World of Warcraft Fishing Guide

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Fishing in World of Warcraft is really no more complicated than visiting a trainer, buying a fishing pole and then placing the pole in a body of water that you can fish.

Fishing is a gathering trade skill, but Blizzard considers it to be a secondary trade skill. Because it is a secondary trade skill you can still learn the two primary professions and fish. Like the leatherworking trade skill, fishing is nearly all profit. Complicated Recipes are not necessary for fishing.

Getting Started with World of Warcraft Fishing

Once the player interested in taking up World of Warcraft fishing buys the pole and a the training, the first thing he needs to do is find a body of water in the game he can fish. Unlike the other trade skills that have recipes that are color coded to tell a player whether or not he can make an item, the only way to find out if skill ups are possible from a lake, stream, ocean or river in World of Warcraft is to stick the pole in to see if the body of water can be fished at the skill level of the player.

Bait is not necessary for the player who takes up World of Warcraft fishing trade skill, jbut the fisherman can increase his chances of catching a fish by attaching lures to his pole. Lures can be bought from fishing supply vendors or engineers can make the 5 use aquadynamic fishing lures that a player with the appropriate skill level in fishing can use.

Once a fisherman places his line in an appropriate body of water a timer will appear. The timer indicates how long before a player trying to raise the World of Warcraft fishing trade skill

World of Warcraft Fishing Advancement

Advancing in the World of Warcraft fishing trade skill works similar in exactly the same way as other World of Warcraft trade skills.. The more a player uses his fishing, the more likely he is to raise it. At 75, the player working on his fishing skill should go back to a trainer to continue. At 150, both Alliance and Horde players can no longer train from a trainer and must go to Booty Bay to purchase a copy of the book

World of Warcraft Fishing Considerations

The shing skill level of the player will determine whether or not fish can be caught in a certain area and the likelihood that the fish will get away from the player. A higher skill level does not necessarily mean a better chance of catching better fish. All it means is that the player taking up the World of Warcraft fishing trade skill can fish in areas where better fish can be caught.

World of Warcraft Fishing Benefits

The fishing skill involves virtually no danger to the player and gives him free food that can be used to heal himself between battles or a chance for the player of of a hunter to obtain free food for his pet. Higher level fish, such as the Goldenscale vendor fish that can be caught in the Outlands, sell for six gold, but while fishing is virtually all profit to the player it is not one of the big moneymakers in the game.

The rogue who takes up the World of Warcraft fishing trade skill gains another benefit as locked boxes can be caught using a fishing pole. The rogue can than use these boxes to raise his lock picking skill. The World of Warcraft fishing trade skill is designed more to save players money if they take it up rather than help the player earn more money. Fish are also used in many cooking recipes.