simple macro will cast Greater Heal (the highest rank you have) if the target is friendly, and alert the party about whom you're healing. It will stop the announcement if the target is not friendly. (confirmed for 2.0.10)

/cast [help] <Healing Spell>; [target=player] <Healing Spell>
/script local n if(UnitIsFriend("player","target")) then n=UnitName("target") else n=UnitName("player") end SendChatMessage("Healing"..n.."in 3 seconds","SAY",nil)

Llenyd and Augur wrote this one. It will heal yourself if the target is harmful, otherwise it will heal your target - and announce whomever you're healing, including yourself. The above macro would only announce your targetted healing. (confirmed for 2.0.1)

/run if(IsUsableSpell("Heal")) then SendChatMessage("Healing %t","SAY") else SendChatMessage("Healing %t Failed","SAY")
/cast Heal

Serik dug up the "IsUsableSpell" command, which in addition to your standard announcement macro also allows you to announce when a Heal fails due to mana issues or other difficulties. For a version that's combined with Llenyd and Augur's targeting macro, see post #279 (page 14).

/cast [target=mouseover] Flash Heal
This macro uses the target=mouseover function to allow you to Flash Heal whomever your mouse hovers over - without losing your current target. Say you've got your MT in spam heal mode and squishy DPSer runs up saying "Healz Pls." Well now you can throw him a quick boost without losing precious time cycling back to your MT. (confirmed for 2.0.10)

/cast [button:1, help] Flash Heal; [button:1, harm, target=targettarget] Flash Heal; [modifier:alt, target=player] Flash Heal; [button:2, target=party2] Flash Heal; [button:3, target=party3] Flash Heal; [button:4, target=party4] Flash Heal; [button:5, target=party5] Flash Heal
For you uber mouse wielders out there, Llenyd's macro lets you heal your party without losing your target. Button 1 casts Flash Heal on your target if the target is friendly, otherwise it casts on the target's target. If you hold alt while clicking, it will cast Flash Heal on the player. Button 2 will cast FHeal on party member 2, button 3 will cast Flash Heal on party member 3, button 4 on party member 4, and button 5 will cast on party member 5.