Blackrock Depths Walkthrough, Part 2:

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Blackrock Depths Walkthrough, Part 2:
Your Second BRD Run


AFTER YOUR FIRST BRD RUN, turn in all your quests. When you turn in "The Bearer of Bad News" to King Magni in Ironforge, he gives you "The Fate of the Emperor." You'll also need to turn in "Abandoned Hope" to Marshal Maxwell in the Burning Steppes to trigger the next phase of the Onyxia key quest on your next visit to BRD.

By now you should have: "Ribbly Screwspigot," "Hurley Blackbreath," and "The Fate of the Emperor." Pick up "Attunement to the Core" at the bottom of the Molten Span on your way to BRD, and you're ready to roll!

(NOTE: This path is fairly similar to the popular 10-man "Emperor Run"; check the Emperor Run walkthrough for key differences.)


1. The first thing you really want to do on this run is see Marshal Windsor in his cell, so you can continue the Onyxia chain in earnest. The only problem is that you first need "A Crumpled-Up Note," which randomly drops in Blackrock Depths only after you've turned in "Abandoned Hope" to Marshal Maxwell in the Burning Steppes.

In my experience, the note usually drops quickly upon your next trip to BRD, so enter the instance and start clearing to Marshal Windsor's cell, in the hopes that you'll get the note before you reach him. (When dropped, the note can be picked up by everyone in the group, so don't worry about who should pick it up.)

2. Once you have the note, turn it in to Windsor in his cell (see BRD walkthrough, part 1 for directions), who gives you the quest "A Shred of Hope." This quest requires you kill General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach, who you'll be running into further into this run.

3. Backtrack out of the Detention Block and open the door that requires the Shadowforge Key. (It's accessible from the center Detention Block area as well as the gate on the left as soon as you enter the instance.) You'll be confronted with the Shadowforge Lock, which also requires the Shadowforge Key and must be opened in order to continue this run. It's fairly easy to activate the lock without aggroing the guards, so do so.

4. Move up the ramp on the right and you'll be outside the spectator area for the Ring of the Law. Instead of going through the spectator area, take a left and keep clearing until you reach the West Garrison. Off to the left is a ramp that leads to General Angerforge -- that's your next stop.

5. Your group will want to save Angerforge's group for last, as he calls in reinforcements during the fight, and you don't want the corner group getting mixed up in that. Kill the two fireguards, then run back up the ramp and jump off to kill the other group in the corner before moving to Angerforge.

While Angerforge's guards are non-elites, he calls in reinforcements during the fight, so you'll want to his initial group as quickly as possible. Once he's dead, don't forget to loot the documents needed for "A Shred of Hope."

6. Backtracking out of Angerforge's area, the raid moves down into the Manufactory, where there are lots of non-elite gnomes running around, as well as several elite golems. You'll need to clear this area completely, because anyone left behind will come running during your upcoming fight with Golem Lord Argelmach.

7. Argelmach has two elite golems protecting him, and will actually run away at the start of the fight, so drop the golems quick and make sure someone is ready to tank Argelmach when he returns. Once he's dead, loot the second set of documents needed to complete "A Shred of Hope."

(Note: At this point, you could actually return to Marshal Windsor's cell and do "Jail Break!", bringing you one step closer to completing the Onyxia chain. However, since you've come this far, we're going to plow ahead to the end of the instance.)

8. After killing Argelmach, there are a few tough threesomes of fireguards to deal with. On the other side awaits The Grim Guzzler, usually referred to simply as "the bar." When you go in, don't engage any of the patrons or NPCs -- head left into the area with the kegs and get ready to complete a few quests.

9. Once everyone's ready, start breaking the kegs, and a group of angry patrons -- including Hurley Blackbreath -- will come running. Kill him and his mobs and he'll drop the Lost Thunderbrew Recipe for "Hurley Blackbreath." Stay put, have someone pull Ribbly Screwspigot (in the same area), and kill him and loot his head, which you'll need to complete "Ribbly Screwspigot."

10. With those quests done, you'll find Mistress Nagmara wandering the bar, who gives the quest "The Love Potion." You'll have to leave and do a few tasks before you can complete it, but grab it for now just the same.

