Crafting to make fast wow gold

*Does gold seem to be getting the best of you as Warlords of Draenor approaches
*Do you find old content an interesting idea for farming gold
*Maybe you just want more bag space for your alts

If you agree with any of these statements, then this is the guide for you!

In this guide I, Trevkno, will show you step by step, my favorite way to farm gold in World of Warcraft. I have been perfecting this method for months now, and it is 100% fool proof. It does work best if you are level 90 and Timeless Isle geared.

This method also works best when:
1. You are a maxed level tailor, so you have a chance to get extra cloth.
2. Either you, or an alt, are max level enchanting to DE all of the greens.
3. Have a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth to sell off vendor trash quickly, but this is not necessary since you will be hearthing out to the nearest town after each run.

This method involves farming the instance Grim Batol on normal, using Potion of Treasure Finding, collecting lots of Embersilk Cloth and turning it into Bolt of Embersilk Cloth.

This guide will be most effective if you have a tailoring and enchanting with at least 525 skill level.

Get Started

First off, we will need Potion of Treasure Finding. You can buy these off of ah, or make them yourself with an alchemist, but this method depends on these little treasure chests that drop whilst using the potion. I prefer to make my own, it increases profit because there is no gold going into the potions.

Next we make our way to Twilight Highlands. Many people should already have this area unlocked from when they were leveling from 84-85, but if you don't, you may have to complete the quest chain that the quest board gives you in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

As you can see, Grim Batol is all the way on the left. But before we head there, I would recommend setting your hearthstone to the closest town to Grim Batol for easy access. For horde this will be Bloodgulch, and for alliance this will be Thundermar.

Once outside of the instance, make sure you set the difficulty to normal. I find heroic to be too hard. You can now enter the instance.

Farming Grim Batol

Once inside you will see a couple of NPC's with quests. You can ignore them for now, or accept them, but the quest may slow you down along the way since one of them is a mounted dragon quest.

Now that you are inside of the instance, you can pop your potion. I have a strategic way of gathering up the mobs and aoe'ing down whole groups at once. This is easily done with my 543ilvl mage, but some lower item level 90's may have trouble with it.

Here is the link to a video I made showing how to fully clear Grim Batol, and the items/results of my 10 minute run. v=FLNE22rrzL0

As you can see from the video, if you are fairly geared like I am, you can pull mobs fast and make this run in under 10 minutes. This method should also work for fresh 90's as well, but they may need to take it slower and kill 1 pack of mobs at a time. Either way, I have found this to be the best spot to farm embersilk cloth and the mini treasure chests while using the potion.

Crafting to Make Gold

The whole reason for this guide was to show you how to make gold off from this Grim Batol process. So lets get to it!

In my video that I posted in the farming tab of this guide, it shows that I turned my Embersilk Cloth into Bolt of Embersilk Cloth, and then I sent my greens to my enchanter to disenchant for Hypnotic Dust. The hypnotic dust and embersilk cloth are the 2 biggest things you need to get out of this so you can use your tailor to craft Embersilk Bags.

To craft Embersilk Bag:
15 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth
15 Hypnotic Dust

It might seem like a lot of work at first, but the end result is worth it.

Update: I set my hearth to Bloodgulch near Grim Batol, and farmed it 4 times in one hour, hearthing out at the end each time to sell vendor trash and send greens to my alt. In these 4 runs I collected:
*60+ Cataclysm Greens to DE.
*Crafted 6 stacks of Embersilk Bolts from the cloth I recieved.
*Over 600 gold in vendor trash.

After DE'ing the greens I had 6 stacks of Hypnotic Dust. That's enough to make 9 Embersilk bags! 9 Bags x 400g+ =3600g+. And this is from one hour of work!

One very important thing to remember is that if you don't get enough greens in Grim Batol, you can create Cata level greens such as Spiritmend Bracers and DE them for more hypnotic dust.

Each bag is worth between 350-500g each on the auction house! On my server at least. This should rake you in tons of gold.

This one bag that sold was the same one I used in my video. I wanted to prove how fast it could sell. It sold almost instantly, and for that much gold. Usually I would post 4-5 but try not to flood the market with them or the price may drop faster.

Here is another picture of the bags after they were crafted, with the auctionator price listed.

This instance should be able to be completed about 4 times per hour if executed perfectly. If you keep your hearthstone set to a nearby town you can just hearth out of Grim Batol at the end of the instance and fly back. Don't forget to reset the instance every time!

I have had awesome luck using the method that I described in this guide. It is possible to make tens of thousands of gold from selling bags using this method, in only a couple weeks, even if you only do it for an hour or two a day.

I hope that everyone enjoys this guide, and learns something from it. It has taken me quite a while to perfect this method, but it has gotten me great results; And I know you will get great results as well! Like I said, it's fool proof!