Arathi Basin Location:how to get to Arathi Basin

Arathi Basin is a 15v15 battleground located in Arathi Highlands. Players fight over five resources (Stables, Mines, Blacksmith, Lumber Mill, Farm) which rewards teams with points. The more resources a team controls, the faster they accumulate points. A team with all five nodes captured will gain 30 resources per second.

The game is won when one team reaches 1,600 points. The most common way of winning is to hold three nodes and defend, with the Blacksmith being a key node.

Reputations associated with Arathi Basin: The Defilers and The League of Arathor.

Unlike other battlegrounds where tabards are bought with honor, you can only get the Defiler/League tabard at Exalted after completing Control Five Bases/ Take Five Bases.

Located in Arathi Highlands, Arathi Basin is a fast and exciting battleground. The Basin itself is rich with resources and coveted by both the Horde and theAlliance. The Forsaken Defilers and the League of Arathor have arrived at Arathi Basin to wage war over these natural resources and claim them on behalf of their respective sides. It is similar to "King of the Hill," "Conquest," or "Domination" modes in other games.

Location Central Arathi Highlands
Race(s) Human
Battleground info
Advised level 10 to Level cap
Minimum level 10
Player limit 15v15

Entering Arathi Basin

"Controlling vital resource points is the key to victory. Control all five, and you are virtually guaranteed it." - Loraala.

As with all battlegrounds, players of sufficient level can queue for Arathi Basin through the PvP interface.

Players can also queue by speaking to a battlemaster, found in capital cities, or by travelling to their faction's game world entrance to Arathi Basin, found in the Arathi Highlands. The Alliance entrance is located inside Refuge Pointe, while the Horde entrance is located just north ofHammerfall. However, all methods open the same window, offering players the same options. There is therefore no practical reason not to simply queue via the PvP interface.


The goal is to control locations on the map ("Resource Nodes"). While a node is controlled, it generates resources for your side, and the first side to gain 1,600 resources wins the contest.

Basic rules

  • Each side has up to 15 players.
  • There are five Resource Nodes on the map: the Farm, the Stables (ST or occasionally SB), the Blacksmith (BS), the Lumber Mill (LM), and the Gold Mine (GM).
  • A node only earns resources when it is captured (see below). With the exception of possible strategic value, there is no difference between the nodes.
  • The rate of resource accumulation increases non-linearly as more nodes are captured. That is, if a side owns 2 nodes, it will not accumulate resources 2x as fast as when it only has 1 node. See below for more info.

Accumulating resources

Resources accumulate at the rates shown in the table below.

Per Tick
Tick Length
Per sec
1 10 12 0.8
2 10 9 1.1
3 10 6 1.7
4 10 3 3.3
5 30 1 30.0

So if your team has three nodes, their team has two nodes, and they lead 1400 to 1300, you can still win if no nodes change hands. But if your team is at 1200 you cannot win unless you gain control of four nodes.

Strategy and tactics

  • Arathi Basin Strategy and Tactics for more details
  • Proud Aardvark's Arathi Basin Strategy Guide

Honor rewards

The game awards bonus [Honor Points] to everyone on your side of the match for reaching certain goals. The amount of honor gained varies according to level. Those goals are:

  • Collecting multiples of 130 resources (at 130, 260, 390, 520, ¡­), or multiples of 100 when the battleground is the current Call to Arms battleground
  • Winning the match

Other scored events are not granted honor. These include: killing blows, assaulting a node, capturing a node, and defending a node. Honor is awarded for honorable kills as normal.

Losing a match gives you less bonus honor depending on how many resources your side managed to collect before the loss. You will still accumulate some honor from honorable kills.

When Arathi Basin is the Call to Arms battleground, players can gain additional rewards, in the form of Honor and [Conquest Points], and Bonus Honor is awarded to the team for every 100 resources gained, instead of every 130.


Doing battle in Arathi Basin improves your reputation with The Defilers (Horde) or The League of Arathor (Alliance).

  • Collecting multiples of 160 resources (at 160, 320, 480, ...) = 10 rep (total 100 rep if you win)
  • You would need 320 wins to become exalted with the faction.
  • Quests in Arathi Basin give reputation too

Experience in Arathi Basin

  • Players are awarded ~0.8% of a level for completing a Match.
  • Players are awarded ~0.8% of a level per 260 Resources.
  • Players are awarded ~0.8% of a level for a Victory.
  • The specific % of exp does vary per level, but it should amount to just under 16 Victories per level.