Swtor Credits For Sale

Swtor credit is something that you cannot get enough of in Star Wars. If you are the new player to step into the Star Wars universe and eager to find an efficient way to make swtor gold quickly, this news is for you.

Earn credits in swtor with Scavenging

Scavenging is always the most out of gathering profession. It involves the art of recovering useful materials from parts of old or damaged technology, and provides materials for three different crafting skills. So the materials gathered from Scavenging are higher demand, which is in turn to help you sell materials easily. But this may result in longer selling time and less profits if the competition is too fierce.

Make swtor credits with Archeology

Archeology is the second popular gathering skill, because it provides materials for two different professions. However, you should consider this profession over Scavenging, because Archeology is less competitive compared to scavenging. So you can not only sell your materials for good price but also sell them faster as well.

Gather swtor gold by Biochemistry

What is great about this profession is that it gathers materials that are quickly consumed. Despite materials from it only being used for one profession, they still can be sold rather fast. However, what you have to note is its popularity on your server, because it may vary from server to server. In some servers, this profession is actually very popular, while on others, it is rare to find somebody with this profession.

All in all, the three gathering skills recommended above are very basic to make money without the need of investing. If you need to buy swtor credits cheap for the new gear, speeders and crew skill, Swtor2credits is your top option to help you experience the excitement of traversing the galaxy with your own saga.

The Swtor2credits Team

Making Swtor Credits Skills

In this forum there is another thread that goes into "How to make 20 million credits a week". In fact you will find the OP and my first comments on the second page. DarthTHC and I are mostly on the same page. One problem is that his OP is now out-of-date: most of his item values are inflated. Not that big a deal because the message is still accurate.

The primary point where he and I diverge is that of time spent. DarthTHC said that he tries to logon every 90 minutes or so throughout the day. For most players this is an impractical goal; most players cannot or do not want to spend that kind of time working the GTN in this game. Therefore the goal of "20 million credits a week" is all but unreachable.

Does that mean one cannot make a fortune of credits in this game? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! It will just take longer.

The intent of this post and thread is to give general information regarding my own time tested strategies to create that fortune. The basics will cover what translates to ALL MMOs. I will go into some specifics regarding SWTOR, but to give away all my secrets would be foolhardy...it would give my competition a leg up .

DarthTHC had a lot of things right:

Don't spend credits if you do not absolutely have to: saving credits is as important as making them. Before you buy something on the GTN think to yourself: "Do I really NEED this?" or better yet, "is there a way I can get this without spending credits?"

People do stupid things with in-game currency: be smarter than they are. 

Make credits not stuff: be aware of the values of materials and crafted goods because many times the materials are valued higher. And do not be picky about what in fact makes credits. Just because you thought item X would be profitable and it is not, and items A, B, and C are profitable but you thought they would not be does not mean that the crew skill is broken...just craft items A, B, and C for profit.

Making credits at the level cap is much easier than while leveling: Because of having all your companions, and the ability to do dailies, and the fact that you no longer have to spend credits on training, and many other factors that are slipping my mind, waiting until a character gets to the level cap is an excellent strategy.

Taking slicing with every new character: Lockbox nodes are free credits plain and simple and running early lockbox missions is a profitable venture too.

Now I would add:

Patience is as much a commodity as credits: starting from nothing, if you try to make millions overnight you will probably fail. Yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but they are just that: exceptions. Assume you will be the norm rather than the exception and you are already much better off. This means starting slowly and letting your credit making snowball over time.

Related to both Patience and Making credits not stuff is quantity over quality: Players see those 1+ million credit items being posted and want to get in on that. What they fail to realize is that the materials to craft those 1+ million credit items are valued at 900k to 1+ million (not to mention how hard it can be to get the schematics in the first place: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=715016). OTOH, as a function of percentage lower level items are MORE profitable. But because of their lower overall value, it takes more sales to get to the total credit value. But fear not, those lower level items tend to sell faster for the simple fact that they are cheaper; most players will think long and hard about spending 1+ million credits, but hardly think twice about dishing out 20k credits.

And what helps with quantity, with 4.0 Companion Influence Rank matters and is easy to raise. While Influence Rank 10 and what was formerly known as max affection result in the same base crit chance, there are no more companion specific bonuses. So in order to get the equivalent of a +5% companion specific bonus you need to raise influence rank to at least 20. But do not fret, for 60k credits per companion you cant get up to influence rank 25. Companion gifts generate a LOT more influence and a single stack of grade 1 gifts from the vendor on fleet will get a companion with a love gift to about rank 25. Companions with no love gifts are harder, but the expense is reasonable.

Diversity is a key to success: if you only craft one item for sale and that item no longer sells or the market crashes, you are screwed. Whether you have one character or a dozen, diversity in what you sell will calm the ebbs and flows of the GTN supply and demand markets.

You need to market watch. Simply crafting stuff because you can and hope that it sells (at a profit) is not good business. Tracking of data in a document is one way to handle this but it is time consuming and IMO unnecessary. Before you jump into a market, take a look at what the item is selling for over the course of a few days to a week.

