Blackrock Depths: Emperor Run (10-Man Raid)

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Blackrock Depths: Emperor Run (10-Man Raid)


The Blackrock Depths "Emperor Run" is a speedy 10-man dash through BRD, usually skipping the Detention Block and taking the most direct route through the bar to the Emperor. Although the loot generally isn't as good as other raids like Scholomance and Stratholme, there are a number of things that bring level 60 players to BRD on a regular basis: Dark Iron Ore can be mined and forged at the Black Anvil; special Thorium Brotherhood enchants can be acquired at the bar, and the paladin's Lightforge Gauntlets drop off the Emperor.

The path for the Emperor Run is pretty similar to the second BRD run outlined in our quest guide -- here are the key differences:


1. From the entrance, takes the shortcut through the gate to the left using the Shadowforge Key, bypassing the Detention Block completely, moving up to the room with the Shadowforge Lock.

2. After releasing the Shadowforge Lock, the group clears forward as if it were heading to General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach. However, these two bosses are often skipped on Emperor runs, unless someone is hoping for a rare drop like the Hand of Justice trinket from Angerforge or needs the Repair Bot plans by Argelmach; many groups will simply make a beeline for the bar.

3. If you're in a pickup group, you never really know what you'll get when you reach the Grim GUzzler ("the bar"). Someone might need the enchanting recipes. Someone else might want to kill Spazzring or Phalanx. Or someone will goof up, talk to one of the patrons, aggro the entire bar and create mass chaos. Somehow, every group manages to find its way out the back door. (see the Blackrock Depths walkthrough, part 2, for an explanation of all the ways to get the back door open.

4. Leaving the bar, the group clears out into the center of Shadowforge City, down the ramp to the left, past Ambassador Flamelash, through the Mold Foundry and past the Summoner's Tomb event. If anyone needs the "Attunement to the Core" quest, this is a good time to do it, since it can be completed in a 10-man raid. If not, it's on to the Lyceum.

5. It's amazing how many 10-man groups have trouble with the Lyceum; it's usually due to players who don't realize (or pay attention to) how the room works with the 30-second respawns (once again, see the Blackrock Depths walkthrough, part 2, for an explanation). With any luck, your group will have a few rogues who can seek out the torch carriers and kill them ahead of time; it's then just a matter of your group sweeping through, lighting the braziers and getting out fast.

6. The rest of the Emperor Run is pretty straightforward: defeat Magmus, clear out the Emperor's Seat (the Emperor's throne room), and then drop Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. It's a piece of cake in a 10-man raid; the only way you can screw this up is if someone aggros the Emperor before the room is clear. When you're ready, have someone off-tank the Princess on the throne while your tank pulls the Emperor away to prevent healing, and the fight should be over in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy your lewt!