11. Now you need to get out of the bar, but the back door is locked. There are a few options. The first is to feed beer to Private Rocknot until he gets angry. This in turn angers Phalanx, the large golem standing nearby, who busts the door down and then needs to be killed before you can proceed.

The second (and most risky) way to open the door is to kill Plugger Spazzring, which turns the entire bar red. You'll actually need to clear out a bunch of patrons to reach the door, and eventually, a patrol of elites will enter the back door to investigate, providing your exit.

The final way out -- which you won't be able to do on your first run -- is to complete "The Love Potion." Once that's done, Mistress Nagmara will open the door so she can, err, use her charms on Private Rocknot. (You'll see.)

12. On the other side of the bar's back door is the center of Shadowforge City. (Across the way, you'll see the entrance to the Vault, although you can't reach it from here.) Clear the next few groups and head down the doorway on the left.

13. Head down the ramp into the Chamber of Enchantment. Waiting for you there is Ambassador Flamelash, who spawns lots of non-elites when you attack. Once he's dead, the group moves to the exit to the left.

14. Next up is the Mold Foundry, where large Molten War Golems patrol, usually with a few non-elite gnomes. You may run into a rare spawn here, Panzor the Invincible (he's not that tough).

15. The next area is Summoner's Tomb, often referred to as "the ghosts." The spirits of seven dwarves inhabit this tomb (note their names if you want a chuckle), who attack one at a time once the event is triggered. When the event is over, there's a huge chest that can be looted (usually with two nice blue items), and the exit door opens.

16. Leaving Summoner's Tomb, there are two possible paths. Branching off to the right is the Molten Bridge, which leads to an entrance to Molten Core. Just outside the instance entrance is the rock fragment you need for "Attunement to the Core." These guards can be tough, and this quest can actually be completed in a 10-man raid, so you can always skip it if you'd rather go straight for the emperor.

17. The other path leaving Summoner's Tomb leads straight and down to The Lyceum, one of the more unique areas in all of WoW, and arguably the toughest in all of Blackrock Depths if not handled properly.

The Lyceum is patrolled by countless groups of non-elite dwarves who can easily be dispatched with AoE, but are on a 30-second respawn timer. This can cause a LOT of chaos in a hurry. Among all these mobs, the goal is to locate the few roaming Shadowforge Flame Keepers, who drop the Shadowforge Torch needed to light the two braziers at the back of the room. When both braziers are lit, the door opens and you're free to move on.

Often, a rogue or hunter will scout the room out for the flame keepers, and then looting is changed to free-for-all so anyone can grab the torches when dropped. The group then moves out, mowing down group after group, constantly moving forward to avoid getting caught in respawns. Once the first brazier is lit, you have a few minutes to find another torch and light the second brazier to open the doors.

Although it sounds complicated, the Lyceum actually isn't that tough as long as everyone sticks together in a tight group and keeps moving. The mobs are very easy to kill, but it only takes one person lagging behind to get caught in a respawn, which often means a wipe for a 5-man group. Move quickly, get the doors open, and hurry out to safety.

18. Free of the Lyceum, the raid moves into The Iron Hall, the home of Magmus, a giant golem. On both sides of the room are giant statues that shoot fire; the group will have to stand in the areas away from the statues in order not to get toasted during the fight.

19. Finally, your journey ends in the Imperial Seat, where you'll find Emperor Dagran Thaurissan and Princess Moira Bronzebeard. You'll need to clear the entire room before taking on the Emperor, so pull way back to avoid aggroing the boss early.

In a 5-man group, the catch to Emperor fight is that you need to keep the Princess alive to successfully complete the quest. This wouldn't be so bad, except the Princess tries to heal Thaurissan for the duration of the fight. The usual strategy for many groups is for a paladin to off-tank the princess while the main tank pulls the Emperor out of the Princess' healing range, where everyone else piles on him.

20. Killing Thaurissan completes "Fate of the Kingdom," which ends when you talk to Princess Moira. However, you're in for something unexpected when she gives "The Princess's Surprise," which sends you back to King Magni in Ironforge. You're all done here, so port out and get ready for your third and final run through Blackrock Depths.

Hail to the king, baby!