WOW Warlock Macros (2.1.0)

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General Macro Information

If you set your macro icon to the , it will automatically pick the appropriate icon (and will change during /castsequence macros)

If you include #show at the begining of a macro, it will display the cooldown for the first listed spell. You can type the name of the spell in order to force it to show the cooldown for a particular spell, for example #show Death Coil

If you include #showtooltip at the beginning of a macro, it will display the cooldown and tooltip for the first listed spell. You can type the name of the spell in order to force it to show the cooldown and tooltip for a particular spell, for example "#showtooltip Death Coil". New in 2.1.0, the #showtooltip command now dynamically changes based on conditionals used within the macro.

If you do not include a rank after the name of a spell, it will automatically use the highest learned rank.

If you try to cast a buff on a player that is too low, it will automatically downrank that spell. (Not important for Warlocks, but if you modify these for other classes it's good to know.)

*As of WoW 2.0, all in-combat intelligent decision making has been removed from macros. This means that it is no longer possible to cast spell X based on race, class, health, buff, debuff, NPC/PC... pretty much anything that you would want to test on your target.*

The macros are divided into categories based on the school that the main spells commonly fall under. After the schools are listed macros that are universal for all Warlocks. Finally, after that are several handy modifications that can be added to almost any macro. Note that I always include the #showtooltip function in my macros. It is up to you whether you keep them in yours or not, removing that line will have no effect on the actual function of the macro.


  • Memorized Fearing
  • Dotter
  • Drain Soul (With Imp Drain Soul and Soul Shard auto-delete)
  • One Button Draining for Dummies
  • Drain Life for Dummies
  • Amplified CoA/CoA - One button
  • Amplified Curse of Exhaustion
  • Life Tap/Dark Pact
  • Debuffer
  • Corruption Spam
  • Memorized Curse Of Recklessness/Curse of Weakness
  • Death Coil/Howl of Terror


  • Memorized Seducing
  • Memorized Seducing without Focus
  • Memorized Fearing/Seducing
  • Devour Magic
  • Semi-Intelligent Devour Magic
  • Spell Lock
  • Voidwalker Shield/Fel Domination/Summon Voidwalker
  • Fel Domination Summoning/Soul Link
  • Pet Attack on Mouseover
  • Multipet All-in-One macro


  • Nuker
  • Immolate / Incinerate / Conflagrate
  • Immolate / Conflagrate 2
  • Max DPS Shadowbolt Spam


  • Create/Use Major Healthstone
  • Fire wand/Use/Create Spellstone
  • One-button Mounting/Dismounting
  • Random Mount Macro
  • Instancing for Dummies/While on the phone


  • Error Free Trinketing
  • Commenting out lines
  • Toggling Pet Autocasts