WOW Warrior StanceMulti Tanking Macros

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Multi tanking

Tab sunder - seamlessly tab to the nearest target, sunder them and switch back to your current target ┬ĘC you won't even see the switch but they'll be sundered... ;)
    /cast Sunder Armor

Mouseover sunder cc breaking early - this macro will sunder the mob your mouse pointer is over without losing your current target (the mob must still be in melee range, of course). It also checks if the target is actually hostile and alive before doing this.
    #show Sunder Armor
    /cast [target=mouseover, harm, nodead] [] Sunder Armor

Thunder Clap
    #showtooltip Thunder Clap
    /cast [stance:1/2] Thunder Clap; Defensive Stance

To overcome the 'tab' key's propensity to target anything, this macro first reduces the distance at which tab works to 10 units, performs the equivalent of a Tab (/targetenemy), then restores the default value.
    /script SetCVar("targetNearestDistance", 10)
    /script SetCVar("targetNearestDistance", 41)

multi tanking masher - use every GCD (note without the reset to 41 it will leave your tab at 5 or whatever value you give it) watch debuff slots & then revenge, shield slam etc. on those with low sunders:
    /script SetCVar("targetNearestDistance", 5)
    /cast [nostance:2] Defensive Stance
    /castsequence reset=6 Sunder Armor, Thunder Clap, Cleave, Sunder Armor

It changes target every use - I have held multiple Shattered Halls' mobs with this & didn't have a single point in prot at the time (ok you do need some time with them to get properly acquainted :p ) - the key is revenging &/or shield slamming those with low sunders or even taunting them, to give you extra time to build threat on the others. Use the target icon macro (below) to mark one as the focus fire target - it will need extra attention...


activating a trinket into a macro
    /use 13
    /use 14

(13 = top trinket, 14 = bottom)

sharpen - left click to do MH, right click for off hand or will add lures if fishing ;)
    #show [equipped:Fishing Pole] Aquadynamic Fish Attractor; Dense Sharpening Stone
    /use [equipped:Fishing Pole,modifier:alt] Bright Baubles ; [equipped:Fishing Pole] Aquadynamic Fish Attractor ; Dense Sharpening Stone
    /use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 1

Universal mount macro
    /cast [noflying] Ebon Gryphon
    /cast [nomounted] Stormpike Battle Charger
    /dismount [noflying]

self bandage (1st macro is bandages in bag 1 position 1, 2nd macro position does not matter)
    /use [target=player] 1 1

    /use [target=player] Heavy Runecloth Bandage

intim shout & bandage and then re-target - 3 clicks, pause for bandage after second...
    /cast Intimidating Shout
    /use [target=player] Heavy Runecloth Bandage

oh crap!
    /castsequence Last Stand, Super Healing Potion, Fel Blossom, Nightmare Seed

I manage shouts, AP and rage boosts thru a single macro - its not for everyone & nor is it suitable for every encounter... it will reset manually with 'ctrl' or after 120 secs after last use (the cooldown of battle shout & BB).. one use for each - it assumes you have imp zerker rage for the rage boost tho zerker rage also generates extra rage when taking damage so its great to keep it up if not needed for fears...
    /castsequence reset=ctrl/120 Battle Shout, Berserker Rage, Bladefist's Breadth, Rampage, Berserker Rage, Uniting Charm, Rampage, Berserker Rage, Rampage