Auction House Glyph Make WoW Gold

Starting up a glyph business can be a bit daunting at first. This guide hopes to see you through the initial stages of your glyph business whether you have just picked up inscription, or are bored of spamming trade chat for mediocre profits.

TSM has been updated so some of the pictures and information are now out of date. Anything inside the table of contents should be correct and up to date. Anything outside is likely out of date.

Table of Contents

  • Addons
  • Addon Configuration
    • What to Craft
    • Where to Find Materials
    • Creating Groups
    • Setting up Auto-mailing
  • Getting Price Information
    • Using Another Source
    • Using TSM_AuctionDB
  • (Re)stocking Your Glyphs
  • Purchasing Materials (Incomplete)
    • From the Auction House (Incomplete)
    • From Vendors
  • Crafting the Glyphs
  • Using the Auto-mailer
  • Posting Your Glyphs


So to begin with, we need to get up the very basics. These are:
  • A character with inscription
  • A glyph banking alt (you might even want to make two)
  • The following addons:
    • TradeSkillMaster
    • TradeSkillMaster_Crafting
    • TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning
    • TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB
    • TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracker
    • TradeSkillMaster_Shopping
    • TradeSkillMaster_Mailing

Some of you may be hesitant about downloading so many addons. The bottom six are modules for the first one, this means they are part of the addon, but are optional depending on what you want to addon to do. This keeps the addon light weight. It is essentially one addon divided into seven parts. Yes, we need them all.

Addon Configuration

What to Craft

Now we have our characters set up and addons installed it's time to configure the addons.

To open up TradeSkillMaster type '/tsm'. This will open a window like this:

Click the 'Crafting Options' button (red) and you will open the window:

Click on the 'Queue Settings' tab (orange). In this tab you will set how many of each glyph you would like to craft depending on profit and amount left on your glyph selling alts. 'Min Restock Quantity' is the minimum you would like to craft. This is generally best set to 1 as otherwise you might run out of a glyph. 'Max Restock Quantity' is the maximum you would like to have amongst all your characters. Min profit in gold is self explanatory. Here is my setup:

This means if I have less than two or any glyph in any of my characters bags or posted in any auctions I will create enough to have two, assuming they make a profit of 1g or more.

As I'm sure you are aware scribes can craft more than just glyphs. Much of this is trash and will not sell or will mess up our pricing scheme. We now have to do disable there 'useless' crafts. To do this go to the main window and select the inscription tab on the left and side. This will open up the following window.

To disable all the non glyph items click on 'Inks' option on the left hand menu (green) then click the 'Disable all Crafts' button (red). All the check boxes should uncheck. Move onto the 'Scrolls' option (green) and disable all the crafts. Continue doing this for 'Armor' and 'Other'.

Where to Find Materials

Now we have to tell TSM_ItemTracker where is is allowed to search for mats. Log into any alt you would like to be included in your glyph business, also open any guild banks. This tells TSM_ItemTracker that the alt or guild bank exists, but they might not be enabled. To check if they are enabled, or to enable/disable any go to the 'Price/Inventory' tab (green).

In this window you can enable or disable alt by clicking on the 'Characters to include' drop down menu (yellow) and selecting alts by clicking their name (blue). Guild banks may be enabled and disabled in the same fashion only using the 'Guilds to include' drop down menu. If in doubt is it best to have all your alts enabled, and all your guild banks disabled.

Creating Groups

Now we have told TSM to only craft glyphs which are profitable and we have less than two of. But TSM has no idea what to do with these glyphs we will craft. To allow TSM to do something with these glyphs we have to create groups for them. To do this click on the 'Auctioning Groups/Categories' on the right hand side of the TSM window. This will open the following window.

Click the 'Categories / Groups' option (red) then in the 'Catagory name' text box (orange) type 'Inks'. This will create a category which we will use later.

First we need to import our groups.

Go back to the 'Categories / Groups' option (red) this time select the 'make another after this one.' check box (purple) and click the 'Import Auctioning Group' button (green). This will open a new window.

In the 'Group name' text box (red) enter the name of the group (listed below) then click the 'Okay' button (orange). Then copy the code from the tab below and paste that into the 'Group Data' text box (yellow). Click the 'Accept' button (green). Finally click the 'Import Auctioning Group' (purple). This will create a group containing all the glyphs for that class. Repeat this process for the 9 other classes listed below.

Here is a list of all the glyphs categorized by class.


Now we have our groups we need to add them to our catagory which we created earlier. Click the catagory on the right hand side (red) then select each of the groups you just imported by clicking on them (yellow). Once they are all selected add them to the category by clicking the 'Add>>' button (green).

Finally we need to tell TSM how we would like to sell the glyphs. To do this click the 'Category Overrides' tab (orange). This opens the settings for the category these setting will also be applied to any groups in the category. TSM does a fantastic job of explaining these settings so I won't go into each one in detail. I will show you how I have mine set up as a reference.

Setting up Auto-mailing

Now that your groups are set up we need to mail them to your alt. Open up TradeSkillMaster by typing '/tsm' and go to 'Mailing Options' at the right hand side. You should open a window that looks like this (picture is slightly out of date):

Simply enter your alts name into the 'Player Name' text box (green). Now click that alt's name left hand side (purple) to open up a new window to decide what to send to him. You will end up on a screen with your groups and inventory items on the left hand side list and nothing on the right hand side list. Select your glyph groups from the last hand list (uncoloured) then click the 'Add>>' button (uncoloured). These groups should move across to the right hand side list. This confirms that they will be sent to your alt. If you are using more than one posting alt repeat this section for your second alt.

We have now completely set up TSM. We can now get on to creating our glyphs so we actually have something to sell.

