Bloodmaul Slag Mines Challenge Mode

All Challenge Mode guides assume that players have a full understanding of the way the dungeon works in Heroic mode. It is highly recommended that players run the Heroic versions of these dungeons before tackling Challenge Mode. The Heroic Mode run through for Bloodmaul Slag Mines can be found here.

The strategy below is just one of many ways to complete this challenge and does not depend on a specific composition. Bloodmaul Slag Mines in particular has many roads to completion, especially if you have a Hunter with you. Alternatives are mentioned and even encouraged, so feel free to adjust to fit your composition. Suggested clock times are listed next to each section to help gauge progress.


Path to Magmolatus Gauntlet
Magmolatus Gauntlet
Path to Slave Watcher Crushto
Slave Watcher Crushto
Path to Roltall
Path to Gug¡¯rokk



Trash: Path to Magmolatus Gauntlet ¨C 22:00 ¨C 19:00

Clear the trash as normal, leading left to the Magmolatus Gauntlet. To save time, you can pull the first two ogres into the patting three at the beginning of the instance. The tank will sustain heavy damage, so use cooldowns as necessary and be sure to avoid Crush and interrupt Subjugates.

Trash: Magmolatus Gauntlet ¨C 19:00 ¨C 16:00

The gauntlet is the hardest part, so take it slow if necessary. If your group can handle it, pull the first two elementals into the large Magma Lord. Be sure to turn them away from the group to avoid cleaving them with Lava Arc.

Go left or right after the Magma Lord, it doesn¡¯t matter, but clear the mobs on the side for kill count.

For the ogre and elemental pack right before Magmolatus, you¡¯ll want to use any cooldowns available. This is the hardest pull in here. If you¡¯re a Death Knight, you¡¯ll want to use Army here.

Boss: Magmolatus (Bloodlust #1) ¨C 16:00 ¨C 13:30

Kill him as you normally would on Heroic.

Trash: Path to Slave Watcher Crushto ¨C 13:30 ¨C 10:00

After Magmolatus dies, run back out to the beginning of the instance and down the path to Crushto. Pick up the four ogres along the way before you reach the three pack outside of Crushto¡¯s room and kill them together.

Kill the three pack of ogres and drag them into the next three to the right as they die. Be careful not to aggro the patrol while killing these. Keep interrupts on Frightening Roar from the Bloodmaul Warder. He¡¯ll occasionally be buffed by the Bloodmaul Ogre Mages and become immune to interrupts and crowd control. If a fear is inevitable, use defensive cooldowns to avoid being killed before regaining control.

Once all of these ogres die, two more Bloodmaul Warders will be called forth by Crushto. Keep interrupts on Frightening Roar.

Boss: Slave Watcher Crushto ¨C 10:00 ¨C 8:00

Kill him as you normally would on Heroic.

Trash: Path to Roltall ¨C 8:00 ¨C 7:00

After Crushto dies, return back to the ogre patrol you avoided initially and either kill them or completely CC them. You need to be out of combat because the Invisibility Potion is used next.

Invis past the pack of ogres in front of the boar as well as the large pack in front of Roltall.

Boss: Roltall ¨C 7:00 ¨C 5:30

Kill him as you would on Heroic, but be careful not to stand too far back on the bridge because the pack of ogres is still there.

Trash: Path to Gug¡¯rokk ¨C 5:30 ¨C 2:00

Kill the trash to Gug¡¯rokk as you would on Heroic ¨C the single Bloodmaul Ogron and then the pair. Use defensive cooldowns on the pair of Ogron as this pull is dangerous. You can bypass the pair completely if you have a Hunter in your group ¨C they can pull them off to the right while the group runs by on the left, feigning and then disengaging over the gap.

Kill all four Bloodmaul Flamespeakers and engage the boss.

You can steal Channel Flames from the Flamespeakers and use it against Gug¡¯rokk. You¡¯ll need to take at least one tick of damage in order for Dark Sim to copy it. Ideally, you¡¯ll want to pull Gug¡¯rokk as soon as you get Channel Flames, even better if you can keep the Flamespeaker alive during the fight to grab a second one. It doesn¡¯t channel like when the ogre casts it, but you can do well over 2 million damage if you¡¯re able to use it twice.

Boss: Gug¡¯rokk (Bloodlust #2) ¨C 2:00 ¨C 0:00

Kill him as you normally would on Heroic.