Darkmoon Faire Fantasy, Quests, and Lore

Featured Guests: Lead Narrative Designer Dave Kosak & Lead Quest Designer Craig Amai
Moderator: Scott Johnson, The Instance Podcast Host
Special Guests: Designers Helen Cheng, Steven Danuser, Paul Kubit, Steve Burke, Jeremy Feasel, Juan Custer, & more

Lots of topics were covered in the panel on Day 1 including class hall tidbits, music score questions, and design information!

  • Rogues can pick pocket each other in class hall
  • Lorewalker Cho song was a particularly fun moment to design - it started as a gibberish song and tune and turned into something amazing.
  • Questing: how important is questing in Legion The bigger stories are planned for earlier in the design process and we are stepping them up to telling multiple big stories instead of just one. The big stories are being pushed forward.
  • Artifact quest lines and origins: Some stories be recognizable, but not all at first glance. Every spec has a compelling story line that you will quest through so their weapon feels like it can change the world, too.
  • So we're all going to have the Doomhammer Do we have to just accept that and suspend your disbelief Yes but we already do that with current raid epics. Different models and colors are unlocked through choices and game play, and other players will be able to recognize what that means.
  • We have been prototyping max level questing experience through learning lessons from past patches! This has lead us to outdoor world questing, with quests all over the world.
  • In Legion, questing doesn't end at max level. Questing in Legion is not just "the thing to get to the next thing".
  • Extra questing content also unlocked through artifacts and their quest lines.
  • Do you take inspiration from other Blizzard games when balancing and creating Yes, if we see a cool ability in another Blizzard game we are often inspired by seeing those cool abilities in action.
  • Artifacts are deeply entwined with classes. Class halls do take some inspiration from garrisons but we're being very cautious.
  • Garrisons were fun in the beginning and we want to retain that feeling somewhat.
  • Prophet Velen question: He's not dead, that was a different universe remember! He plays his role through the priest class hall. Most Priests are Alliance so we're making some Horde-centered priest game play for that.
  • Alleria and Turalyon The Marksmanship hunter artifact questline is Alleria's story.
  • How often do you try a new thing that doesn't work and then you scrap it How much is trial and error/stuff that might not be working Stagger isn't going away but, for example, the gameplay doesn't deliver on their fantasy - guard is the thing that Monk tanks need to care about and that's just weird - you don't think of them as absorb tanks but rather swift agile dodge tanks, so that was something we tried and are going to change. But of course we don't try to do too much drastic change in patches.
  • Another example: Lorewalker Cho had a ton of models so when we had his ancestors behind him they were all his old models!
  • Class specific blogs will be starting this Sunday, one for each class will be released in the following weeks.
  • What about Grommash, etc and the legion promises Since Draenor is alternate timeline, we wanted to limit how much is coming back in Azeroth (Gul'dan is the major one) .
  • What about Jaina She is a pivotal character, but not a huge role in Legion itself, definitely more in the future, not right away
  • Since Sylvanas was so focused on in the cinematic, is she the focus of the expac No spoilers! but she's very important - events at broken shore are devastating and it's gonna shake things up .
  • Your classes are scraping together a resistance to defeat the legion - everyone finds their own way to fight the legion
  • This cinematic is very Alliance focused "and it was awesome"
  • Set bonus strength: They used to be basic, and are now game changing: In Legion, they will be somewhere in between. Not as game-changing since you have artifacts but they are still very exciting to get, they do transform you. Since artifacts are changing with tiers, the game will be fresh so we don't need wildly strong set bonuses each tier.
  • Music of the Legion log in screen No I can't tell you! That's a secret!
  • Talents have been pretty static - any changes Yes, there will be no more rows that are just variations on one thing - i.e. 3 different sizes of AOE. Now, for example, could have one mana talent, one aoe heal talent, one cheat death talent on one row.
  • Warlords had 6 spec specific talents, Legion has around 30.
  • Talents will be more themed down the columns - pretty loosely-themed but, for example, all the left-handed talents for Warriors are something to do with rage, or far right is all weapon enhancements (just an example, theme only, which adds fantasy in the talent system)
  • Are all the locations of the class halls finalized Yes but we won't be revealing that immediately. Some will be revealed at the systems panel. Possibly we will tell you before beta but can't promise anything
  • Class halls: We don't want you to be stuck there, we need to strike a balance between there and Dalaran. Probably you will hang out there once or twice a day, although they do have cool features (like a warrior arena in the warrior hall!)
  • Artifacts will also be able to do things like helping you understand the language of demons, or it will speak to you as if it was sentient.
  • How about if I have 2 specs, how will artifacts be for me It will be a bit tougher to keep 2 up at the equal strength at all times, one might be a tiny bit behind. But catching up a 2nd weapon on another class will be easier.