Alterac Valley Mount Guides

Cavalry Assault

You can create and command cavalry provided you complete the requisite quests found in your base's stables. Initially, players must capture rams or wolves by taming them using the tools they are given by the Stable Master ( [Stormpike Training Collar] or [Frostwolf Muzzle]). These tools are fragile and will break after one attempted use (successful or unsuccessful), after dying or when leaving the battleground. After the stables are full, a message will be broadcast across the valley. Players must also collect pelts from the opposing side's wild mounts: Horde must slay Alterac Rams and the Alliance must hunt the Frostwolfs.

After all the necessary components have been gathered, a player with high Honored or higher reputation must give the command for the cavalry to ride. Additional commands must be given (by clicking on them, provided your reputation is high enough) to send them further in to attack. After the attack is over, there is a period of waiting before you can order another charge.

Unit Upgrades

You can complete a collection quest to upgrade some of your stationary troops. Players, officers and tower units are exempt from this bonus. Upgrading troops through armor scrap turn-ins will also result in your team's General enabling a periodic buff to your melee and spell damage. This buff scales from 10% at the Seasoned unit level, 20% at the Veteran unit level, and 30% at the Champion unit level.

Both Alliance and Horde players gather armor scraps from the corpses of enemy players and guards. As armor is gathered, boxes of supplies visibly build up next to the forge. Once enough supplies are gathered, a person with high reputation can instruct the smith to upgrade units to the next level. The friendly troops will now be much more powerful.

Ground Assault

To start a ground assault you must gather supplies. In order to retrieve the supplies, you must gain control of the mine either Irondeep Mine (north) or Coldtooth Mine (south). To gain control of the mine, a player must defeat the boss residing in that mine (all mobs are non-elite and are approx. lvl 52/62/72 respectively).

Once you have control over a mine the miners will start generating supplies for you to return to your base. You musthave the respective quest in order to pick up Coldtooth Supplies or Irondeep Supplies. If you speak with the Quartermaster, you'll be informed of the number of supplies needed for the ground assault to begin; as more supplies are collected, the pile nearby the Quartermaster will grow.

After all the materials are gathered, a player with Honored or higher reputation can get the assault orders from the quartermaster - which will spawn Warmaster Garrick or Field Marshal Terravaine in the Field of Strife. Upon turning in the Assault Orders, reaver units for Horde or commando units for Alliance will spawn(number and level depends on the armor upgrade level of your troups). They will move forward through the zone attacking enemy players and NPCs. After the attack is over, there is a period of waiting before you can order another charge.

Ultimate Unit

Arch Druid Renferal and Primalist Thurloga, located inside the faction fortresses, will accept Storm Crystals or Stormpike Soldier's Blood, which are dropped by fallen characters of the opposite faction. When enough of these items are turned in, the Druid or Primalist will move through the valley, accompanied by a group of elite guards, until they reach the Field of Strife. Primalist Thurloga will go to the area south of Snowfall Graveyard and north of Iceblood Garrison, andArchdruid Renferal will go to the area west of Stonehearth Bunker and east of Stonehearth Outpost.

They will then start a summoning ritual, which requires ten players to click on their summoning circle. When this summoning is complete, Ivus the Forest Lord or Lokholar the Ice Lord will be summoned. These are tough raid-level bosses. They will spend ten minutes on the Field of Strife killing all players they see, and will then start to move towards the enemy base. These bosses are, unfortunately, plagued by evade bugs. If they are guarded carefully, they can easily turn the battle and end the match.

Aerial Assault

Through rescuing lost Wing Commanders and completing a series of quests, you can gain the ability to summon aerial units that patrol from your base to the center of the valley. Alliance and Horde players gather three different items. Each item can be turned into a specific Wing Commander once they have been rescued. After you have brought the requisite number of the particular items needed, players of Revered or higher faction reputation can receive a beacon to place on the map. The beacon, once placed, orders an air strike that lasts for a time. If the wing commanders are not rescued, you will be unable to turn in the items needed. These particular items will disappear if you leave the battleground.

Once you have rescued the appropriate Wing Commanders and turned in the required number of medals or amount of meat, you have two options for each flight (assuming you have the required Stormpike Guard or Frostwolf Clanreputation level.)

Placing A Beacon

You can request a beacon from any of the Wing Commanders that must then be planted on the battleground. (All beacons share a 30 minute cooldown before you can deploy another. If you want to have multiple beacons deployed, other players must deploy them.) The beacon takes 60 seconds to arm, during which it can be disabled by the opposing faction. When the beacon arms, it will summon an Aerie Gryphon or War Rider to patrol the Field of Strife and alert nearby ground troops there when they spot the enemy.

Ordering A Strike

This will launch the Wing Commander by air to assault the enemy's base. Each Wing Commander will leave to patrol a specific area of the enemy base, and support ground troops there. Since the wing commander leaves the base to lead the attack when you order a strike, you can not pickup a beacon afterwards (if you have not already done so).

AV Battle Quests Summary

Note: Once you order a strike, you will not be able to pick up that wingman's beacon - it's best to pick up the beacon 1st before ordering an aerial strike.