Shard Of The Exodar

This item drops from dungeon, raid, world bosses, and Broken Shore rare elites. It can also be found in world quest caches, PvP strongboxes, Mythic+ weekly caches, [Blingtron 6000 Gift Package], and [Legionfall Recompense]. Lastly, it can also be discovered by using a Relinquished token purchased from Thaumaturge Vashreen.

Hot to use Shard of the Exodar

There's a few scenarios:

Fight lasts longer than 5 mins. Lust at start.
- You will warp at the beginning. Call out the second lust during the most opportune time (align with cds, etc...). You'll warp again once cd is up and received lust benefit for the third time.

Fight lasts shorter than 5 mins. Lust at start.
-Preferably you'll have someone else lust so you can control your timewarp without the need of asking for lust.

Lust is not at start of the fight.
-Someone else will lust. Use your own timewarp at the most opportune time without wasting it (boss dies before you can get a full duration of tw).

You're the only one able to lust.
-Always use your own timewarp to benefit the raid and drum for yourself later.

When it was one of my only 2 legendaries I made the best of it.

Problems I had with it:

- The RL calls out when to lust/hero/TW. If he wants it at the end of the fight then you're screwed for using Shard on a raid boss. 

- In a dungeon you might get to use it on one more boss in-between first and last but that's about it. For fights like EoA, can use it for the General, then the snake, but have to save it for Aszura so one extra TW in a 5 boss fight. In CoS, you literally don't get a chance to use it as an extra TW because the time between bosses doesn't allow it. 

- Haven't come across any situation in questing (except long World Boss fights) where it's applicable or useful. 

Due to it's situational nature and that it can often go unused, I've kept it in my bag since scoring Kilt, GS, and bracers. I laughed when the devs called it "OP for Mages." How can something this situational be considered "OP"? Powerful when able to be used but OP?! C'mahn!

There have been no changes to drums or heroism.

Don't use your lust on the pull unless you're the only one in the raid with it.

If you have more than 1 lust in a raid, they should always be the first lust, allowing you to lust when your next set of cooldowns comes up.

If the fight is longer than 5 minutes, you can lust on the pull, use drums for yourself (or call out for someone else to lust for you), and have your lust again by the 5 minute mark.

If the fight is longer than 10m35s, someone else can lust for you, you can use your lust at the 35s mark, then again at 5:35, then have sated and your hero available for 2 more heroes at 10m and 10:35.

In situations where the fight is unpredictable between 5-10m, you should hero on the pull, use drums for the second cooldown phase, and use your hero again when you need it after 5 minutes.

If the fight uses hero at the end, there's nothing you can do except let someone else hero, and either go back-to-back with yours, or hope final phase lasts longer than your cooldowns, so you can delay your hero for those right before the boss dies.

These example are for maximum uptimes. Each boss needs you to consider how the ring works for each, and the list is too long to write optimization for all of them--it also depends on how your raid approaches the fight.

Shard of the Exodar Advice

the way the ring works currently:

if you cast timewarp, you buff everyone with the effect but you do not receive the sated debuff as a result, but everyone else will have the debuff.

if someone casts timewarp/herois/bloodlust/ancient hysteria you will get the buff effect and the sated debuff, but with the ring equipped you can cast your own timewarp and get another 40 seconds of 30% haste, as it ignores the sated debuff effect on you and only if you use your own timewarp spell.

in 7.2 this item is being nerfed heavily to the point it may not be worth using outside of some very very fringe cases.

because that's how blizzard devs function, that's why fire mages were nerfed into oblivion because the "hype train" from all the window licking morons on forums screaming how "OP" the spec was (without knowing a damn thing or understanding how the spec worked) managed to convince the CM's on forums who then passed that feedback onto the devs and hence we are where we are, basically instead of being able to use heroism twice on a fight (sometimes you couldn't even do that so it was just a stat stick) you will get 1 heroism, then 25 seconds of the buff further after you are affected by sated, it's moronic but that's how it goes.


Additional Information

Name Zone Level React Type %
Highmountain 111-112 
Rare Elite
A H Humanoid 0.06% 
out of 19,736
Flameweaver Verathix
Invasion Point: Naigtal, Invasion Point: Val… 112 
A H Demon 0.01% 
out of 15,184
Highmountain 98-110 
A H Beast (Bear)
out of 61,819
BossWarlord Parjesh
Eye of Azshara 100-112 
A H Humanoid 0.009% 
out of 166,866
The Whisperer
Azsuna 109-112 
Rare Elite
A H Undead 0.008% 
out of 12,182
A H Demon 0.006% 
out of 63,277
Broken Shore 112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.007% 
out of 28,120
Oubdob da Smasher
Highmountain 110 
Rare Elite
A H Giant 0.007% 
out of 14,554
Antoran Wastes 111-112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.005% 
out of 81,085
BossYmiron, the Fallen King
Helmouth Cliffs 111-112 
A H Humanoid 0.005% 
out of 124,858
BossInquisitor Tormentorum
Vault of the Wardens 110-112 
A H Demon 0.004% 
out of 107,021
Duke Sithizi
Broken Shore 111-112 
Rare Elite
A H Humanoid 0.004% 
out of 27,446
<King of the Hill>
Highmountain, Suramar 112 
Rare Elite
A H Giant 0.003% 
out of 32,426
Val'sharah 112 
Rare Elite
A H Humanoid 0.003% 
out of 34,400
Talestra the Vile
Krokuun 112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.003% 
out of 118,745
Antoran Wastes 112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.002% 
out of 81,515
<Subject 12>
Suramar 110 
A H Humanoid 0.002% 
out of 41,827
Sorolis the Ill-Fated
Mac'Aree 112 
Rare Elite
A H Humanoid 0.002% 
out of 49,125
Mac'Aree 112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.002% 
out of 49,607
Tirathon Saltheril
Vault of the Wardens 110-112 
A H Humanoid 0.002% 
out of 107,866
BossPatrol Captain Gerdo
<City Watch>
Court of Stars 111-112 
A H Humanoid 0.001% 
out of 67,994
Boss Corstilax
The Arcway 112 
A H Mechanical 0.001% 
out of 70,273
Lieutenant Xakaar
<Hand of Svirax>
Antoran Wastes 112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.001% 
out of 74,719
Commander Sathrenael
Krokuun 112 
Rare Elite
A H Demon 0.001% 
out of 87,873
Boss Dargrul 
<The Underking>
Neltharion's Lair 101-112 
A H Humanoid 0.0006% 
out of 156,612
Boss Hyrja 
<Chosen of Eyir>
Halls of Valor 101-112 
A H Humanoid 0.0006% 
out of 157,078
Shade of Xavius
Darkheart Thicket 100-112 
A H Demon 0.0006% 
out of 165,852
BossLady Hatecoil
Eye of Azshara 100-112 
A H Humanoid 0.0006% 
out of 167,200