Blood Death Knight Rotation

The 7.0 Blood Death Knight Rotation and Ability page explains your rotation/priority, any changes for multiple targets, and advanced tips. It also explains offensive and defensive cooldowns, as well as any utility.

Single target:

  1. Apply Blood Plague using Blood Boil
  2. Cast Consumption on cooldown
  3. Use Crimson Scourge procs to cast Death and Decay
  4. Use Marrowrend to maintain at least 5 stacks of Bone Shield
  5. Spend excess RP on Death Strike
  6. While building stacks of Bone Shield, use Blood Boil to fill globals.
Once you can comfortably keep 5 stacks of Bone Shield:
  1. Use Death and Decay on CD
  2. Spend runes on Heart Strike
  3. Cast Blood Boil on empty globals

AoE 2 targets:

  1. Apply Blood Plague using Blood Boil
  2. Cast Consumption on Cooldown
  3. Cast Death and Decay on Cooldown
  4. While building stacks of Bone Shield, use Blood Boil to fill globals.
  5. Maintain 5 stacks of Bone Shield with Marrowrend
Once you can keep above 5 stacks:
  1. Spend runes on Heart Strike
  2. Cast Blood Boil when you have no available runes
  3. Spend excess RP on Death Strike

AoE 3+ targets:

  1. Apply Blood Plague using Blood Boil
  2. Cast Consumption on cooldown
  3. Cast Death and Decay on Cooldown
  4. Keep at least 1 stack of Bone Shield using Marrowrend
  5. Use Heart Strike to generate high amounts of RP
  6. Spend excess RP on Death Strike
  7. Cast Blood Boil
To increase DPS on multiple targets, you can shift more globals into casting Blood Boil. This results in a loss of survivability, but an overall DPS increase.

Death Strike and Mastery: Blood Shield:
Minimize Death Strike overhealing by making sure not to use Death Strike when at or near full health. While using it at these times does still grant a shield, it effectively wastes half of the ability's effect.

Be smart about when you are using Death Strike. As it depends on your damage taken in the previous 5 seconds, it should be used after taking high damage. This is a very reactive ability. Of course, capping Runic Power should also be prevented.

The importance of Bone Shield:
Keeping Bone Shield up is paramount to playing Blood properly. As long as at least one stack is on the player, haste will be increased by 10%, and incoming damage will be reduced by 20%. This is essential for rune regeneration and survivability. At 5 stacks or higher, with the Ossuary talent, Death Strike costs 5 less RP. This allows much more frequent use of the ability.

Active Mitigation:

Death Knights have two forms of active mitigation. The first is Bone Shield, which reduces all damage taken by 20% while we have at least one stack. The second is the Mastery: Blood Shield gained from Death Strike, which absorbs a set amount of physical damage

Useful Abilities

  • Death's Caress is a ranged aggro generator that also applies Blood Plague. It should only be used to pick up ranged threat, or to damage targets not in melee range.
  • Death Grip is a signature Death Knight ability that pulls your target to you and taunts them. It should be used to get targets into melee range quicker, or as a second taunt if needed
  • Wraith Walk is our movement ability, increasing movement speed by 70%, or until we take any action. It also suppresses movement-impairing effects for its duration
  • Gorefiend's Grasp is an AoE grip, gripping all targets in a 20 yard range to the target's location.
  • Raise Ally is a combat resurrection, bringing a dead player back to life instantly.
  • Asphyxiate is a ranged, five second single target stun.
  • Mind Freeze is our interrupt.

Survival Cooldowns:

  • Dancing Rune Weapon (Reactive):Grants 40% parry for 8 seconds, while also mirroring all your attacks with a second weapon. It's your primary cooldown versus high incoming avoidable damage, which mostly includes enemy autoattacks. Additionally, as it mirrors abilities, it will also increase your DPS during use. This also allows you to apply double debuffs with Blood Boil.
  • Vampiric Blood (Mixed - Reactive + Proactive): Increases your maximum HP by 30%, as well as increasing healing received by 30%. This cooldown should be used when taking heavy incoming damage of any amount, and can be used either proactively (before you take the damage to smooth its intake through extra HP and healing), or reactively (after you take damage, to restabilize through the additional HP and healing received).
  • Anti-Magic Shell (Proactive): Absorbs a set amount of magic damage, granting you RP for the absorbed damage. Additionally, it prevents the application of many magic debuffs. This should be used as you're about to take significant magic damage to essentially nullify it. Additionally, if you're using the Anti-Magic Barrier as your tier 3 talent, it can be used to react to taking high amounts of damage and your HP spiking low.