Swtor Mods

This is the only MMO i have ever played that doesnt allow for mods. Curse gaming and many other sites provide mods for many games out there that make the experience a LOT more enjoyable. SWTOR has decided to put its customers on rails and this may be good for something, I dont know what, but because of it I find the galactic market horrible in this game. I dont want to spend my time looking up 30 different items to compair prices just so that I can sell my crap, I want something that will check prices and allow me to undercut the other sellers. I want my time to be spent effficiently, not irritated because I have to quest to make money or because I have to do searches to sell some item for 400 credits.... and speaking of the market....since I cant have my own vendors why cant my items be on the market longer? 

I havent sold anything on the market until today and I just got reminded of why I dont. The market mechanics are horrible. Absolutely primitive in todays MMO gaming market. In MMOs that don't fair much better for trade markets, at least you are usually able to right click + shift (or something similar) to add the name of the product into the search engine for the market....not in this game. In this game you have to type in the product name to compair prices... 

Number one.... that I have to sell crap on a market means that I already have to waste time to get the itmes....because mind you, I am only here to PvP....I have to date NEVER done a Flashpoint because I dont care to...not my idea of fun. With the pathetic state of the market, I now also have to waste more of my time in order to use the market....because in Blizzard's infinite wisdom they have decided to block the ability for private individuals to create mods for this game. It makes the game irritating. I dont play video games to be irritated.

Blizzard, please get off your rump and create a few small provitions...like you did with allowing users to mod their own interface.....and stop jerking me around on my free-to-pay time in your game. I pay a sub, give me perks that matter. A different looking speeder or clothing....junk. Stupid cake-eater crap that does zero for me. 


Your market system really bites. Cartel coins for xp...good...cartel coins for image designed junk = emo. Allow scripting and mods because you apparently fail at interface and user friendly interaction.

I hate mods.

I hate mods. Hate hate hate them. I really hope they don't come to SWTOR. Of course I really don't think they will--as far as I know, WoW is about the only MMO that has mods.

The GTN could stand to be much, much better though. The best auction house interface I ever saw was in Rift--you could drag and drop items right into the search box to see what the going rate was for something you wanted to sell, for stackable items it displayed both the total price AND the price per unit. You could post items at a single price for a stack or a price per unit. I'd love to see the GTN have the functionality of Rift's auction house. The GTN isn't awful, it just isn't good.

Nude Patch for SWTOR (NSFW)

For our adult readers (or maybe still-teenager-at-heart readers) we have a fun little mod for SWTOR. For an initial warning, it does contain nudity and is NSFW. With that said, there is a nude patch for SWTOR that you may or may not already be aware of. You can download it here: http://www.gamevixenzone.net/hot-stuff-21/swtor-file-changer-nude-mod-1762/ It has an original version as well as version 1.1 and 1.2c. In the latter, everything is removed. All naked, all the time if you’re running this version. So one player decided to do some tweaks of his own and came up with some modifications which you will see here in the video. More instructions on why and how to get it yourself below. Here’s info from the creator of the improved mod: So, I packed three versions of the patch (I only changed the settings.txt file from the original, didn’t change any of the files. Except for fixing the Cathar crash). * The first one removes the ugly granny underwear on both female and male characters. Females get nipples added, and you see a hairless pussy. Males are like Ken in the downstairs area, unfortunately. Still better than the stupid pants, if you ask me. (I recommend this version, unless you run into the issue mentioned in #2) * The second version is the same, but the paperdoll is still dressed and the preview window will also not show you as naked. I made this version because I noticed at least one NPC behaving odd with the first version. She’s dressed completely normal in the game, but once it switches to a cutscene part of her outfit is gone. She’s missing her shirt, but still got her sleeves on. If you notice similar behavor on too many NPCs you care about with the first version, try this one.



The mod is planned to be released **UNDETERMINED** Already released is the Space Alpha, which is a small preview of the mod. It has a few Space skirmish maps and some units we have coded in already. We plan to update the Alpha every few months until the 1.0 of Ultimate War is released.


Ultimate War is a project run by the user Tuna42. The project is massive, and I have only released the basic foundation for the mod. I plan to convert the entire Forces of Corruption game into a massive multiplayer game in which you can command the forces of the Old Republic and follow a story spanning half a millennium.


So far the mod has progressed very well. The only thing truly left until I can begin piecing the game together is rigging models. The mod is planned to be released **UNDETERMINED**. I update the site regularly and often post content in the Images and Articles tabs. Make sure you check the site often and support us on our way to finishing the first 1.0 version! All ideas, questions, and comments are welcome to the project.