Swtor Server Population

What was formally torstatus is officially no longer being run

Since there was not a similar service that I could find, I decided to make a quick replacement

Similar to torstatus.net, every 5 minutes I am checking http://www.swtor.com/server-status

Server List


Star Forge

Population: Light
Average: 0.02

Satele Shan

Population: Standard
Average: 0.47

Tulak Hord

Population: Light
Average: 0.61

Darth Malgus

Population: Light
Average: 0.71

The Leviathan

Population: Light
Average: 0.61

Server Population

If you're talking about server populations as of the date and time of your post, well, that's likely due to it being decidedly "off-peak" hours, at least for US servers. You won't typically see higher pops that early (6:30AM PST) on weekday mornings. You should see higher pops in the evenings and on weekends. Even then, it's unlikely you'll see higher than "standard" population on any server anymore. But on the most populated servers, you still should be able to find enough people on to group with for ... whatever.

Also, remember, if you see only a very low population on fleet, it may be that there are multiple instances, and the 20 you're seeing is just in your instance. This is especially true if you are "on fleet" but in your guild flagship, as those are a separate instance from the "main" fleet instance.

Top 10 PVE/RP servers for most population

Rank Server Type Population
1 Canderous Ordo PVE-E 1079
2 The Harbinger PVE-W 1072
3 Lord Adraas RP-E 862
4 Mind Trick PVE-E 746
5 The Ebon Hawk RP-E 745
6 Shadow Hand PVE-E 718
7 Krayt Dragon PVE-E 717
8 The Shadowlands PVE-E 699
9 Jedi Covenant PVE-E 678
10 Space Slug PVE-W 647

Top 10 PVE/PVE servers for least population

Rank Server Type Population
1 Sedyn Kane PVE-E 109
2 Nathema PVE-E 113
3 The Defenestrator PVE-E 115
4 Telos Restoration Project PVE-E 119
5 Crevasse City PVE-E 120
6 Foraxan Shark PVE-E 133
7 Zez-Kai Ell PVE-E 714
8 Keetael PVE-E 146
9 HanHarr PVE-E 147
10 Axial Park PVE-E 152