Getting Price Information

We have currently told TSM to craft any glyphs above one gold profit, but have not told it how to calculate how profitable each glyph is. This is very easy to do. TSM has an addon that can gather data, TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB, or you can tell TSM to use data you have gathered on another addon (Auctionator etc).

Using Another Source

To enable another source we need to go back to the 'Crafting Options' option, then to the 'Price / Inventory Settings' tab just as did back in Where to Find Materials. This time we want to edit the 'Price Settings' options. There will be three pull down menus 'Get Mat Prices From:', 'Get Craft Prices From:', and 'Secondary Price Source:'. We want to change both 'Get Mat Prices From:' and 'Get Craft Prices From:' to our new source. As you can see in the picture below I use 'TheUndermineJournal - Mean'. Choose which ever addon you scan on most often. If you are unsure as to what you should choose leave them as 'AuctionDB - Market Value'.

TSM will now use that data source for all it's calculations in future. Remember to keep it up to date otherwise you could find yourself crafting unprofitable glyphs.

Using TSM_AuctionDB

If have decided to use TSM_AuctionDB, or simply didn't change anything in the 'Price Settings' tab above, then you will have to scan the auction house using TSM to give TSM_AuctionDB price data. To do this we have to access the auction house window. Do so by running over to an auctioneer and talking to them as normal. You should notice a new tab has appeared on the bottom of the window as shown below.

Clicking the TSM tab (red) will open up the TSM auction house window. This is where TSM interacts with the auction house. We will be wanting to use the 'Run Scan' tab on the left hand side of the TSM auction house window (orange). From here we can select the type of scan we would like to perform. There are two types we will deal with today. First is the GetAll scan. This is performed by pressing the 'Run GetAll Scan' button (yellow). This will run a very quick scan in which TSM gathers all the data it will need. This is a very resource intensive scan and will cause your game to freeze while it is performed. This scan may also disconnect some people from the server. I have never seen this happen, but it definitely can. It is worth trying this scan first as it is immensely quicker than the alternative. If, for some reason, the GetAll scan does not work, don't fret. We can perform a Full scan instead. As far as we are concerned this does exactly the same as the GetAll scan, apart from it takes a lot longer to perform. The Full scan can be performed by pressing the 'Run Full Scan' button (green).

Once your scan has finished you should have all the information you need to start crafting glyphs. Remember to perform this scan roughly once a day to keep your data up to date. Market data can fluctuate quickly.

(Re)stocking Your Glyphs

Now we have given TSM our parameters for which glyphs to craft we have to sell TSM to calculate how many of each glyph we need to craft to fulfill these parameters. We start this by opening up our Inscription crafting window as we normal would to craft something. You should notice a new button 'Open TradeSkillMaster_Crafting' affixed to the top of the window.

Clicking this button (red) will open the following window:

Clicking the 'Restock Queue' button (red) will cause TSM to calculate how many of each glyph we need to craft and populate a list of all these glyphs (uncoloured) to ease your crafting of them.

Purchasing Materials (Incomplete)

From the Auction House (Incomplete)


From Vendors

You should now have a mountain of inks in your bags. However we don't have any parchment, and we likely have many blackfallow ink to trade. TSM has you covered here. First off head to your classes ink trader (Alliance, Horde). You should see a new button 'TSM_Gathering - Buy Merchant Items' (red) above their trade window. Click this and it will buy all the parchment you need and trade all your blackfallow ink into what ever inks you need.

TSM will take into account any inks or parchment in any personal banks, guild banks or alts that were enabled in Where to Find Materials and will not purchase more.

Crafting the Glyphs

Now you have everything you need, open up the TradeSkillMaster_Crafting window through the inscription crafting window as shown in (Re)stocking Your Glyphs. It should now look like this:

If there are no glyph names written in green writing on the right hand side, click the 'Clear Trade Skill Filters' button (green) and they should appear. To start crafting click the first glyph in the list (orange). The name will differ for you depending on your queue. After the first glyphs have been crafted you can simply click the 'Craft Next' button (red) to continue crafting glyphs until you run out of materials or fill you inventory.

Using the Auto-mailer

When you open the mailbox you should see a new button 'TradeSkillMaster_Mailing: Auto-Mail' (red) fixed to the top of the window. Clicking this button should send all your glyphs in your inventory to your alt. It's as simple as that.

If you still have glyphs needing to be crafted go back to Crafting the Glyphs and continue until you have crafted every glyph in the queue.

Posting Your Glyphs

Before you post your glyphs you will first need to get them out of the mailbox. Log into your alt to which you sent the glyphs. Open the mailbox and click the 'Open All' button (red). This will automatically open all your mail. This process can take a while. The mailbox can only contain 50 mail at once and it can only be refreshed every 60 seconds. The counter in the top left corner (blue) is how long until the mailbox refreshes.

Now you have emptied your mailbox you need to post your glyphs. To do this you will need to open the auction house window and go to the 'TSM' tab once again.

Once in the 'TSM' tab you want to go to the 'Post Auctions' tab (red). This will start TSM scanning through all the glyphs in your inventory and calculating if it is worth posting them depending on the category options you set up in Creating Groups. You can see TSM's progress in the progress bar (yellow). Once TSM has finished scanning you can begin posting your glyphs by pressing the 'Post' button (green). This will post your glyphs at the price dictated by your category settings and the price of other auctions. You must click this button once for each glyph you want to post.

Repeat this process until you have emptied your mailbox of all your glyphs.

There is a button which creates a macro to help with spam clicking the post button. This button can be found in the 'Auctioning Groups/Auctions' options menu.

You have now crafted and posted one of every glyph that is it profitable to make.

Congratulations! You should now be on your path to riches.