Lastly, Pricing. All too often, I see items posted at either the default value or at values well below the rest. Why does this happen? I can only surmise that the players are not bothering to check what the current market value is. But why not? With (not so) recent improvements to the GTN, it takes all of five seconds:
  1. open the GTN (which will open your inventory too)
  2. Shift+Left Click an item in inventory and text populates the buyer tab text search
  3. (optional) set other search parameters (i.e. when researching augment pricing I will set the "rarity" filter to Prototype in order to avoid the littany of schematics [that are green quality]).
  4. Click search
  5. Sort by price or unit price (selling stackable items you are better off sorting by unit price)

And there you have it the lowest current price of that item

BUT WAIT! Take a look at the first page of items listed. Is the lowest price close to the next or the next? I have found that one need not always undercut the absolute lowest price to generate a sale (especially on items that are bought en masse, like many item modifications). Put a little thought into your pricing. If item X's lowest price is 10k and there is only one or two of them and the next lowest is 20k, why post under 10k when the item will most likely sell at just below 20k?

Which brings me to how much to undercut. 99% of the time, buyers are going to buy regardless of what the lowest price is; whether you price at 1 credit or 1000 below the next lowest, the buyer will most likely buy. So why should you undercut by more than a handful of credits?

I hope this helps all you budding crafting czars.  Questions and contributions are always welcome.

Is it Worth Buying Swtor Master’s Datacron for Level Boost?

Swtor has mentioned the new item Swtor Master’s Datacron when talking about changes & updates in Swtor 5.6, and now they reveal more information about the item which can boost your character to max level immediately. Read more detailed information below and see whether you should buy it or not.

What is Swtor Master’s Datacron coming with Swtor 5.6?

Swtor Master’s Datacron is a new item introduced to the Cartel Market in Swtor 5.6. This item will allow you to take any non-maximum level (70) character on your account and immediately move them up to maximum level. One unique thing about this boost is that it doesn’t progress your character’s story at all.
The Master’s Datacron also comes with the Eternal Commander Equipment bundle. Once you have boosted to max level and chosen your character’s Discipline, you can use the equipment bundle to have a full set of level 70 gear for your character.

How to get Master’s Datacron and Equipment Bundle?

You can purchase it directly from the Cartel Market for 2,000 CC, or you can check the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) to see if another player is selling one. Once you have them, you will need to ensure that they are moved to the character that you intend to boost. 

Is it worth buying Swtor Master’s Datacron after Swtor update?

It’s the first time that Swtor offers an item like the Master’s Datacron, so there is a question: Is it worth buying this item to boost your character level?
Some players think if you boost to level 70 and complete the story, you’ll gain more CXP than what you can get by leveling yourself. And using the Master’s Datacron will save your playtime to level up. But there are also players holding the opinion that leveling is not so hard and slow, and paying 2,000 CC from the Cartel Market to boost the character level is not a good choice.
It would depend on the circumstances. If you want to see your character grow and run through the story without leveling, or you think it’s not necessary to level up by items, you may not consider buying the Master’s Datacron. If you just want to skip the leveling grind and gain more CXP, it’s a nice choice to buy it, but first make sure you have enough CC for that.

After the release of Swtor 5.6 we will know directly about how Swtor Master’s Datacron works. Anyway, don’t forget to use 8% discount code “THX8” for all Swtor credits & 10% discount code “THX10” for $50+ orders!

Crew Skill

The Crew Skills system allows players to take advantage of the valuable resources, high-tech schematics, and intriguing opportunities the galaxy has to offer without having to break away from their storyline. Players can assign their crew of companions to gather resources, craft useful and valuable items, and even to undertake their own missions, providing the player and the rest of the crew a variety of benefits and rewards.

Starships allow players to relay orders to companions while exploring the galaxy and progressing through your storyline. Based on their personal backgrounds, some companions will be more proficient with certain skills, and the higher their opinion of you, the better they'll perform across the board.

Most Crew Skills missions are drawn from a random pool for the player to choose from, and that pool refreshes from time to time. However, some missions are unlocked by rare objects found in the world. These missions are one-off, but tend to offer more substantial rewards. Companions can fail on missions, which means that the player will lose their initial capital investment (i.e. credits and time spent). It is up to the player to decide if they wants to play it safe with their companion missions, or go for higher risk, higher reward missions.

Currently, items craft from and drop to the player's inventory. This may change based on feedback over time. In fact, one of the key benefits of the missions system is to find rare crafting materials that aren't 'drops' elsewhere in the world, usually used for making very high quality items.

The Crew Skills trainers are located on Coruscant for Galactic Republic players and Dromund Kaas for Sith Empire players, as well as the Republic and Imperial Fleets. Each trainer will give the player a description of the Crew Skill they teach (through a codex entry), along with the benefits they provide, so the player knows which Crew Skills may be most beneficial to their play style. Player class does not restrict the skills available for training.