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Legion: Gold cap raised to 9,999,999g

If there’s one thing that’s come from garrisons during Warlords of Draenor’s long lifetime, it’s gold. Lots and lots of gold. So much gold, in fact, that many players have found themselves hitting the gold cap (999,999g) — sometimes on multiple characters. For the one-percenters out there, WarcraftDevs just delivered some exciting news: the gold cap in Legion will be increased tenfold. This change is especially nice considering the recently increased gold cap for realm transfers. Of course, for those of us who don’t hoard gold, this has a few implications.

Primarily, this is going to affect Auction House — Black Market or otherwise — prices on rare goods. That rare mount or Tier 3 armor you’ve been after may end up costing a comparatively higher amount of gold once Auction House barons are able to make and spend more gold doing what they do best. Similarly, there are likely to be more gold sinks added to the game at even higher costs than that silver bike or giant riverbeast you’ve been saving up for.

This is, of course, assuming the rate of gold acquisition doesn’t increase as much or more than the increased gold cap. Given the game’s history, however, this seems unlikely; as easy as gold can be to make, it has always taken effort and dedication outside of normal activities to reach the gold cap. So if you’re after a particularly rare item, I’d find a rich friend and take a loan out ASAP before its price increases even further. (Failing that, you could always learn the tricks to making a million gold on your own.) Good luck!

Using money

You can spend it at a vendor NPC, trade, mail it to other player characters, pay for a flight from the flight master, bid with it for an item at the Auction House, use it as a deposit to auction at the Auction House, or just save it.

Other uses are to buy additional bag slots at the bank or hunters can buy stable slots for their pets from a stable master.

Types of coins

What is the gold cap nowadays?

there's a cap per character and it's only there so they can store the amt of gold a char has in X memory spaces (because of everything internally being represented and stored in binary), so the maximum amount of gold you can own is 10*the maximum amount on a single char + 10*the maximum amount able to be stored in a guildbank (though it's probably the same amount as on a char)

as for the actual cap, I have no idea it used to be 2^32 copper but they changed the way it's stored with 4.3, the only thing I can find on google says it's 1,000,000 gold but that seems like a too round number to be plausible o_O

Obtaining money

You can get money by looting dead mobs, completing quests, selling items to vendor NPCs, via trade or mail from other player characters, or by selling an item at the Auction House. If you use money to put a deposit down for auctioning an item, you lose the deposit if it doesn't sell or if you cancel the auction, but any failed bids are returned via mail.

The accumulation of wealth within World of Warcraft is almost as complex a science as it is in the real world, and thousands of words have been written on how to do it.