Archimonde Heroic Difficulty

On Heroic difficulty, Archimonde gains a new mechanic, Wrought Chaos, which he will begin to use in Phase 2 upon reaching 70% health.

Wrought Chaos will debuff one player in the raid with 4 stacks of Wrought Chaos, and will mark another player with Focused Chaos.

  • After five seconds, the player with Wrought Chaos will emit a beam of light toward the Focused Chaos target
  • The Focused Chaos target and any players in the path of this beam will take heavy Fire damage
  • When this occurs, Wrought Chaos loses a stack and leaps to the Focused Chaos target; a new Focused Chaostarget is chosen
  • This repeats until all 4 stacks of Wrought Chaos are expended
  • A green arrow will appear at the base of the Wrought Chaos target's feet to indicate the direction the light beam will travel
  • Players not currently aflicted with Focused Chaos should move out of the path of the beam
  • The two debuffed players can also move to ensure that the beam of light will not cross over any other players

The best way to handle this is to loosely stack the raid behind Archimonde, and designate a general area (like "behind the raid" or "toward the Black Gate") for players affected by Wrought Chaos and Focused Chaos to move to. However, it's important for all raid members to be aware of the mechanic and to move out of the path of Wrought Chaos to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Healers should watch for the Wrought Chaos debuff duration and prepare single-target heals for the Focused Chaos target as Wrought Chaos wears off.

Additionally, in Phase 3, the Nether Tear portals will spawn Living Shadows, which will choose random raid members and chase them. The Living Shadow will cast Devour Life if the Shadow reaches its target.

  • Devour Life will deal heavy damage to the targeted player and reduce their healing received by 40% for 45 seconds
  • If a Living Shadow casts Devour Life, it is instantly destroyed
  • Although allowing this to happen reduces the raid's DPS requirement, the healing penalty is dangerous, and Devour Lifeshould be avoided
  • Living Shadow adds have very low health, and ranged DPS should be able to rapidly kill them
As the phase continues, and additional Nether Tear portals are formed, more and more Living Shadows will spawn. Classes with strong target-switching capabilities, such as Hunters, should be assigned to manage the Living Shadows while the rest of the raid maintains focus on Archimonde and the Infernal Doombringers. The raid should move away from Nether Tear portals so that Living Shadows have a longer path to reach their targets, giving the assigned players sufficient time to kill these adds.