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Combat Macros

/castsequence reset=combat/target Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain
This macro uses the new "cast sequence" ability - yay more bar space! When you first click it, it should cast Mind Blast - when you click the button again, it will cast Shadow Word: Pain. The sequence will reset to Mind Blast if the player drops out of combat, or chooses a different target. (confirmed for 2.0)

(I'd love to figure out how to pop a PW:S in there after the Mind Blast, but I don't know if you can change targets mid-sequence. Come to think of it... it might just work on its own if you enable the "self-cast" feature in your Advanced Interface Options.)

/cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay
Llenyd's macro (ty Llenyd!) should cast Mind Flay only if you are not currently already channeling Mind Flay. For those "duh" moments. :)

/castsequence reset=170 Inner Focus, Devouring Plague
Idejder's Devouring Plague macro is a good example of the timed reset macro (ty, Idejder!) . This macro will, on the first button press, cast Inner Focus. On the second press, it will cast Devouring Plague. The sequence resets after Devouring Plague, or if enough time passes between button presses (170).

/cast [combat] Pain Suppression; [nocombat] Resurrection
Idejder's macro here will check combat status - if the player is in combat then the macro casts Pain Suppression. If not, the macro casts Resurrection. The new macro language treats the semi-colon " ; " as an "or" statement, allowing you to have multiple actions in your macro that depend upon the conditions.

/castsequence [stance:1] Shadowform, Flash Heal, Shadowform
For our shadow friends, this macro will drop shadowform on the first click, cast Flash Heal on the second click, and revert you to shadowform on the third click. If you are not in shadowform, it won't do anything.

/cast [harm] Smite; [target=targettarget, harm] Smite
Quoting Llenyd: "For Surge of LoL. You can use this to cast smite on enemies as normal, or if you trigger SoL while healing, you can quickly throw in the smite against the target of whomever you are healing." Thanks Llenyd!

/castsequence reset=180 Pain Suppression, Inner Focus, Flash Heal, Renew, Power Word: Shield
Wickidspliff's "safe mode" macro. :) The reset reflects the Pain Suppression and Inner Focus cooldowns, so if you don't finish the sequence it should be ready to start from the beginning once the cooldowns are up.

# show Shadowform
/changeactionbar [stance:1] 1 ; 2
/cast Shadowform

Sorry I missed this one, Chamberlaine! This macro, when you're changing to shadowform, should switch to action bar 2. If you're already in shadowform, it will switch to action bar 1. And if you have the correct bar up it shouldn't do anything. (a little buggy, investigating)

/cast Berserking
/cast Power Infusion
/cast Inner Focus
/cast Smite

Sirona's Troll Berserking / Power Infusion / Inner Focus -- Smite macro does just what it says. :) If any of the first spells are on cooldown it should give you an error message, but continue on through the other spells. You can also turn this into a healing macro if you change the final spell.